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Ghostbird and the Mysterious Multiplication of Three


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Tuesday, Nov 18th, 2014 (evening)


Floor Press 3x10//20# [completed all 3 sets of 10 with 20#, moving to 25#]


One-Arm Bent Over Row 3x10//20# [completed all 3 sets of 10 with 20#, moving to 25#]


Get-up Situp 2x5//20# [Failed to complete all reps. Continuing with 20#]


Renegade Row 3x10//20# [Failed to complete all reps. Continuing with 20#]


Goblet Squat 3x10//20# [Completed all 3 sets of 10 with 20#, moving to 25#]


Single-Arm O.H.P. 3x10//20# [Completed all 3 sets of 10 with 20#, moving to 25#]

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Wednesday, Nov 19th, 2014 - Rest Day (with video games!)


Thursday, Nov 20th, 2014 (Morning)

4-mile hike


I have spent most of yesterday (while playing video games) as well as my hike this morning thinking about the Goblet Squat, and Squats in general. As I have haphazardly tread into this exercise in the past, I will be taking the time to research it properly, and as such, substitute it with Lunges for the time being. I will be going through my Dumbbell routine later today.

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Tuesday, Dec 9th, 2014 - Prep day (with writing and possible video games!)


I returned from a 1(1/2) vacation, attending my cousin's wedding, and celebrated with a nice shot of tequila... followed by six more of its twins, and half a pound of tender chicken meat drizzled with bbq sauce. -drool-


Today will be spent preparing for the rest of the week. Unpacking, preparing food and stretching all the muscles to hopefully loosen them up for some sort of exercise tomorrow. =]


Mental note: I'm going to begin a modified form of Beginner Bodyweight Exercises either tomorrow (Wednesday) or the day after (Thursday). I will also be (starting either Wednesday or Thursday) introducing some form of running/jogging around my neighborhood for 45min or more. Along with the strength and cardio, I will be making an attempt at stretching twice a day. These stretches will involve rotating my neck, shoulders, waist, legs, ankles and wrist.


My goal, still, is to burn 20ibs of fat.


I'll leave this right here, for me fellow assassins. ;]



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Wednesday, Dec 10th, 2014 (Afternoon)


Lunges 3 x 10 (5 each leg)

Plank-Walk 4, 5, 5


My motivation has plummeted down the toilet this morning, and in turn, I was quite bummed to get started with my routine. I don't feel particularly better after the short routine, which has me concerned. Nonetheless, I plan to do some sort of cardio this evening during the sunset and then something else tomorrow. Something related to Bodyweight exercises.

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