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My main quest is to lose weight (fat, mainly) and fit into size 6 uniform pant (Waist: 28"; Hips:  37.5").
Something had been keeping me from posting my new challenge early.  I’d been working on it in a Word document for about a week, and even though I felt it was ready to go by middle of last week, I refrained.  Now, I know why.  And reason meant my overarching, multi-challenge main quest needed to change.
I’d gone back to school (full time) this semester to pursue a new, different career.  One that would require me to work at least twice as hard (20 hours per week → 40+ hours per week, including weekends and holidays) and make probably ¼ of my current hourly rate (and I should get a nice year end bonus in December and a fairly nice raise in July.) 
On Saturday night, my husband finally asked the question he should have asked in August before we made this decision.   “What’s really wrong with your current situation?â€

And, instead of giving my standard off-the-cuff answer, I really gave it a hard, hard thought. I mean, I work 20 hours per week, doing a job that I’m actually really good at when I apply myself, and make more per hour than a lot of people make in a day.  So, why would I want to make such a drastic change?

The answer:  Self-Confidence.
When it comes down to it, I’m uncomfortable in my own body right now.  I’m carrying a significant amount of extra fat.  My clothes don’t fit (and clothes shopping spirals me into a very, very unhappy place.)  The extra weight, as is the norm with me, screws with my hormones and keeps my face broken out.  So, I walk around in ill-fitting, starting to look 'worn' clothes with a broke out face, minimal and cheap makeup (because I hate going to buy 'good' stuff when my face is a mess.)  I feel bad about how I look, so my posture sucks, making me look worse.   I walk into a room and instead of owning the room – I stare at the floor.  I work in a male dominated field, where meek women (and men, I assume) are likely to fail – spectacularly. I'm a meek mouse in bad clothes.  
So, I’m not continuing in my current program of study after this semester.  My pursuance of this endeavor was (likely) done out of a feeling of desperation.  My lack of self-confidence (in a male dominated field) has crippled my ability to be a productive team member and left me feeling hopeless.  In many ways, this career change was going to be a Band-Aid on a problem instead of a solution to the problem. 

My husband offered that I should make “ME†my full-time job for the next 10 months (and longer, if necessary.)  So, I’m dropping a full time school workload to pursue a full time ME workload. (My husband is seriously the best!)
My Main Quest: APLOMB

The idea here is to do a series of smaller sub-quests that will have me walking into a room and owning it.  Here are some of the things that I need to happen to rebuild self-confidence:  body redesign, (re)learn how to be a little more girly-girl, improve athletic performance, intelligence boost, streamline life, regain my strong work ethic…
1.      Run, Girl, Run
I quit running a few years ago – between all the naysayers that were touting the evils of ‘cardio’ and the fact that I ran two distance races either untrained or sorely under-trained in 6 months – I just quit.  I've started back and am wrapping up Zombies 5K training now.  Next, I’m moving on to Season 1.  Zombies has helped me regain my love of running.  I’m hoping to continue to rebuild my capacity and maybe pick a race in 2015.  Maybe.
The goal for this challenge is to complete Season 1 of Zombie, Run! App.  That’s 23 missions, or an average of 4 runs a week.  I will be completing 3 as 30-minute runs and 1 as a 60-minute run.   [+3 STA, +2 DEX]
A 20+ Runs Complete (100% award)
B 18+ Runs Complete (75% award)
C 16+ Runs Complete (50% award)
D 13+ Runs Complete (25% award)
F  <13 Runs Complete (0% award) 
2.      Finding Inner Strength

Over the last two years, I’ve run the spectrum of Wendler to CrossFit to two coaches.  I have strength.  With proper training and consistency, I can move a big amount of weight.  However, I do tend to broaden out when I’m lifting heavy.  Right now, that’s not what I’m looking for in an exercise program.

A few weeks back I heard a quote that basically said, if you can’t control your own body weight, you shouldn’t even be touching a barbell."  I’ve always kind of bypassed the body weight exercises, other than the ones thrown into a WOD at CrossFit.  
The goal for this challenge is to follow a body weight strength training program.  I plan to follow the YAYOG app for an average of 3 days per week.  For scheduling, these will be done on the same days as my 30-minute runs.  [+3 STR, +1 CON]
A 20+ Workouts Complete (100% award)
B 18+ Workouts Complete (75% award)
C 16+ Workouts Complete (50% award)
D 13+ Workouts Complete (25% award)
F <13 Workouts Complete (0% award)
*In the spirit of full disclosure, I'm still doing CrossFit 2x/week.  I will continue that, which will end up being 5 days of some sort of weight training.
3.      Rock-a-bye, Lull-a-bye
Sometimes, I think I have (self-diagnosed) Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.  I have a hard time staying focused on the task at hand.  I can be incredibly scatterbrained and very disorganized.  This problem is compounded when I’m getting inadequate sleep.  Lack of sleep also slows recovery and tends to leave me in feeling drained.
With the husband living in another city, I’m finding it challenging to wind down and go to bed for an adequate amount of time.  This is likely affecting my recovery, my health, and my ability to get stuff done at work.  Whereas I used to get 7-8 hours a night, I’m down to 5-6.5.  The goal for this challenge is to average 7.25 hours per night for the duration of the challenge.  [+3 CON, +1 WIS]
A 7.25+ Hours / Night Average  (100% award)
B 7.0+ Hours / Night Average (75% award)
C 6.75+ Hours / Night Average (50% award)
D 6.5+ Hours / Night Average (25% award)
F <6.5 Hours / Night Average (0% award)
4.      Minimalist Move 
With the pending move to the new city in ten months, I’m realizing I don’t want to move all the stuff we’ve accumulated in the twelve years we’ve lived in this house.  My goal for the next ten months is to really start selling/cleaning out/throwing away the stuff that we don’t need.   Plus, if I’m going to revamp my wardrobe, I need to make room for new stuff.  I cannot squeeze another item on my TWO closet racks, my shelving system is crammed full, I have FOUR large storage containers in my closet FULL of clothes that don’t fit or don’t fit comfortably.   (Size 0 to size 10).  I have a six drawer chest packed so tight I can barely open the drawers. 
The goal for this challenge is to eliminate $2,000 of stuff.  (Calculation:  If the item is sold, the sale price goes to the goal amount.  If the item is donated, the lowest fair market value, according to Goodwill Valuation Guide, will be used.  If the item is trashed, the item will be valued at $1.   So, if we sell our old sofa, which is sitting in the garage, for $50 - $50 counts.  If we donate the sofa, Goodwill gives a value of $30-150 for sofas, so I get to take $30 from the goal amount.  If we had to throw the sofa away (not likely), I’d only get $1.   Note: If the item would generally be deemed worthless (i.e., papers that need to be shredded and trashed) then no value should count to the goal amount.)  [+1 CON, +1 WIS +1 CHA]
A             $1750+ eliminated (100% award)
B             $1250+ eliminated (75% award)
C             $750+ eliminated (50% award)
F             <$750 eliminated (0% award)
During this challenge, I'm going to do a few 'mini' quests that don't award attribute points, but award other goodies.  I'm also over in the PVP No Soda Challenge.  


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Hey there! You've got a great set of goals here, and oh man, I understand too well about moving woes, particularly when you're staring at all your stuff and go, "How did I acquire so much and I am so not moving everything nopenopenope." Best of luck to you!! And also completely understanding about working in a male-dominated field. I'm trying to stand up and be more assertive but ugggh, how do cannot too shy. ;;;;;;; 


Rock the challenge like I know you can!!!

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Hey there! You've got a great set of goals here, and oh man, I understand too well about moving woes, particularly when you're staring at all your stuff and go, "How did I acquire so much and I am so not moving everything nopenopenope." Best of luck to you!! And also completely understanding about working in a male-dominated field. I'm trying to stand up and be more assertive but ugggh, how do cannot too shy. ;;;;;;; 


Rock the challenge like I know you can!!!


Minimalist Move:  Day 1.   $105 DONATION TO GOODWILL:   5 shirts, 1 sweater, 12 t-shirts, 4 tanks, 1 vest, 4 casual pants, 5 shorts, 3 skirts, 1 jeans, 3 dresses (casual/everyday), 1 evening, 1 2-piece suit, 1 sweatshirt, 1 pajama, 2 swimwear, 2 belts.

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This is wonderful work already. Being able to sense that something is off AND be able to go back over it to find out why is a very brave thing to do. AND that husband of yours - damn it he's sweet and sensible.


Check out Rebel Heidi. She just went through a great minimizing journey. She's in the druid community.


Have a wonderful challenge and welcome!

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Man, that seems like a lot of running. Work hard, but remember to listen to your body as well. It's easy to overdo it and set yourself back.


I love your goals overall. I've moved so many times in my life. OMG. So smart of you to be getting ready now.


I wish you luck with the sleeping, and with everything else!  :)

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Listening to your body is definitely good advice, and tied into that quote above about body weight mastery quite nicely. Happy challenge!

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