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Warlords of Dreanor - staying motivated through the expansion start

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Dear Wow Players, a new Addon is coming on 13th of November. Atleast for me this is always an exciting time during which I often loose some good habits and build new bad ones. But not this time!

The aim of the group is to stay accountable to each other here, and ingame by sharing our Battlenet Tags (public or via personal message)

As our characters fight their way through dreanor, we should level up our bodies!

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I'm a little bit worried about falling off the wagon that week after ;)  I could definitely use the accountability, especially since I'm taking vacation the week after just to play (and because it's been a while since I've taken time off).

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Yeah, in a way it will be nice that this challenge will have just started with Warlords comes out, because it will be easier to stick with it when it's still new. I was going to take a day or two off, even though I'm not doing hardcore raiding anymore, but I'm changing jobs, which is actually going to make that harder I think. We'll see how much work I can get done in the first part of next week.

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I think it would be nice If anyone would post their goals briefly.

And If you want to be held accountable in-game, please post your battletag or PN it to me if you don't feel comfortable posting it here. I will send the battletag than to every other member!


(And don't forget to sign up in the nerdfitness spreadsheet: 




I have very small goals and not verty fitness related this time:

Writing something here or in the accountability group atleast every other day.

Writing up something every day in my notebook (what I eat, what hurts etc.)(I will buy a nice new notebook If I am successfull. right now I use really cheap ones)
Walking without my glasses at least 15 minutes a day and looking far away (don't have to be consecutive) 


Additionally I will watch my game time and make sure I stand up at least once per hour and move a little bit.

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