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LadyLydia Meanders a Bit

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Yesterday's nutrition:


apricot mousse pie and summer sausage for breakfast -900 (I know, healthy right)

carrot and half a pumpkin muffin-200

roast beef, and three salads for dinner-500

pannattone -300





two mile hike


seated bicycle punches-60

leg raises-50


water was very low, only four glasses.

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No workout yesterday,  calories were 1900, four glasses of water


For the past month, I've been aiming to have dinner around 4 or 5, and when I actually do that, it helps limit my snacking.  But now that I'm back home, my family has dinner around 8 or 9 at night to accommodate my brother's work schedule.  I think I'm just going to have to eat separately because I had around 800 calories yesterday trying to wait and not eat dinner.  It really threw me off. I guess I can always have dinner for the next day's breakfast.  

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no cardio, just bodyweight


12 min. 50 sec each:


walking lunges-19

alt. side leg lifts-25

modified pistols R-12

modified pistols L-12

toe touches-29

leg raises-16

oblique circles R-9

oblique circles L-11

swan dives-14

one arm pushups from knees, R-10

one arm pushups from knees, L-10

bench dips-10


short yoga





only four glasses of water so far.


burrito, yogurt and salad for breakfast-600

smoothie for lunch-300

burger for midafternoon/ 1st dinner-400

broccoli and burrito for 2nd dinner-400



I feel like a hobbit right now with the many meals.

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pretty simple day.


cardio workout only


10 around the world kicks


4 min. tabata punches


4 min. tabata knife hands


4 min. tabata kicks.



nutrition: five glasses of water, food was a bit carb heavy


burrito, and French toast for breakfast-600

chips and salsa, and cookie dough for lunch-300

three PB&J cookies-300

roasted broccoli for pre-dinner-100

steak and tea-400


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no workout today


five glasses of water.


burrito, smoothie, cookie and celery for breakfast-700

small steak, green beans and two cookies for lunch-400 

half sandwich and cookie-200 (there seems to be a theme here)

two pork chops and cauliflower for dinner-500


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can finally talk about my secret santa stuff, which I of course opened as soon as I got them.  got  the joy of cooking and the DIY cookbook which is really cool,  a cd I've wanted and a set of THROWING KNIVES,  woohoo!.  I must learn how to throw knives now. mwhuhahahaha ;)

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no workout, it got away from me.


five glasses of water


two cookies, yogurt, celery and carrots for breakfast-600

pork chop, cookie and hot cocoa for lunch-500

lemon blueberry bread-200

chicken, cheesy spinach rice, and broccoli for dinner-400


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what a day yesterday.


warm up kicks


1000 punches


50 squats


30 leg raises




Nutrition: four glasses of water- fail.


leftover chicken and cheesy rice, a carrot and a smoothie for breakfast-600

lunch, Vietnamese place: bbq beef dish with pickled vegetables and two thai teas-500?

Russian cookies-300

leftover cheesy rice and a frappe for dinner-300


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I have a bunch of goals for this challenge, which I started a week early to make it fit into my semester.  Really I'm doing more of a two part eight week challenge because I have a different workout plan for each November and December.   I want to do a little more of some things, and a little less of others. Lets start with the easy part.



1. Holistic/mindfulness- I need more sleep, more studying and less extra curricular obligations. All the extra curriculars will actually stop in two weeks, but I need to not let myself get pressured into doing anything for which I don't actually have the time or energy to do. The focus is to not die in general. Furthermore, the more I sleep the more energy I have, the better I study, and the less I eat. (I have a habit of late night snacking for the sole purpose of staying awake).    


2. Nutrition- I need to drink more water, ideally eight glasses a day. I need more protein, especially on weight lifting days. I need less carbs, particularly sweets.  I aim to take in 1200-1800 calories a day, 1500 is ideal.  In addition, in preparation for thanksgiving and the holidays, I would like to have two days a week at only 1200 calories (but not on gym days, that's potentially dangerous and ineffective). It will not be the end of the world if the 1200 days don't happen.  


3. Exercise-  This part is broken up by month. 


For November I will continue, with my Wendler based strength program.  Focusing on RDLs, bench, squats, and overhead press.  I want to break 150 for RDLs and 100 for the others for my PRs this month. By starting the challenge at the beginning of the month, my deload week will sync up with Thanksgiving break when I don't have access to my school gym. (I'll still have access to my apt's gym, but they don't have anything over 50 lbs there and I find the place generally annoying.)  I will be lifting 3x a week.


In December, I will be either in the midst of finals  or home on break and have limited gym access, so workouts are going to transition to bodyweight interval training, with a focus on building endurance.  Most likely I will be repeating older workouts with an attempt to match or beat my records.   


In addition to these two different plans. For the next six weeks (which started last Monday), I will be building my stair runs back up.  I'm going to just run once a week for the first two weeks, twice a week for the second two weeks, and three times for the final two weeks.  (And then I go home for break and won't have stairs to run). 


...... Yeah, that just about covers it.


Yeah, I'm not really done with my challenge because I had a plan for the whole month of December. So I technically have two weeks left on my plan.  


As to how I did thus far:


1. Holistic/Mindfulness - this one got rocky for a few weeks before and during finals, but I think I did a better job then previous semesters, and I feel pretty good now. So....win.  (2/3)


2. Nutrition-  I'm still struggling with water intake; my protein did go up and my lifts got much better but I'm still struggling with eating sweets.  I recently figured out that I was taking in somewhere between 400-800 calories a day on sweets alone.  If I could cut that out alone, I would loose a pound and a half a week.  I'm going to have to do some reflection on this one.  (1/3)


3. Exercise- My November was awesome. I didn't hit three times a week every week, but I definitely built strength. I didn't make it to 100lbs for overhead press, I stalled out at 70 lbs. However I PRed at 100 lbs for bench press and squat, and hit 150 PR for RDLs.  I didn't run stairs particularly often, but did get back up to my old average by the end of the semester. The December bodyweight is going pretty well, I meant to workout every day, but am averaging three times a week, with stuff that basically wipes me out after.  It wasn't all perfect, but I'm very pleased with my progress and results so far, so full points.  (4/4)

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Your workouts have been pretty impressive and consistent. Great job!  With the 2-week break, having a longer plan is probably really helpful.

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