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Hey, you even named your thread "holiday calm", we know you're busy. Don't worry, and take care of yourself.


:) Thanks. That actually really makes me feel better.  I know it's true, but hearing (reading?) someone else saying it really makes a difference.  I always get so excited about popping in to everyones threads and I start to feel guilty when I don't, but you're completely right.


I just found out I can telework tomorrow (woooot) so I will definitley at least get in here for an update on my challenge then :D

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Just got DoYouYoga's newsletter in my inbox.  It's like they read my mind.

Just gonna leave this here...


Oooohhh this is perfect.  I love seated forward fold for chilling out.  :love_heart:  :love_heart:

i am not waiting for a hero.  i saved myself long ago.

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...But that's the way things are. The choice is yours."

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Crazy time for everyone ;)  And what's with people giving new projects out just before christmas too?


Just gonna wish you happy holidays and happy new years :D

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Thank you!!! You too:) looks like I didn't have a chance to do much of anything last week. Didn't totally fall of the wagon though. I'll be back after the holidays for a wrap up. How everyone has a great week!!

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Alright, I'm back and I'm totally refreshed and ready for the new year. I'm not going to grade this challenge because I can't remember what the hell I did, and I'm pretty sure it would all add up pretty poorly number wise... I know I fell off the food wagon HARD (mountains and mountains of cheese was consumed), but I did stick to pretty much all my other goals. 


I'm glad I took a break from following a strict regimen and just enjoyed spending time with my family. I really was completely stress free and it felt great, so in that sense I really did accomplish my goals. And I also only gained 2 pounds over my holiday break!  Woot! Aaaand my back is finally feeling 100% better.


I really am looking forward to this year for a variety of reasons.  I'll have a new challenge up soon! :D  Happy New Year Nerds!

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