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sozzielou fights for level 10

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Stats update Using my home scale which I know is probably wildly inaccurate but will be, at least, consistantly inaccurate.   Sunday 9 Nov Weight 86.1kg BF 33% Water 48.8% Muscle 31.6%   Sunday 16 Nov

MAIN QUEST   My ultimate goal is to fit comfortably in size 14 trousers. To get there, I need to drop a dress size. My illness and stress levels are vastly improved but healthy, mindful habits are sti

Looks like things are going well over here, nice work! Watcha listening to? I just got the new foo fighters and James albums, both pretty good.

End of week 5 review:


1. Walk ~ 5 x 10-min walks achieved

2. Lift ~ 3 lifting sessions complete

3. Databases ~ 8 hours of practice achieved

4. Christmas ~ Ready to go, just need to buy some groceries and clear out the OH's car so that everything fits in.


Pleased to have got my 3 lifting sessions in this week although I have been modifying my lifts due to the discomfort in my leg where I hurt my achilles last week. The walking has been easy to fit into my gym sessions in the morning but I do feel that I have sacrified some strength training in favour of the lifting. Next challenge I will organise things a little differently. The databases have been good this week, work was less hectic this week and I was able to fit some practice into my working days towards the end of the week. Some plans regarding Christmas have changed due to the hotel calling us to tell us they were moving our reservation to a different location (it's a chain of hotels) so we had a bit of extra work to do with our plans but we are just going with the flow, there is nothing we can do so we will not let the changes affect us negatively. Eating has been good, I have been pretty sensible with food except the pizza on Thursday but honestly I felt pretty crappy afterwards so that was good enough punishment to remember I don't like pizza THAT much. Forgot to take my personal stats this Sunday but never mind. Things have been a little quiet on the mini challenge front, the task hasn't changed from the lifting and carrying but Charlie and I have added some good numbers there. Looking forward to week 6!

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So it's Monday of week 6, the final week of the challenge. I've had a good start to the week; did 5x5 bench press at 30kg followed by a 15-minute walk on the treadmill and plenty of stretches. I walked at a faster speed than last week and maintained my usual level (random level 20) and did not feel a thing from my achilles. Yay!

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Tuesday afternoon I did three practice database exams. In turn, they took me 34 mins, 23 mins and 28 mins. I am allowed an hour for the actual exam. There was only one question (in the first paper) I couldn't remember where the menu command was to do, so I looked it up afterwards. The same task came up in the third paper and I did it without looking it up so I am very happy about that.


Wednesday morning was circuits of:

Bear complex @ 20kg ~ 1-1-1-1

Weighted stepups @2 20kg ~ 10-10-10-10

Barbell bent over rows @ 20kg ~ 10-10-10-10


Followed by 13 mins on the treadmill, hill setting level 20.

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Well done, I have my fingers crossed for you. How long do you have to wait till you get results?

Sent from my HTC One mini 2 using Tapatalk


Thanks, I don't really know how long the results will take to come through. With the holidays and everything it will probably be some time mid-January. I'm just relieved it's out of the way and, although I feel confident, there is nothing I can do now so might as well forget about it. And be thankful that I don't have to carry around that memory stick and that load of paperwork now. I can move on to something else :onthego:


Thursdays workout was a treadmill hill walk for 25 minutes. I was a little later getting to the gym this morning because I had to put fuel in the car. Only missed 5 minutes though and still achieved my goal of 10 minutes so win to me :panda:

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So Friday is here and my last gym session before the holidays. And my last gym session of this current challenge!


I did (in circuit):

Barbell deadlifts @ 65kg ~ 5-5-5-5-5

Barbell OHP @ 20kg ~ 5-5-5-5-5


Followed by a brisk treadmill walk (hill, level 20) for 13 minutes.


My plan is to check in again over the weekend with an overall challenge summary. But I wanted to say thank you and happy holidays to everyone who has been commenting and viewing and following my challenge. It has meant a lot to me. Season's greetings!

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End of challenge round up!


1. WALK!

My goal was 5 x 10-min walks per week.  STA+2, CON+1

I achieved grade A so full points. I tended to fit my walks in during my workouts rather than separately so my workouts were consequently shorter. Next time I add in walks I will stipulate the need to do them separate to the workouts.

A = 30 days or more with a walk


2. LIFT!

My goal was lifting sessions 3 times per week. STR+3, DEX+1

I achieved 17 lifting sessions, because I missed one due to injury. So that's a grade B, 75% marks for this one.

B = 16-17 lifting sessions

I'm pretty happy with what I achieved here, going back to the barbell has been fun and I renewed my love of lifting although it's one part of all the things I love to do so I cannot see myself returning to the warriors guild any time soon.



My employers have provided me with an advanced course in Access, all paid for, but I need to find a few hours per week to learn it, practice it and take the exam. I want to take the exam before Christmas. WIS+4

I smashed this one and got the exam days before I went on leave for Christmas. Really happy with this one! Grade A, full points.

A = Learned, practiced and exam date set



I'd like to get out of town for Christmas with my beau. I will need to plan a get-away which will involve going to a new place, travel, accommodation, food, some activities and probably a bit of spending money. CHA+4

We went away to Manchester for Christmas. Everything was planned, paid for and extra things done such as sales shopping and city exploring. The OH really loved Manchester (it was his first visit) and is saying he wants to go back so mission accomplished! We even had snow for Christmas but we coped well! Grade A achieved, full marks awarded.

A = Everything planned and paid for.


Overall I am really happy with everything I achieved and I enjoyed reaping the rewards of my hard work over the holidays. Level 10 proudly achieved!

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