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I know I wasn't here for the last challenge, but I'm back and I'm making sure Rogue Squadron is around this time. As always I'll be updating this post with a member list and a link to their challenge. Make sure to follow your own thread, this thread, and the thread's of other Rogue Squadron members. To sign up just head over here and put your name for our group, then post in here.


Rogue Squadron has a facebook group that you can feel free to join, it's made up of a bunch of current and past members of Rogue Squadron. You can find it right here.


Good Luck and remember to Stay On Target.




Rogue Welkin - Guardians of the Kiltalaxy - RogueWelkin  - Challenge X

KingLeeroy - KingLeeroy XI - Project refuel

Scoutsays - Scoutsays... That's What You Get...Challenge 8

JessOfAllTrades - [JessOfAllTrades] Soul-Searching-Self-Care Challenge

SirHammerlock - Sir Hammerlock #11: Preparing to defeat the Iron Horde

dhert - dhert Challenge 9 - "I go to seek a Great Perhaps"

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