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Elsfaire Accompanies the Hobbit through Middle Earth


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Yikes. While whitewater rafting a few years back (Gauley River, West VA, I HIGHLY recommend it, in September), a similar thing happened to me. I managed to warm up... doing squats! (on the shore during one of the breaks, not on the raft, obviously...). 

I can't exactly click "like" on this... I appreciate you sharing your experience. I was at the point that I could barely walk up the hill to get to the bus, so I am not sure that squats would have worked for me, but it is definitely something to try if I can. The situation was scary. I know I have a tendency to be colder than others, but this is the first time I was not able to do something about it before it started looking serious. Lesson learned...


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Thank you so much for sharing this adventure with your fellow nerds!! I stole your Doubtful Sound picture to use as my desktop background :) It was too beautiful not to.

Awwww, how cool! I will have to tell my Hobbit - he took most of the really cool pics. :)

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Oh, that trip looked wonderful - thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!!

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Thanks you SO much for sharing all the adventures and pictures with us nerds. So many wants! Glad that alllllllllll your planning came together in awesome family adventures!



Oh, that trip looked wonderful - thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!!

So glad you enjoyed it! You know what I just realized - I now recognize where the picture from my first post was taken. It is a highway outside of Queenstown looking towards the lake. Yippee!


I should probably do a challenge wrap-up, but ugh. It felt like the entire challenge was such a, well, a challenge. It is tempting to just toss out the whole challenge and more or less start over. I know that I have a tendency to think things have been worse than they are, though, so I will take a look and do a summary anyway.


Challenge Summary

I usually like to compile the data on how well I did on my goals each week and come up with some kind of numerical average. Well, I did not track much at all during this challenge, so that is impossible. So, I will be a bit more informal.



I know that week 1 was 10/14, week 2 was pretty nonexistent, and I was very active while on the trip (though I did hardly any yoga or stretching). Once we returned, exercise fell to less than my usual level because of holiday and work craziness. So I will say between Nice! and Great, depending on the week.


Mental/Emotional Health:

I think I did a good job with this one. I kept up with positive questions, appreciation, or meditation almost the entire challenge. Calling it Great!


Life Goals:

Even though everything worked out ok with this one (we did leave on time for the trip, work happened enough, Christmas happened well enough), I did not do very well with it except for being "present" while on the trip. Parts 1 & 3 were scattered and hectic, and I even disappeared for the last week or so of the challenge. I am going to call this "A good start" and focus more on keeping my cool in the future.


Refusing to put a grade on this, and still considering if I will bother with the attributes any more. I do think I earned a level-up, but not much for stat points.

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Thanks for sharing your trip. Hubby and I have talked forever about going to NZ. After seeing your pictures, I was inspired to sit down and see what it will take to make that actually happen

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Definitely consider renting a campervan or using hostels. Either one is a ton cheaper than tours and hotels, and you can do a bunch of your own cooking, which also saves money. Sometime soon, I will try to post my money-saving ideas I would use if we were to go again.

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Somehow I managed to miss the pictures posts...

Awesome trip!!!

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