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Cobaltsword's Journey: Chapter 10

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Cobaltsword's Journey: Chapter 10



We've reached the double digits challenge. Never thought I would get where I am right now, and that's all thanks to you guys and my lovely girlfriend. Let's keep on moving together guys, I can see a great and awesome futur before us. Onwards fellow assassins!


New Challenges:


Goal n°1: Eat all the Protein!


I've found new way of tracking my protein intake and i've been using it succesfully for the last week and haven't missed a single protein filled day up till now. So as a challenge i'm going to make sure it goes on like that. I have my Phd proteine powder (in delicious Belgian chocolate flavour) to fill up on what I miss through the day. As a pescaterian I'm trying to fill the protein primarily in with other stuff like nuts, tofu, beans, quinoa...

I'll post at the end of the week every day I miss/not miss to keep track ^^


Goal n°2: Feel the Bruce Lee in me




With the Muay Thai training and Kung Fu kata's i'm learning on my own (as best I can) thanks to Sifu Jake Mace. I'm feeling more and more the martial artist in me welling up. And I am going to devote more time to that training, so as a challenge I will try to practice forms twice a week next to my double lessons. (of course bo staff and iron palm is included in this)

this will mean more time on forms from Muay Thai and Kung fu (various styles) and streching to develop the high kick abilities i need as an assassin.


Goal n°3: Work on my goal to become a kick ass politician


I am lacking in this, i need to refind my goals and drive for school to get where I want to go. So to achieve this i will make sure I work for school every day, this means reading, newspapers, studies...Abe lincoln is my biggest political role model and I will strive to be more like him, stead fast, studious and driven ^^



I am looking forward to this challenge, especially to what I am going to tell you guys next.

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Fellow Assassins, i have something grand to tell all of you.


As of last monday, I am participating in the following event:



I present you, the Neptunus Run. A 10 km long run with 15 obstacles on the way set on the cold, wet Belgian coast.

Only the thoughest get through this one, and on the 16th of November i'm participating in it.


So cross your fingers for me fellow assassins, because i'm going to need it.

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Following, of course!   I'm sure you'll do fine with the Neptunus Run.  The obstacles part sounds great, but I'm not at all sure about the 10 km surrounding all of the fun obstacles.  ;)


Thanks nym :D the 10k is the most daunting part for me too XD


Subbed :)


----Will post a challenge this weekend. Several tests last week and 3 big ones this week. Tomorrows is HUGE! 


Get after it!


Looking forward to your thread ^^

Looks like it's going to be an exciting challenge!

I hope so too :D

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So little update time:


Training wise; friday was a bad day for conditioning training, i just discovered how far i still had to go fitness wise (especially compared to some guys in the class, it's so impressive what they're capable of but i know i can reach that level too). So last friday wasn't so well conditioning wise but it was still lots of fun thanks to the great group, ended the class with some bruce lee style kicks and talked about different martial arts and mental conditioning.

Also, yesterday I went for my first 6km run and ran it in 29min and stopped only once! super super proud of myself, my gf followed me by bike and pushed me on the whole time. I think I can finish this Neptunus Run next week in a good time I think. I say, bring it on!


protein eating wise:

(X = reached goal of minimum 83g; X = over 83g; X = under 83g)

M - X

T - X

W - X

Th - X

F - X

Sa - X

Su -


This challenge is going very well thanks to the MyFitnessPal app that allows me to track my protein super easy :D especially since my brand of Whey Protein is in their system XD


I've trained my forms, punches, kicks, bo staff spins yesterday and will do so today to :D

I must find some good exercises to train my flexibility in the legs because those high kicks aren't easy to do :P

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it's near... I can feel it my bones...


Tomorrow is the day, tomorrow I compete in the Neptunus Run, finish it and come home proud. I'm both excited and nervous and scared. This is so daunting but i'm so looking forward :D everything is ready, my clothes, my forms, my pre run pasta to eat on the train before the run.

This is going to be awesome, after two years of training i'm actually ready to start and finish this kind of race.

There's going to be a stand for face painting and i'm going to do that too, some warrior paint before going in to battle :D and emerge as a victor of the sea.


yesterday's muay thai training was fun, they finally got two punch bag and a dummy to train on, the classes are evolving and so am I. i'm still having a few issues with footwork and defence but it's getting better ^^ i'm still doing some kung fu on the side because the aggressive nature of Muay Thai still doesn't really speak to me.


Parkour is going well too, just as soon as I can shake this shoulder pain off from an injury two weeks back. But with the cold pack i'm applying daily it's getting better faster. It doesn't hurt, there's just some kind of numbness and slight sharp pains when I over strain the joint. I think the tendons got sprained :/


Something more light topic now; i've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now (1 year) and the idea resurged in me recently. Are there any rebels out there who have tattoo's? any experience with them. I'm still working on a design but the idea would be to create something the reflects who i am, i.e. combining the AC insignia with buddhist signs and some celtic tribal decor...it's a work in progress and i'm not the best drawer too XD


oh yes, protein intake is going fine :D thanks to the app it's actually very easy, allthough sometimes i need to look for things with enough protein it in them.

Mo X

Tu X

We X

Thu X

Fr X

Sa X

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I did it... I still can't fully comprehend it but i did it!


I finished the Neptunus Run! 10 grueling km across 15 obstacles, but i did it. And I ran it in exactly an hour!


let me break down the whole experience for you guys out there:

The Neptunus run is set at the belgian coast and ,for those who don't know it, isn't well known for warm and dry weather in november. So when we arrieved there it was grey, 12°C and lightly drizzling. I got into my sports outfit (super baggy pants, free neptunus run tshirt and my New Jerseys Nets hoodie over that) and warmed up. oh i was nervous. 3500 people competed in this one and everywhere i looked i saw guys in worse shape than me and guys (and women of course) in 10 times better shape than me. Then anxiety crept up and i got anxious to start as I was filed into my starting box. The first non official obstacle was a 2m high wall you had to climb, once you did your timer started and you where off.

My group was let loose and i sped to that wall, i felt ridiculous climbing up but my gf said it took me just 4 sec to get over it and i was one of the first over it. But at the moment i didn't know or care, i just started to run. We went from obstacle to obstacle, ranging from crawling under tarps and barber wire, climbing monkey bars, running up sand dunes, running across the beach on loose sand (hardest part), running down water filled trenches dug in the beach and get back out, twice we had to run into the sea so that we were thigh deep in cold water. But the hard part was once you got out of the water, clothes weighing you don and the cold wind trying to stop you, but i kept moving. I passed so many people as I ran, i encouraged several, helped out others (rules of the run), i overtook people who had started earlier than me (by half an hour) and left them behind me. I climbed walls, rope bridges/ladders, ran up and down sand dunes all the while pushing myself to go further and further.

And as I was nearing the end, my gf stood there, cheering me on. And i don't know from where it came but i started sprinting even faster, i passed people so fast i heard them say 'oh wow' and i was past the last obstacle and finish line before my gf even noticed i had arrived XD


it was an incredible experience and i can't wait to do the others, because the Neptunus Run is 1 out 4 races from the Spartacus Series here in Belgium :) As i had thought, the obstacles themselves weren't the hard part, my parkour and bodyweight training gave me an edge against my fellow runners, being more nimble/flexible and used to run on hands and feet. I used several parkour techniques to get down or up obstacles. No the hard part for me was the 10k run, but i pushed through it none the less. During the run i was more fixated on ending the run than getting a good time, which made me doubley happy when I heard that I'd done it in 1h. (The winner, did it in 43min), if i discount the time i lost while waiting for other people to get over obstacles I think i could've shaved off 5-10min off my time. But i'm still proud about my results :D


Again, this run has shown me how far i've come, what i'm capable of and where I am still capable of going. And i'm looking forward to getting there within the brotherhood of NF. It's a shame i didn't have a NF tshirt to wear to represent the Rebellion there :)


thank you to all of you for the support, you are awesome!


enjoy this aftermovie of the run :D



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Way to go!!!! You kicked some serious booty!!



Totally smashed it ! Congrats! I like the fact that the race encourages you to help other, and that even though you could have had an even faster time, you stopped to help others.



Congratulations!  I knew you'd smash the course!


thanks guys, i was super proud afterwards, still am. And you're right EG i stopped more for others than others stopped for me (but to be fair i didn't need much help). Still i'm very proud, i'm already calculating/organizing my training for the next one. My uncle told me about another kind of obstacle race done here, the Gladiator Run and damn that seems brutal. They work in levels and the thoughest level is 24km with 100+ obstacles OO! that's a bit too much for me right now but maybe in the future :P


Anyway monday i didn't do anything because i was pretty sore from sunday and tuesday i sadly coudn't go to the Muay Thai training because I pulled my schoulder during the Neptunus Run. But it's back to normal so tomorrow it's back to the punching bags. Yesterday I went for a good parkour run and did some weight training after, but nothing too hard because my schoulder was still recuparating.

Protein wise i didn't eat my protein for sunday because, well no time/opportunity. But i've been on track since then with just a near miss on tuesday. That app i'm using is really helping.


Sun X

Mon X

Tue X




Work wise it's going well, i'm constantly doing something for school and learning on the sides when I have time. But i still need my little moments of gaming to destress. My gf got me the legendary edition of Skyrim (i know it's late but i've been hearing so much good things about it i thought to give it a whirl) and soon i'm going to get FarCRy4, Shadow of Mordor and AC rogue so i'll have to watch out or my grades might drop X)

I did my iron palm training of course, need to do it again today and it's going very well. I can feel a distinct difference ^^ also must remember to train my bo staff spins, i'm not doing it as often as usual. Life and school seems to be getting in the way lately :/


Need to review my training too, i need to find a good routine to increase my core strength because i seem to be lacking a bit there :o anyone got any suggestions? :)

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The mini challenge right now is planks. You can help the Assassins and work on core!

For other core stuff,  hanging leg raises, tripod to headstand.hollow body planks, 


i will remember that thanks ^^


Holy geez an hour for all that?? You beast! :D


I agree with planks of all kinds. Pushups are helping me with that, too.

haha :D it as fun and i was surprised at my own time. Beast/assassin mode was activated X)

allrighty, thanks i'll remember that.



So my update has been a while but i've had some things happening everywhere X)

training wise everything is going well, i think i'm finally starting to notice some progress in both strength and speed and flexibility/dexterity. Finally XD Tonight Muay Thai training, looking forward to it :tongue:

proten wise i haven't missed a day thanks to my handy app, some times it was close but i always make sure i get everything in.

Sunday I finished the book i had to read for one my courses and thus gave myself two days rest before i tackle the summarized critique i must write on it Xo that's not going to be easy but i like a challenge ^^

yesterday evening me and my gf had a wonderfuly fun gaming night :D we had veggie tepanyaki/raclette grill and gamed on both FarCry 4 and Shadow of Mordor (360), we ended playing more on SoM because it's so awesome XD it was fun, we hadn't done that in a while, last time was with FC3 :tongue: In addition my gf bought me Skyrim Legendary edition so i'm going to have to be carefull to still work for school with all these games. And AC rogue is coming my way soon too so XD

but yesterday (and this morning we gamed a bit too) was very enjoyable. I needed that, a moment of mindless geekiness before going back to the books :)


Sat X

Sun X

Mon X


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Whoa, that's ridiculous on the run - 1 hour for all of that?!


Love your challenge this round, and congrats on hitting the double digits and sticking to it!!!!


Thanks, I was surprised by my own time ^^ time flies doesn't it :)


Sounds like things are going really well right now. Woo!


At the moment yes, let's just keep it that way for all of us XD


I hope everything is still going well!  Keep up the great work!


I'll write an update tommorrow, school work hit me hard today X) but i'm doing fine training wise thanks ^^

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