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Catspaw's LIFT HEAVY THINGS challenge

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I just wanted you to know that someone sent me here as a reference to food modeling/meal blogging/recipes/help-with-wtf-to-eat-to-get-enough-calories. THANK YOU. I already have a bunch of things to try now. <3333

Awesome -- I hope you find it helpful! Let me know if I can help in any way.

Did you ever post about your shopping habits? How do you refill your fridge? And what is that k-squash thing you keep talking about? Is it good?

That's a good question. Shopping paleo is a little tricky because most of your food is real food, and thus spoils easily. :) I tend to make two big shopping trips (for me, it's Saturday morning at the farmer's market, and Wednesday evening at a nearby grocery store) and buy most of the proteins I'll want to use for the next few days, as well as an assorted bunch of vegetables. Here's an example shopping list if you're just getting started:


The k-squash thing I keep talking about is kabocha squash, and it's a sweet squash in the way that sweet potatoes are sweet. Buttercup squash is very similar if you see those in your grocery store. My favourite way to cook it is sliced and roasted. Pretty much any roasted veggies are hard to go wrong. :)

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