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Wesley Crushers - Level 1s/Adventurers

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This accountabilibuddies group really has nothing to do with Star Trek (sorry to disappoint!).  But we're the Wesley Crushers not the Wesley Crushers!! ;)


This is my first every accountabilibuddies group, but I've been doing NF 6 week challenges for over a year now.  Some successfully, and others less successfully.  I'd love to use my experiences to help others, especially those starting out!  


So why the Wesley Crushers?  This:



Sometimes, even on Nerd Fitness, I feel like I don't belong.  Which is ridiculous, because NF is pretty much a place for those of us that don't belong.  But sometimes I just don't feel "nerdy enough", especially when I see other people's huge story-like challenges centered around epic nerd things like Firefly or LOTR.  I told a friend here that, and he sent me the above video...I might have cried a bit.  


So if you feel like you don't belong, and you need some support, this is the group for you.  If your goals are generally focusing on eating right (whatever that means to you) and moving more/better/stronger/etc.  you'll fit right in (if these aren't your goals, that's okay too!)  


I hope to see this group fill up and have some fun! :)  If you have any questions or anything, check out my challenge thread or PM me!  

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Yay! I'm so grateful for everyone who's here so far!  I'm not gonna lie, I was half afraid that no one would sign up for this!  


Welcome all!  

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This is my first challenge, and my nerderies are all over the place but I love Sheldon, and the video you posted is awesome... "Its not about what you love, but how you love it." Awesome!! I'm in, if you'll have me :D

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Lvl 3 Wood Elf Adventurer

STR 9.25 || DEX 5 || STA 3 || CON 9.75 || WIS 12.75 || CHA 2

Challenges: Current || #1 || #2 || #3 || Artistic & Creative Accountability || Etsy Shop

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. --The Fox in The Little Prince

Walk to Mordor // 116 out of 1779 miles


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Got room for one more? This is my 3rd challenge. I would like to consider myself an experienced beginner, since I don't really do these things back to back. 



Is there room for one more in the group? The sign up sheet is looking kind of full, but I'd love to join you all if I can. :)



Of course there is! :)  Welcome to the party!  ;)

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Hurray! How's everybody doing today?  I started my day today with my usual smoothie. Yum.  I am doing a fitbit challenge this week with some friends. It's a simple challenge. Who can walk the most steps in a week.  No pressure.  Still, I like to win.  I'm currently up by like 4000 steps or something, but that's not much. Gotta improve my lead!!!

Crazy story.  When I got out of the shower this morning it was 59 degrees. An hour later I was pulling into work and it was 38! Yikes! Thank jeebus for heated car seats ;)

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2nd First Quest  | 3rd Quest | 4th Quest | 5th Quest | 6th


Epic progress bar of epicness.


Let's face it, I'm fairly epic. 

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Alright, so I had a cute and funny BBT post all about the Roommate Agreement - which is on my computer at work - so rather than delaying this any more here is your first mini activity:


Get to know your roommates (and learn how to PM at the same time). Private message the person below you on the list to find out a little bit more about them and then come here and introduce your new friend to the group!  As them serious questions, silly questions, whatever you think might be entertaining for them to introduce them to everyone else.


If you're unsure how to PM someone, here's a lovely tutorial filled with screenshots and everything!  http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50975-how-to-pm-and-follow/


And then on the flip side, you need to respond to the person who messaged you with your answers so that he/she can introduce you to the group!  


Just for clarity here's who you message:

Jill Beat -> KellyHun -> Ballad -> jle819 -> Xantho -> Cinderellis -> JerseyLightning -> Minna -> jdkc4d -> courtneyc -> Jill Beat

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