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Bresaadi's Busting Back Into Fitness!

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Back story:
Hi, my name is Shannon. I was in pretty good shape until about 3 years ago. I grew up in rural Maine and had a very active, outdoor childhood: Alpine and Nordic skiing, wake boarding, hiking, hunting, etc. This was balanced by my nerdy side: Warcraft rts, Starcraft, Diablo, Ultima Online, Zelda, Final Fantasy, WoW, board games, reading fantasy, and building over-the-top forts both indoors and out.
I fluctuated in weight in my early 20s thanks to beer and learning how to cook (badly) for myself. By the time I was 25, as a massage therapist in a small town I had very little money; my day consisted of work, the gym, and WoW. I played a priest in a heroic raiding guild - where I have met a lot of great people, including my husband! (I say played because this past June, with my daughter on the way, I gave up hardcore-ish raiding for more casual play).

In 2011, I found a great fella (my guildmaster), moved to Las Vegas and was suddenly in the middle of "great restaurant country" with a much higher income. I gained about 30 pounds and 2 pant sizes. I had just started to get back to working out when I got pregnant. Now, 11 months later, I'm ready to start again. :)

My husband started getting into great shape while I was pregnant, and is continuing to get stronger every day. We are both eating mostly Paleo. I lagged behind on this during pregnancy, but I am following it much more now. I want to be stronger and healthier to keep up with him and my little one as she grows. I want to improve my endurance so I can fully enjoy the amazing hiking trails offered by Red Rock National Park. I'm also interested in improved strength to make my work easier on me.

Here I am the day before my daughter was born (170lbs):

Here I am 6 weeks postpartum (145lbs) I lost some muscle mass during pregnancy:

Main Quest:
My goal for my first 6 week challenge is to fit into the jeans I was wearing before I got pregnant (size 12/13). Longer term goal will be to fit into my jeans from before Las Vegas (size 8/9).

Subquest 1:
Walk or hike for 1-2 miles each day. post-33578-0-46657800-1415386052_thumb.j
Stam: 2, Con: 2, Dex: 1

Subquest 2:
Be able to do a 30 second plank.
Str: 2, Dex: 1, Cha: 1

Subquest 3:
Do 1 full (non-girly) push-up.
Str: 2, Cha: 1

Fitness motivation: my little panda cub.

Life Quest:
Learn French
Current quest: Finish Level 4 of Rosetta Stone French Lessons.
Wis: 2, Cha 1

P.S. Yes, that is my own doge. :)

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hahahah, a husband and wife team!!  SOOO cute and like I told Lairpie, that's one amazing motivation (and freaking cute panda baby).


You might notice that someone has added tags onto your thread.  This is not to pigeonhole you into a specific guild, but rather to attract the attention of the guild ambassadors because of your lifestyle or a grouping of goals, so that they might be able to motivate, encourage and advise you of anything during your challenge with us.  You don't even need to wait for them, you're welcome to pop into the Assassins to say hi and introduce yourself and to see what they're about. Also you are more than welcome to drop me a line at any time if you need anything.


Good luck

AB xx

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Hello! I'm bananasheena, an Ambassador for the Assassins' Guild! 30-second plank and full pushup? Sounds great! Your goals for this challenge fit the spirit of our guild. Therefore, we'd like to welcome you to the challenge and extend our support!


More information about our guild can be found in our Guild Information and Announcements thread. If you have any questions about our guild, you can pop over to the Level 1 Assassin Initiates Chat/Q&A thread, where the Ambassadors and Guild Leaders will get back to you as soon as possible, or you can post in the Assassins' Den Guild Chat and hear from our members. Also, if you'd like to have a better idea of what the different members of the guild are working on in this challenge, you can take a look at the Assassin Phonebook. If you have any questions to ask our members regarding specific training categories/items, do drop them a PM!


All the best with the challenge! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need anything at all. :)

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Finally getting around to updating this (silly holidays)!

 So, I can now do a 20 second plank. Not quite my goal, but twice as good as before.

I can't do a full push-up yet, but can do thrice as many knee-push-ups as when I started.

Best of all though:


My jeans fit!

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