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I don't like spreadsheets, so I would rather keep conversation in this thread for all to benefit.  I am a skilled juggler, contact juggler.  I can spin poi, baton relatively well.  I like to dabble.  Such is the nature of circus arts... you want to collect them all!


I would like to know if there are others like me  or if you want to learn.  I would love to point you in the right direction.

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I was so uncoordinated as a kid, they put me in a special pe class.

I learned by practicing an hour a day. You can too! Learning anything like this teaches body awareness.  It just takes a little time... half hour to and hour a day.  Keep it fun!  If it gets frustrating, try doing something else for a while.

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Skill Resources:

Contact Juggling:





Coach Bob  Really, look at all the Coach Bob videos.... even unicycle!


Acro Balance/Hoop:  http://thecircusdictionary.com/moves/?category=acro-balance&page=1


Poi spinning:

Home Of Poi

Use a tennis ball/sand/beans in long socks.





There are so much more... Let me know if I left something out that you interested in!

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Here are juggling and hooping and spinning clubs all over the world.  All you need to do is look.  If you want, tell me what city and I can point you in the right direction.  Circus is fun, healthy and athletic.  The community is open minded to anybody who wants to learn, they are very friendly.


It can be artsy, intense, meditative, or goofy.  Anything you want it to be.

Compilation from contact jugglers all over the world....


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