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Darkfoxx 14: Insert Something Witty Here

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Ooh. I had half an idea for this go round - I always do a daily food recap for the blog when I do Whole30. I was thinking, since we shot each other pics last time and you had some killer stuff, would you be into shooting me pics again this go round? Or, you could, I dunno, like, update your blog. A second take on W30 eating might be interesting to my readers.

Just a thought.

Mental note: Add posts about W30 staples and think about some sort of eating out manifesto

While I totally SHOULD update my own blog, let's be honest, I probably won't. totally up for guest posting / feeding you material though!

And the whole pictures/Voxer thing we did last time was really helpful, are you up for that again?

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@Phoenix Burning: I did not. I forgot my printout, so I did the rolling hills workout from the machine. 


And, though I *want* to go do the crazy barbell workout tonight, I think I should give my building gym a fair shake before deciding where I want to work out from here on out. I may end up having to pay for 2 months to enjoy my building's amenities (which is fucking ridiculous, if you ask me - especially since we pay a quadrillion dollars a month in rent, we are getting 2 free memberships for our next lease term, have 1 free membership this lease term, and membership is 60 freaking bucks a month), but I'm not sure. 


Tonight, I should probably put the machines through their paces + work on handstands, headstands & pull-ups. Maybe I can replicate some sort of barbell business with the pull-down thingie? 


@Fonzico: I'm up for the idea, though maybe not Voxer. I seriously wanted to throw my phone into a river within a week last time and am *still* a little PTSD-y every time the Voxer notification goes off. It's ridiculously annoying. Maybe Google Hangout Chat? That app is free, too, and I can set the notification to alert without sound. Or, if we stick with Voxer, I'm turning the damn sound off. 

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Workout: I visited my building gym again, this time for an arms/full body day with a gym routine from HasFit the hubby found and liked earlier in the day. 


I love how his gym notes involve illegible scrawls of chicken scratch and mine are full color with notes. 




The full workout is 4 sets of the following


Dumbbell clean & press (8 reps)

Sumo Deadlift (10 reps)

Incline Chest Press (10 reps)
Wide Lat Pull-Down (10 reps)

Dumbbell Split Squat (8 reps/side)

Dumbbell Alternating Curls (12 reps/side)


I used 10 lb weights for most exercises; a 25 lb. weight for the sumo deadlift (which was more like a squat in my case, because my brain said "squat" instead of "deadlift); and 33 lbs for 3 reps on the lat machine thing + 43 lbs. for 1 rep before I decided that that was probably too much, given the amount of workout I had left. My form was suffering at that weight. 


I also practiced handstand wall kick-ups, headstands, and crow. I did fairly well on each - my head hurt with the headstands, my wrists hurt with the handstands, but I got into crow for right at 5 seconds, so that's good. 





No smoothies again :( - 2 fried eggs with coffee & almond milk for Breakfast

Lunch was a simple sauté of cabbage ribbons & leftover pulled pork in ghee

Dinner was a porkstravaganza - peas & onions with ham & bacon

Snacked on Thai Lime Chili Cashews & a clementine


1,302 out of 1,500 calories

48 out of 100 carbs

82 out of 100 fat

98 out of 70 protein


Weight was 117.2 (yay, downward trend!)

Slept 8 hours & 22 minutes - restless 4x

Walked 1.66 miles/4,118 steps


I'm pretty sure I got all my water in. 


I knitted a bit, finally finished clearing off the book shelf I want to relocate into the closet, and wrapped some presents. 

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Did an extreme abs workout for the gym by HasFit:


ISO Dip Running Man


Straight arms holding yourself up on the Iso machine (?) dip machine (?) stand thingy whose name I don't know + really slow running in place for 30 seconds. I did 30 "runs" because I kept getting confused with counting time.


Side Plank Dips 


forearm side plank dips with feet stacked - did 15 per side


Hanging Side-to-Side Toe Touches


Hanging off the pull-up bar, jackknife legs up until feet touch 1 hand, down, then the other hand. I forgot about the lower & do the other side part, so I did 2 sets of 8. For the first 8, I got my legs up to hip level and that's about it; for the second 8, I did knees and got them a little higher before my grip gave out. And I hate the pull-up handles in the gym. I'm too damn short to get to them comfortably with any kind of support (I end up swinging in the breeze). And there's no padding.


Overhead Sit-Up


All the way up sit-ups holding a 15 pound dumbbell over my head


Lying Figure 8

6 each way

Hands under butt, draw an 8 in the air with your feet


Superman Planks


I had my hands out fairly far and had to re-adjust 3x for slippage. I think I got 60 seconds in, but was counting myself, so who freaking knows. 


And then I worked on headstands and crow and tweaked my neck in the process from rolling badly out of a headstand. Dumbass. 





No smoothies were forthcoming and I got busy with work, so I skipped breakfast. Just coffee with my homemade almond milk. 


Lunch was a repeat of yesterday - sautéed pulled pork & cabbage


Dinner was wine-braised short ribs with crispy lemon-thyme brussels


I snacked on Thai Lime Chili Cashews & shared some clementine with the dog (more like I ate 1 and he ate 1, because that little bastard will mug you for anything orange flavored).


1,454 out of 1,500 calories

37 out of 100 grams carbs

94 out of 100 grams fat

103 out of 70 grams protein


116.9 lbs. (whoo hoo!)

7 hrs. & 19 minutes sleep - restless 5x

Walked 1.63 miles/4,003 steps


And I'm fairly certain I got right at my water allotment in



Other Shit


I Christmassed a couple displays in the house and went through the closet to pack the shit that still needs donating better - and I left half out so I would be hopefully forced to drag the bags with me either tonight (I'm not sure the donation room is open after dark) or this weekend. I feel like I did something else, but I can't remember what. 

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Reminded by Kat's 'hey I'm not dead' post, I'm popping in to say hi and I'm not dead either. 


Workouts have been happening some - this week has been slack because a: busy and b: I have my last 5k of the season this weekend and want to try going into it with zero injuries this time. 


Food has been overall decent - lots of not eating real dinners, a few too many cookies & game night snacks, and one fan-freaking-tabulous omikase meal at Morimoto for my birthday. 


I've actually gotten some shit done in the house -- it's amazing what you can accomplish when Kwebs' yearly visit is imminent. Still haven't taken the damn clothes out to be donated, but hey, at least I got that bookcase moved to the closet. And the house is 57% clean. 


I knitted a few rows, too, so there. 


And I bought a sweater + a pair of cords to add to my clothing stash. I resisted the urge to go on a long sleeve tee shopping spree. 


And I haven't gotten a puppy, so that's good. 


Haven't been back to Planet Fitness, but I gave my building gym a good try and I may not go back? I'm not sure. I really, really like bodyweight exercises. I may move on to. Not sure yet. 


I forced myself out of my comfort zone and did one of those free yoga classes out in public - in an Urban Outfitters. It was good and I think I'll go back next month. I didn't even die. I also went to game night with people from my building - again, out of my comfort zone. And I'm going to a meetup with a similar/overlapping group tonight. Plus, I went to a dachshund meetup (and talked to one person). 


tl;dr: I'm keeping up with my challenge goals for the most part, I'm just too damn busy with work to update/don't wanna. 


I'll be giving myself half points for this challenge for keeping mostly on track but going off the rails on updating/feeling committed. 



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I'm getting half points for Chriiiiiistmaaaas. Until this week, I've kept up with my challenge goals - I've just lacked the motivation to post about them. 


And then this week happened, Kwebs is visiting, and I've used that - plus looming W30 - as an excuse to eat what I damn want. Which included tea sandwiches, scones, cookies & a tart at an Alice themed tea house yesterday. I may have also fat-girled strawberry bread crumbs. Twice. 


But .... Sunday I PRed my 5k. Came in at 38-something (previous record:44). I got my mile. Plus most of two additional half miles. And I've hit my step count every "vacation" day. So there's that. 

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I've been doing that a bit, too, but I'm completely Fing over it. This isn't how I normally eat and my body is sending me loud and clear messages that I'm being a dumbass. I have zero desire to eat ridiculous shit right now (I may even skip the wrappers on my traditional NYE dumpling fest, I'm that over it). 


This week, it's back to my schedule (for the most part) - and then it's on to a new adventure. 


I'm thinking of going back and doing that 12 days of Christmas program from Neila Rey -- that will give me a bit of time to decide what I want to move onto next, workout-wise.

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