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Prepare teh be boarded and surrender yer booty! [The Cutlasses]

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{OOC: oh. my. god. Thank you!!! You've no idea how much I needed this encouragement right now. Thanks again! I'll compose an appropriately piratical storyline response tomorrow.}

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Pale but cloudless morning skies met the sister ships as they sailed out from under the last of the storm.  The drenched bow of the Sea Witch glistened in the rising sunlight, lit as if by a thousand miniature stars.  It made her shade her eyes with her hand, but it was a welcome sight for Captain Starsapart, and none too soon; she felt rather than heard a collective exhale from the deck behind her, as if every woman had been holding her breath throughout the storm.  

'Indeed, and none too soon,' she nodded to herself.  Minor repairs would need to be made to not just the Sea Witch but both ships, she confirmed by looking across the calm seas to the Barmaid.  With a decisive nod she bent over her map, taking their bearings. Starsapart discovered with relief that they were only slightly off course, and they could make the shelter of a craggy inlet on one of the Northern Isles by dark.  She hailed DreamPirate on the Barmaid and directed her to follow.  

Repairs went swiftly, as the island was well wooded and both ships fully tooled.  Starsapart set her carpenter to form a team to fashion new belaying pins to replace the ones ripped out during the storm.  The crews of both ships worked diligently while the captains, for their part, confirmed plans for the next leg of the adventure and kept watchful eyes over their new apprentices.  So far, things were going almost entirely as planned.

"That can't last, o' course," she told her fellow captain as they met in her quarters behind a barred door.
"Yer not usually such a pessimist," her friend chided.
"Just bein' realistic, is all."  Then she grinned.  "Or maybe I'm thinkin' that when i tell tales o' this, it'll need teh have some adventure invented teh make it engagin' enough."
"Don't invite adventure too loudly, aye?" responded DreamPirate with a laugh.  "That storm was adventure enough fer anyone."
"Well, if'n it stays calm from here, I'll be findin' ways to make the story more colorful in the retelling," starsapart assured.  "Yer crew be close teh done with repairs, I take it?  I'm thinkin' we can give them the evenin' teh celebrate a little - no good keepin' things serious all the time.  Tomorrow is time enough teh set out."

"I'm thinkin' they'll enjoy that." 

As the work neared completion, the captains emerged from Starsapart's cabin in good spirits.  Starsapart greeted her newest apprentice, Dark_Queen, as she made her way to the center of the main deck.  Calling to the crew of the Sea Witch loudly enough that those on the Barmaid could hear, she congratulated all the women and led them in cheers over their plunder and skillful navigation of the storm.  When the triumphant chatter died down, she said she had one more announcement, and scanned the crew to find the older apprentice, Cat_Therien.

"I've been watchin' and measurin and I'm thinkin' we've got one more thing teh celebrate today.  Cat_Therien, come on up here." 

Startled to hear her own name mentioned, the apprentice looked up with knitted brows, pensive at what she'd done that would warrant the Captain's public announcement. Cat_Therien chewed her bottom lip as she made her way toward the Captain's beckoning arm.  She recalled her performance during the storm with reddened cheeks; she'd struggled to keep up with her responsibilities and she'd measured herself against the experienced able seawomen, though she knew it's wasn't a fair comparison.  Moreso she felt herself struggling to meet her own high standards.  But looking at the Captain's face, she saw none of the stern visage she'd anticipated; instead, she saw a mischievous mirth, and instantly this lifted Cat_Therien's spirits.

"I can't say I'm never goin' teh ask ye teh swab again, but ye've been doin' good work here - I'll be promotin' ye today teh join the crew of able seawomen fully.  Three cheers for Cat_Therien!"

Promoted!  She could hardly believe her ears.  Cheering, then slaps on the back and hugs and handshakes ensued in a wriggling mass of smiling women.  Cat_Therien grinned as if she'd just learned to fly.  Never had she expected to be promoted to full seawoman so soon.  Over the sea of heads, she sought out the Captain, who gave her a grin and a wink.

"And teh celebrate yer good fortune - and our safety - we be havin' a bit o' revelry tonight.  We'll need our bellies full and our minds empty - tomorrow's soon enough fer sailin' and worries.  Tonight, we'll feast!  Now, someone best be fetchin' this captain her guitar!"

"Aye, Cap'n!" Cat_Therien replied, taking it as instructions, whether it had been so or not.  She wove through the crowded main deck and dove down the stairs to the Captain's cabin.  Once there, however, she had no idea where to look for the guitar.  It felt awkward to search behind and around Starsapart's possessions, as if she were invading a lady's boudoir.  Finally she found it, the long hardened leather case nestled in a drawer under the Captain's bunk.  She was still blushing as she mounted the stairs once more.  

The smell of rum hit her nose above the saline, but before she could find the source of the heady scent, she marveled at how quickly the deck had been transformed.  What had been a utilitarian space was wiped clean as if a giant hand had swept it all overboard.  The lamps had been lit and hung from the masts, casting a warm glow over the planks.  And then she saw the cook, who was sloshing rum from a dented and scratched pewter pitcher into a sea of waiting mugs.  
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Tzippi grinned as Cat_Therien blushed her way back to the room of rum and good cheer. Pulling a small jar out of her pocket, the wood elf uncorked it, letting a spicysharpsweet smell harmonize with rum and seaspray and the slight funk of many hardworking women, packed into close quarterss.


"As a special treat, I'll be sharing a few spoonfuls o' this goodness, as a fine addition to rum or a healthful tonic all on its own!" she proclaims, falling into the patter of a practiced carnival barker, strangely at odds with her usual salty piratical utterances. "Made of all the healthiest things, a spoonful will prevent, treat, or ease illness, or make a fine mixer to a tot o' rum!"


The jar sparkled, its golden contents thick.


"No trouble ta make, though its contents be rare enough in these Northern seas. Take many lemons and wash 'em well. slice 'em as thin as the chance o' takin' a cannonball to the chest with no ill effects. Let the seeds fall as they may, and given warmer climes and a lack o' swabbin', we could have a grove in the galley in no time!" she pointed the thin, almost transparent slices of lemon in the jar.


"Next you take gingerroot and grate it along a rough patch of barnacles, until you have a pile of the spicy stuff, and yer head is as clear as 40 fathom-sight seas.." she took a whiff from the jar and slapped her knee, sneezing slightly. "Strong stuff!"


"Pack all these goodies into a jar jes' big enough to hold 'em. Don't take any care of it - the more ya beat and batter the peels, the more good comes out. After that, ya' drizzle in honey until it's all covered, usin' the point o' yer dirk, or hook, or any stick-type tool ta make sure the honey gets everywhere. If'n ya like strong flavors, ya can use a strong, dark honey. I'm partial to the raw stuff, cause it stops me from sneezin' all the time. Then, you let it sit for a spell in a cold place, to let the flavors mingle. Wait long enough, and the lemons'll begin ta fall apart a bit. A spoonful a' this in hot water, or yer rum ration, or just straight in yer mouth'll fight off scurvy, springtime sneezes, nausea from seasickness, an' sore throats!"


(This stuff is pretty amazing. I like really thinly sliced lemons and just a touch of ginger, but if you can handle the heat (or are needing an anti-nausea tisane), add however much you can handle. You can also add other spices or herbs, but I usually keep the jar simple, and then add it to herbal teas, black tea, hot water and whiskey, whatever. Obvious warning about giving honey to infants and small children because reasons goes here))

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Glad to see the storm over and gone, Jazzy inspected her ship as Anaticula kept them following slightly behind the Sea Witch. There were things that needed to be fixed, but they were far from limping along. “Congrats, ladies, and lad, fer keepin' us afloat through this rough patch! Ye be a fine crew if I ever did have one an' I couldn't ask fer anyone better!†She grinned at her crew, then noticed the wave from the other ship. “Ana, bring up in after the Sea Witch. Look like we're makin' port here tonight fer repairs an' such.â€


Once they were skillfully in port and the ships linked via planks, Jazzy made her way over as her crew worked on the few repairs needed. The meeting with starsapart went well and she informed the crew that they had the night off and there would be a small get together over on the Sea Witch.


“Let me get my viola!†Jazzy cried and was gone and back before she could be missed. “Can't have real pirate music without some kind of fiddle, eh?†She winked and laughed as she pulled her viola from it's battered case. “Here's to all of us servivin' and to Cat_Therien! And me crew, don't think I ain't seein' how hard ye be workin'! Keep up the hard work and I'll be movin' me own appretinces up to full able bodied seawomen here soon!â€

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Cat_Therien was still panting from her workout when she made her way down to the galley.  She blinked as her eyes adjusted from the bright sunlight topside to the darker chamber below decks.  Lamps hung from rough exposed beams overhead, swaying a little as the anchored ship pulled at it's mooring.  Clearing vision showed her that the lamps cast a yellow glow over the room, complementing rows of long oak tables.  The cook was across the room behind a tall wooden prep counter, chopping something green.  


"Oy!  Cookie!"  Cat_Therien called out, weaving around the closely spaced tables toward the woman.  Thin but sinewy, the elderly cook looked up and smiled.  Weathered skin, two teeth missing in front and a glass eye, Cookie looked as if the sea itself had been beating in vain against her for decades.   

"Any chance o' me gettin' a mite ter eat?"  It wasn't mealtime yet, so Cat_Therien knew she was asking something out of the norm. But she hoped her wide grin would win the old woman over. 

"Aye, lass, if'n ye gives me old bones a rest and does some choppin, ye done earned ye'self a snack I s'spose."  A dramatic sigh followed, but Cat_Therien suspected the sinewy, well-muscled cook didn't need the break.

"Whazzis then, ye be choppin'?" she asked as the other woman handed her the knife.  A huge black pot stood next to the over-sized cutting board; she looked in and saw that it was full of wrinkly dark green leaves.


The cook made her way to a steaming black kettle on the stove and replied over her shoulder, "Tis kale ye be cuttin' up, and be mindful ye takes them leaves off'n that center stalk now.  That be tougher'n a boar's hind tit ter chew."  Cat_Therien did as she was told, hiding a smirk and quietly suspecting the warning was only true for the old cook, given the conspicuous gaps in her teeth.

"H'much o' this ye be wantin'?" Cat_Therien asked.  There was a huge mound of chopped kale on the board already.  

"Oy girl, jes' ye be chopp'n tills I tells ye different!"  The rebuke was loud, sharp, and sudden.  Cat_Therien was surprised by the fire in the other's voice and immediately wondered what she'd gotten herself into.  She didn't know the cook well at all, and began thinking of ways to extricate herself from the situation.  She stole a quick glance at the old woman's face, only to realize she'd been had.  The cook was watching her closely out of the one good eye, and a blatantly mischievous look was in it, accompanied by twitching lips holding back a laugh.  

'So that be how 'tis, is it,' Cat_Therien thought, not missing a beat in her chopping but fighting back a grin of her own.  'Ol' crone r'minds me of me gran.' 

A fruity-sweet scent had been playing with her nose and she hadn't been able to find the source until the cook plunked a small wooden crate overflowing with blueberries onto the counter.  "Yer don' needs ter chop these, lass," the woman answered, anticipating the question in Cat_Therien's mind.  "Jes wash 'em well."  

Cat_Therien's eyebrows rose, wondering just what kind of dish the cook was planning to make.  She'd never have put greens and berries together like that.  Cookie interrupted that line of thought and confused it even further by putting a few tins of milk on the counter alongside the berries.   

"Ye ain't ne'er had nuthin' th' likes o' this, now has ye girl?" the gap-toothed woman asked, seeing the expression on Cat_Therien's face.  "Jes' ye watch now, an' I be shewin ye what fer."  Cat nodded dubiously, and then went to wash the berries.

When she returned, the cook was bent over and rummaging around in the cabinet shelves underneath the long wooden counter.  Metal banged against metal, and she retrieved a contraption that had a crank and a clamp.  Attaching the grinder to the edge of the counter by tightening the clamp, the cook put an empty bowl under the side opposite the crank.  She stuffed chopped kale into a rectangular opening in the top of the grinder, and began turning the handle.  Muscles rippled along her arms as the turbine inside ground the kale into small bits, sending juices dripping into the bowl before a thick green paste squeezed out the holes on the front of the grinder.  When the cook finished with the kale, she put the blueberries into the grinder, and a bluish purple sludge added it's color to the pea-green slop in the bowl.

"Now ye stirs it up nice, lassy," said the cook, handing Cat_Therien a long wooden spoon.  Doubtful but obedient, she stirred the purple-green sludge while the cook opened the tins of canned milk and poured them into the bowl, one by one.  Cat_Therien was horrified by this and with sudden dawning, realized by the volume of slop in the bowl that the crew was going to be fed this mess.  She wondered if the old woman was seriously becoming senile.  

"Awww, lookit th' li'l princess, all a-feared o' what Cookie's a-brewin'," the old woman said, adding a rather convincing witch's cackle at the end.  "Yer needs not ter fear, yer gonna likes it, my precious."  The old woman patted Cat_Therien's arm solicitously, which didn't alleviate the younger woman's concerns at all.  The moment Cat_Therien had dreaded came as Cookie reached over to a row of pegs on the wall and took down a dented pewter mug.  

"Here, precious, has a taste." The cook scooped some of the mixture into the mug and held it out to Cat_Therien, who had no option to refuse. She lifted it slowly to her lips, knowing in her mind it wasn't poison but having trouble believing it.  The tiniest of sips, and...

Blueberry-Kale Smoothie

2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries (more or less to taste)
1 cup fresh or frozen kale, well chopped (more or less to taste)
2 cups of milk (almond, soy, coconut, cow's -- more or less to taste and thickness desired)
1/2 teaspoon Stevia (if needed)

Blend it all together in your blender, and enjoy! 


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MINI #2!


Our next mini be o' the cookin' variety.  Some of us be in the US, meaning this be a week of general gluttony, but even for them who aren't, this time o' year the colds and flus come callin', and nothin' crashes a fitness regimen quicker than unexpected illness.


So, this week, we be cookin' some delicious foods loaded with Vitamin C!  Good teh protect against scurvy and colds!  Simplest mini in the world - make any dish o' yer choice (no restrictions as teh grains or other content, though we're always grateful for some healthful eats!) and post a picture and the recipe fer yer fellow pirates teh maybe give it a try!  Best dish gets an extra rum ration and braggin' rights. ^_^  Ye have until 12am Tuesday, December 2nd teh submit yer dish!


Ahoy there Cap'n, me whipped up some a tasty salad made wit' a special seed from teh other side o' teh world called quinoa. It was simple 'n full 'o flavor wit' a jolly helpin' 'o vitamin C like ye requested.


Quinoa Tebbouleh


  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 lemon juice
  • tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • onion
  • parsley
  1. In a saucepan brin' water to a boil. Add quinoa 'n a pinch 'o salt. Reduce heat to low, cover 'n simmer fer 15 minutes. Allow to cool to room temperature; fluff wit' yer fork.
  2. Combine olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice, tomatoes, cucumber, onions 'n parsley in a large bowl then add th' quinoa.

(The linked recipe calls fer regular tomatoes, green onions 'n carrots. I used grape tomatoes cut 'n half wit' red onions 'n no carrots.)

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Ahoy! Permission to still come aboard Cap'n? I think yer ship isn't far from the port?


Challenge link: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/57077-videoglee-is-trying-again/


Granted!  Ye'll be sailin' with the Drunken Barmaid - go on and introduce yerself teh yer crewmates - all threads are linked in the crew manifest at the start o' the thread. :pirate:







If'n any Able Seawoman/lad is interested in captainin' her/his own vessel, please contact me!  I'm lookin' for at least one more captain as our crews be gettin' quite large!

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Me submission fer the Vitamin C mini be below.  I had this fer dinner last night, but my computer didn't get switched on, so ye can feast yer eyes (harr) today.


Pineapple-Maple Glazed Salmon



As with all me recipes, I did this from imagination/by eye, so some of the proportions aren't exact, but...



  • 1lb salmon fillet
  • ~1/4 cup maple syrup (use the real stuff - don't waste your time with the HFCS nonsense!)
  • ~8 oz pineapple
  • ~4 tablespoons soy sauce
  • Crushed red pepper (to taste)


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  • Put your pineapple through a food processor (I used a manual crank one) until it's in itty-bitty pieces.
  • In a saucepan, mix about half of your maple syrup with your pineapple, soy sauce, and crushed red pepper.  Let it simmer and thicken a bit on medium heat.
  • Put your salmon on a pan lined with a sheet of foil, slather it with the rest of the maple syrup, then empty the contents of the saucepan onto it.
  • Close up the salmon in a little foil packet and back for 15-20 minutes depending on fillet thickness).
  • Pull the salmon out of the oven, open the packet at the top and put back in the oven for 10-15 more minutes.  At the end, the fish should be flaky and the topping should look a bit toasty.

Result: tangy, sweet, and spicy (this flavor can be omitted if you take the pepper out).  A bit reminiscent of teriyaki, though the pineapple takes it away from that traditional flavor (and packs a vitamin C pinch!).  I ate half in one sitting, along with some Persian cucumbers.  Quick to make and sooooooooooooo tasty.  I really wanted to go back for the other 8oz and barely restrained myself...






This week's mini (and results o' the second one!) be comin' tomorrow.  As the minis have been goin' up Tuesdays, I want to give the crews a chance teh complete this one today, if'n they like!

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Tundralily looked at the coming storm with trepidation in her eyes. A storm? This early in the season? "Clear eyes, wild heart, and take a deep breath" she mummered to herself, calming her anxiety over the coming work ahead. Shouts went out around her, as her crewmates began to haul on ropes and secure the deck. "I'll secure the rigging!" she shouted to Captain Starsapart and the rest of the crew. Scrambling towards the mast, she began to climb up the mast and reached for the rigging, only to find some of the ropes just out of reach. "Just a little further..." she yelled to herself, as the winds howled around the mast. 


(I added mountain climbers to my warm up for this mini, and quite enjoyed seeing how much rigging I could climb!) 


Hours passed, and finally the storm broke. Climbing down from her perch on the mast, she gathered around her exhausted friends and clasped them on the back. "Good job lasses - we be through the worst of it, and in one piece to boot! This calls for some celebration!! Anyone have any rum?" 


The crew door swung open, and the two captains emerged onto the deck. Grinning at Captain Starsapart, Tundralily danced around her crewmates. "Cap't, could it be time for us to have some rum? Three cheers to our captains!!"


Grinning, starsapart raised her voice to her crew to add to the cheers. "Three cheers for us, the finest band of marauders these northern seas have ever seen!  That storm was no match for us!"

She waited for the cheering to die down before she continued.  "I've been watchin' and measurin and I'm thinkin' we've got one more thing teh celebrate today.  Cat_Therien, come on up here."  The woman, who had been holding a mop, immediately looked up.  "And leave that behind while yer at it," starsapart instructed.  "I can't say I'm never goin' teh ask ye teh swab again, but ye've been doin' good work here - I'll be promotin' ye today teh join the crew of able seawomen fully.  Three cheers for Cat_Therien!"

Another round of cheering followed, and starsapart gave her newly promoted crewmember a grin and a wink.  "And teh celebrate yer good fortune - and our safety - we be havin' a bit o' revelry tonight.  We'll need our bellies full and our minds empty - tomorrow's soon enough fer sailin' and worries.  Tonight, we'll feast!  Now, someone best be fetchin' this captain her guitar!"


"Finally, time for some rum!" laughed Tundralily.


Cat_Therien disappeared below deck, and soon returned carrying a leather case, which Tundralily assumed to be the captain's guitar.Tundralily made her way over to Cat_Therien, and clasped her friend on the back. "You've done good lass! You have been working doubley hard to keep this ship in sure shape. Congrats on your promotion!"


The party continued well into the night, with the crews of both ships celebrating together. 


Later in the night, Tundralily quietly picked her way through the laughing mass of friends, and wandered over the deck railing. Looking up, she watched the brilliant sky, filled with stars that gleamed like diamonds against the dark of the night. Scanning towards the northern horizon, her heart fluttered as she watched the North Star twinkle and dance in the cold night. North. Home. Its almost time to go home. she thought to herself. Time for a new adventure.


Starsapart slipped quietly on her right, and leaned against the railing. "Penny for ye thoughts?" asked Starsapart, with warmth in her voice. "I be thinking about how much I love being up North again, and how I miss being on the open water in search of new adventures!" Tundra grinned at her captain. "I've loved sailing with ye and this crew. Look at all the new faces! Its getting a wee bit cozy around here with all these new hammocks. Maybe I should hang mine from the rigging?" 


Starsapart laughed. "We be setting sail again in the morning, once we all be recovered from the celebrations. Would ye like to navigate? I heard rumours of treasure to be plundered in a cove about a day's sail north of here. What ye think?" 


"It would be my pleasure Cap't!" gleamed Tundra. "On that note, maybe its time to go find me hammock. I think I spy the dawn on the eastern horizon and I be exhausted." 


(I have some more to post in the morning, gnight lasses!!)





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Tundralily awoke the next morning and sprung out of her hammock, ready to face the day despite feeling a bit brain fuzzy. "Too much rum" she muttered to herself, smiling at the sleeping lasses strung abouts in their hammocks below deck. Sneaking past the sleeping bodies towards the kitchen, her stomach growled. Food! she thought to herself. That's what I need. How bout some sweet potatoes and bacon? I might even have some maple syrup kicking around from my secret stash.


(Here's my recipe contribution - roasted sweet potatoes and bacon with a homemade maple syrup glaze. Best thing ever)


As Tundra started to cook breakfast, her crewmates began to make their way to the mess. "Is that bacon I smell?!" came a shout from below. "Yupp!" shouted Tundralily. "Come and get'em if ye be hungry". Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, a mass of lasses made their way to the table and began to eat. She had never seen these lasses move so fast! Smiling, she sat down and joined her friends for breakfast.


Starsapart entered the mess after the chaos had subsided, with a grin on her face. "Good morning to ye lasses! Hope ye all had a good night sleep last night. We're going to need it today. I've heard rumours of haunted treasure in a cove about half a day's sail from here. How would ye'all feel about leaving port in an hour for some treasure and plundering!" The crew erupted in cheers as the crew scrambled to their feet and rushed to make the ship ready for sail.


On deck, starsapart turned to Tundralily with a grin on her face. "Remember what I said last night lass? Ye be navigating today. Here's the chart that ye be needing. If you have any trouble, give me a shout!". Turning to the rest of the crew, she began to shout orders to her crew. "Signal the Barmaid, raise anchor, and out teh sea with us!".


The two ships set sail on a clear and crisp winter's day, with sun beams dancing across the water. Nervous to be navigating on her own for the first time, Tundralily grasped the ship wheel with clunched hands. Scanning the horizon, she spotted what she had been looking for. "Iceberg to the starboard side!" she shouted to the crew. "Prepare to tack to port!". As the crew responded to her shouts, she grinned from ear to ear. So this is what it feels like to be in command. Tundra thought to herself. Its fun! I could get used to this...


"Caution now lasses, keep a close eye out for icebergs! We have to nagivate an iceberg field before we can enter that cove over there on the eastern shore. Cat_Therien, signal the Barmaid and let them know to follow us slowly and keep a close eye out. Amdhiel, can ye climb up the rigging to keep a lookout ahead for more obstacles?"


Taking a deep breath, Tundralily guided the ship through the ice field. Icebergs appeared on both sides of the ship. "Steady now lass..." she muttered to herself. "Easy...Easy...There!" Tundra spotted the entrance to the cove behind an iceberg on to port. She gently guided the ship into the cove and then shouted to the crew to drop anchor pull in the sails.


The tension released from her hands as she let go of the ship wheel, and began to survey the cove. The cove was about 1.5km long, with rocky cliffs that and a narrow beach to the port side. "Maybe that's where the treasure would be buried?" she said to staraspart, who had climbed up to join her. Starsapart grinned and laughed. "Hmm lass, I think the treasure be something a wee bit larger than that. Look over by the western edge of the beach."


Looking to where her captain had pointed, Tundralily gasped in suprise as she spotted a small ship. "A ship?! Is that what we came here to find?" she asked her captain in with shock on her face."


Smiling, starsapart turned to her friend. "Aye lass. I heard rumours of an abandoned ship located in these waters. To be honest, I wasn't even sure if it would even be here! But here it be!"


"Another ship!" yelled Tundra, dancing with glee. "She looks like a fine vessel Captain!" Stopping for a minute, she turned back to her capt in confusion. "Wait Cap't, who's going to Cap't that ship?" Ye and Dreampirate have ye hands full with the Bar Maid and Sea Witch".


"I had some thoughts on that. How would ye like to be a Cap't?" replied starsapart. "Me?!" said Tundra staring at her Captain in shock. "Really?!?".


"Yes you!" laughed starsapart. "I would dearly love to spread the crews around a bit and make some room. Its getting a little bit cozy with so many people running about, and I think we have enough lads and lasses for 3 crews. You've been active with the group and wonderfully friendly to everyone - I'll be glad to call you captain! One thing you should know before you accept. There be rumours that the ship is haunted, would that be alright with ye?"


"Yes!" shouted Tundralily, resuming her dancing about from foot to foot. "Oh Cap't it would be an honour! A ghost or two never scared me."


"Well then, its settled!" grinned starsapart. "She had a name before, but I don't know it. As her new captain, what will she be called?"


"The Northern Star" replied Tundra, turning to the railing to gaze fondly at her new ship. So much adventures to be had!


(And now I have to go back to work, catch you guys later with more details!)

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As ye see above, tundralily be captainin' a vessel o' her own goin' forward!  Three cheers fer the new captain!


That said, we be needin' teh shuffle around a bit now, so I'll be holdin' off on the mini until we be situated - maybe a day or two.  We have 3 captains and 15 crew at this point - wow!  tundralily be needin' 5 volunteers or recruits teh join her crew - at least one o'whom should be an apprentice!  So if'n ye wish teh volunteer, contact her, and tundralily, ye go and ask the people ye'd like teh have join ye as well!  Once ye've got a crew manifest complete, let me know, we'll shuffle a bit more so we're good and even, and then we'll be off fer out next fitness mini o' the challenge!  It be a bit o' friendly. competition fer us. :pirate:


So, if'n ye wants the fitness mini, it be in yer best interests teh work out the new "sleeping arrangements" quickly, ye savvy? ;)





And, o' course, an extra portion o' rum teh all who participated in the cooking mini!  And a second ration teh Amdhiel fer her particularly creative recipe!

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Jazzy busied in the Barmaid’s kitchen, setting up ingredients and bowls. She stoked the fire in the stove before looking up, as if at a camera.


“If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of left-over turkey. Sure, you could make a left-overs shepherd’s pie or some turkey soup. I’ve been there, done that, and it’s all delicious. But I wanted something new.â€


She reached under the counter and pulled out a burrito on a plate. Spilling from the burrito’s innards were a mixture of beans, turkey, tomatoes, green chili, onions, and cheese.


“Meet the left-over turkey burrito. You can make it with chicken if you prefer, of course.†She put the completed burrito back under the counter. “First, we’re going to heat a tablespoon of canola oil in a pan, then add half of a chopped onion. Cook for about two minutes until soft.â€


She added the onion to the pan and stirred them around.


“When they’re soft, add two minced garlic gloves, one table spoon ground cumin, and one teaspoon of chili powder. Stir for about thirty seconds, then pour in a 15-ounce can of diced tomatoes with green chilis.†She poured in the tomatoes with green onions and stirred over the flame.


“Mmm, this is already smelling delicious. From here, you’re going to bring this to a boil. Once it’s boiling, lower the temperature and let it simmer.†She stirred for about sixteen to twenty minutes until it was boiling.


“There we go. We’re almost done here. Now we’re going to add in four cups of shredded turkey –or chicken- and a 15-ounce can of drained and rinsed pinto beans and cook until everything is warm.â€


While it cooked, she set a tortilla on a plate and spread some cheese across it. “I’m adding some pepper Jack cheese, but you could use Monterey Jack cheese if you want. Both are good. Once your mix is complete, pour some on your tortilla, wrap it up, and enjoy.â€


She did this and took a bite. “Mm, mm, delicious.†She put the burrito down. “Until next time, I’m Captain Jazzy, making delicious food.â€


She went back to eating the burrito as the lights turned off in the kitchen.


“Hey! I’m eating in here!â€






Here's mine! I didn't put the tomatoes or green chilis in it, because we don't like those in my house. They were yummy!


Here's the link to where I found them: http://mobile.eatingwell.com/recipes/shredded_turkey_pinto_bean_burritos.html

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I spied meself out some treasure to be a-plunderin'!  An' since we have such a fearsome set o' sails as any on th' seas, I thought I'd leave some o' our treasure with a lass who be enjoyin' the pickin' up o' heavy things!


I mades me some images from words n' gifs by our lasses, an' yer welcomes ter use 'em as ye likes.  




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I spied meself out some treasure to be a-plunderin'!  An' since we have such a fearsome set o' sails as any on th' seas, I thought I'd leave some o' our treasure with a lass who be enjoyin' the pickin' up o' heavy things!


I mades me some images from words n' gifs by our lasses, an' yer welcomes ter use 'em as ye likes.  





These be wonderful!!!!!!   Yer captain be right impressed with ye!

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Ahoy, lasses and lad!


First, me apologies - I been dealin' with some demons these last several days, and have used the excuse of crew uncertainty teh hermit.  No more!  As the Queen o' Swords be rejoinin' us shortly as well, I be plannin teh complete the sail in the next bit o' story and write us a land-based, non-crew (i.e. individual) mini fer gettin' our hands on the treasure!  It not be fully complete yet, but bear with me - I'll be puttin' it up tomorrow (on me word as a pirate!!!), and it can take us through the midway point o' week 6, at which point we'll all be focusin' on final treasure distributions and completin' our personal quests with excellence!  I'm thinkin' I got me eye on a fun fitness activity fer us teh attempt, so watch this space!


Again, me apologies, I don't often let me mood distract me from what needs doin' but even a pirate has days o' wantin' teh drown her sorrows in rum (if'n ye promise not teh tell, I'll admit I used tea......).


Yo ho!  We go and find ourselves some bountiful treasure tomorrow!

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The sail through the northern seas certainly was a challenge.  The evasion of icebergs and various obstacles had required constant vigilance, but worse still was this - they had almost reached their target, so now they sailed with only a sliver of moon to guide their way.  Dangerous, to be sure, but magic didn't accept shortcuts, and soon, so soon, the sky would light with color.  "Nearly there," starsapart murmured, watching the black water just ahead.  There were hints of green and blue flickering into existence above, so she could only hope she'd measured well enough with limited information - it wouldn't do to scuttle the Witch on this island by sailing too close just as the northern lights rose...


As if on her cue, there was a shimmer in the black just ahead of the ship's prow.  "Hard to starboard!" she shouted, and just in time, too, for as the aurora borealis lit the sky and the island appeared, they just barely missed the shallows.  It gained form quickly, solidifying before their eyes, and the captain found herself grinning, eyes shining.  This was why she had enticed her crew here, to the edges of the world.  Cheers were starting to rise as the pirates realized they had at last attained their destination, but starsapart cut them off with, "No time fer celebratin' yet, darkness is wastin'!  There, in the little cove, drop anchor -"


The next minutes were filled with a flurry of activity, until finally all of the pirates stood upon the shimmering, icy shore.  "Even the sand looks like diamonds!"  Someone called.


Someone else responded with a laugh, "Aye, cold diamonds!  Go on and put them in yer pocket, we'll have a laugh."


"No time fer revelry just now," starsapart said.  "There be real diamonds teh find, I'm hopin', and more, besides!  Look, there -" she pointed at the gaping black maw of a cave just off the shore.  "I reckon our treasure be right through there.  And if'n we don't hurry and the lights in the sky fade, I don't want to think about the icy swim we'll be takin'.  We'll need to strip this cave o' treasure before that happens, so everyone, ropes, torches, them pickaxes we picked up the last port - let's go!  Might be a tight fit if'n the legends are teh be believed, but we can't take our time here.  Forward!"




In good humor - and a proper hurry - the pirates entered the cave.





MINI #3!


Teh get teh the treasure in all haste, we be doin' some quadrupedal movement this mini!

  • Bear crawls
  • Crab walks
  • Spiderman crawls
  • Army crawls
  • Inchworms

Here be an article discussing the movements, with helpful videos!  Don't be fooled by their seemin' simplicity if'n ye've never done QM before - these exercises be right exhaustin'.  I once did an 8-minute circuit and felt like I was bound fer Davy Jones' Locker.  Fer that reason, our unit o' measurement be minutes.  The top 3 performers at the end o' the mini (11:59pm yer time on Thursday, December 18th) will be the ones teh walk away with the best portions o' treasure, since they'll reach it first!


Fer out injured pirates, not teh worry!  I've got modifications fer ye!  Fer lower body injuries, please do dumbbell punches teh break through ice barriers with yer handy pickaxe.  Captain recommends light dumbbells or weighted gloves, as again, we be countin' minutes, not reps - this be more an endurance exercise than a strength workout.  Fer upper body injuries ye'll be walking to serve as sentries - someone needs teh let us know teh get out if'n the lights start teh fade and the island is about teh disappear!  If'n ye're walkin', 15 minutes will count as one "minute" fer purposes o' the mini.  And if'n ye're not injured, please don't pad yer numbers with walkin' if'n ye can do the QM, even if it be tempting, aye? ;)


Ye'll keep track o' yer progress using this spreadsheet.  Tell us which exercises ye did!  And if'n ye wants teh post about it here, I be encouragin' that as well!


On yer marks....


Get set......................



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Ooh! I've been eyeing some information on the baby steps to move toward parkour, and QM is a big part of it!




Indeed!  In fact, I learned about QM from parkour trainin'. ;)  I didn't put kongs inteh this challenge but if'n ye wants teh try some, ye can count them as well!

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It’s been a good two weeks and Pyro hasn’t been seen at all. Suddenly,  she climbs over the railing drenched and a sword on her hip.  Coughing up water and wiping off the excess seaweed from her body, she sits up and takes a breath. Surprised from her crew staring at her, she runs a hand through her hair and looks around.


“How long have I been gone?†Pyro asks still trying to drain the water from her ears.


“About a week or so? What happened to you?†asks a crew mate.


“Mermaids.† They all nod, instantly getting it. “A couple of days after the storm, one got caught in a net off the side of the boat. I went to untangle her and then next thing I knew I was being dragged underwater.  However, she just wanted me to help her out with something and in return I got this nifty sword.†She says pulling it out of its sheath and holds it out to the crew.  â€œNot sure how this will help me but at least I got a cool sword.† Getting up and getting back to work, Pyro gets back into the swing of things, even if she missed the delicious meals the crew shared with each other.


A few days go by and the crew finally reaches their destination with the Northern Lights signaling their arrival. Pyro stands on the railings to get a better view of the scenery and she stares at the horizon in awe.

“Welcome to the edge of the world†she says to herself. Suddenly there is a cheer from the crew and she lifts her fist up in celebration.


"No time fer celebratin' yet, darkness is wastin'!  There, in the little cove, drop anchor -" The Captain says. Pyro jumps off the ledge and works, helping the crew drop the anchor and gather their things for the task ahead. Once ashore, she can’t help but notice how the sand glistens in the lights. Pyro’s mind wanders for a while until the Captain yells “FORWARDâ€, and into the cave they enter. 


(freaking excited for this challenge! can't wait to resume pulling my weight for this group :DD) 

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