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Okay, challenge wrap time goooooo!


So I'm not going to get super-mathematically-detailed with my points like down to the decimal (because i hate the math) so, here goes!


On the Up & Up (+3 STR, +2 STA)
I'm going to give myself a B for this one - I definitely lifted twice a week for most of the weeks of this challenge, but there was one week I only managed one because of my laziness and meh's.  I'll knock a point off my strength for that, so I'll come out with +2STR and +2STA!
"Leg Day" (+2 STR, +1 DEX)
Definitely a B here, as I only did leg day once on two challenge weeks.  Bleh.  Knicking off another STR, so +1STR and +1DEX.
Don't Get Broken (+2 WIS)
A for this!  Incorporating yoga into my routines was awesome and so helpful, especially with all the new lifting DOMS... +2WIS!!
The Candlestick Maker (+1 CHA)
Big time A!!  I had a blast doing this, my candles came out fantastic, and I managed to make awesome handmade gifts for the office without coming close to breaking the bank.  +1CHA for sure!
I think overall I'd have to give myself an A-, because I was really struggling for week 6 of this challenge, but I managed to shut up and not only stay the course, but finish my challenge with some REALLY hard, challenging workouts that kept me motivated and made me extremely proud of myself and what I can accomplish fitness-wise.
Okay, off to update Ye Olde Signature and hop back to the battle log until the next challenge!!  Thanks everyone for coming along with me on this journey, your support and friendship means the world. <3 <3 <3 <3
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CONGRATULATIONS on finishing the challenge! :D It's been awesome having you as an accountability buddy, and you've made really good progress over the challenge. Stay awesome, and keep crushing! :D

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Awesome job this challenge! Those are some impressive grades :D See you over at the new challenge!


PS Your arms looks amazing!!! Great job.

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