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Nikkers55 completes the tutorial and sets off on her first quest!


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Hi there!

This is my first challenge, just joined the site today in fact, but I'm excited to get going! My husband joined for the last 6 week challenge and is by far my biggest motivator, I'm in awe with how committed he is and well he's doing! I hope together we'll keep ourselves on track!
Main quest
We're going on a trip in May and I'd love to drop 35lbs prior to that, I want to lose a total of 60lbs, but I feel that's ambitious to aim for in 6 months!
To achieve this goal my plan is:
1: Use fitness pal app to log everything I eat and all my exercise. I've been using this for the past 3 weeks, and have lost 7lbs already :redface-new: . I have issues thinking that something is "healthy" so I can go crazy and eat as much as I want. My brain craves excess. So I find keeping a food diary keeps me in check. As well as measuring foods allows me to see where I make my diet mistakes. I plan to even log my cheat meal for the week. (A cheat day is far too much for me. The amount of chips a person can consume in a day is shocking) :culpability: 
A- logged for 38-42 days B- logged for 30-37 days C- logged less then 30 days
2: Pack my lunch the night before. I think this is possibly my most valuable goal. I am quite possibly the laziest person in the morning :sleeping: . I often find myself running behind in the morning and just saying "Oh well I'll buy lunch today." My workplace has very little to offer in the way of healthy options (a sad fact is that I work in a hospital) and very delicious pizza and burgers... Damn the delicious pizza and burgers. The happy bonus with this is it will reduce fast food intake! Hooray!
A- 0-3 lunches not made B- 4-6 lunches not made C- 6+ lunches not made
3: Do a combination of my kickboxing workout and hot yoga workouts. My plan to is do 4 workouts a week (any combination of the 2). I have a lot of stomach/digestive problems and a previous back injury, which in the past has completely derailed my workout/diet plans. My goal here is to not skip a workout because of stomach or back pain, but rather if my back is sore to make it to hot yoga and do everything I can. I know if I stick with it my back pain will improve, and this will help me to strengthen it to avoid future problems. 
A- 20-24 workouts B- 15-19 workouts C- <15 workouts
My life quest to completely phase out drinking pop. The irony here is that I'm finishing a coke zero as I write this... I already drink a ton of water in a day, but I find on my days off I drink a lot of coke zero as well. I want to banish the evil aspartame from my body! :devilish: 
I'm really looking forward to making positive changes and sticking with it, I'm tired of being overweight and really want to achieve my goals!
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Hey there lil' Nik!  Good job joining up!  I like your goals... I guess when I go to Costco later I shouldn't buy more Coke then?

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Welcome to the rebellion! Best of luck on your first challenge. Sounds like you've got a good support system already started with the husband. :)

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Hi Nikkers, welcome to NerdFitness!  It's very cool that you're joining your husband on here.  Packing your lunch the night before works wonders.  Setting yourself up for success.


I'm a guild ambassador for the Monks and noticed that one of your workouts is kickboxing.  If you like, drop by and say Hi in the Monk's Courtyard (our chat thread). If you need anything or have any questions, please let us know!

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It's so awesome when we start influencing the people around us and i think it's great that Lazy brought you along :D  I was going to tell you that I tagged your thread and to let you know about the ambassadors, but Teirin has already popped in and said hi :D

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You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

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I see Teirin's already been here, but more monks is never bad!  Welcome to the boards!  As Teirin said, if you have any questions at all about the guild, the monks, the boards or whatever, feel free to message one or both of us.  


My wife and I joined Nerd Fitness together and it has done a lot of help our own accountability.  It's nice to see we're not the only ones!  

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Greetings prospective Monk-in-training!


Blaidd may have you guys hopping with your introductory mini-challenges to help you organize your goals and get you used to life in the Rebellion.  But we monks are a social bunch and we need your help.  Yes, you young go-getter!


Part of the Monk's Week 3 mini-challenge is to list one thing you are thankful for.  That sounds fairly normal for this time of year, but we are nerds and we have to nerd it up.  Each Monk (or Monk-in-training) is recording what number he or she falls at in the record of posting and uses the corresponding letter of the alphabet to give thanks.  


To give you an idea, here's what I wrote.


SevenFootGeek:  6


F - I am thankful for my Friends, who are the family I wasn't born with.


Help us fill out the entire alphabet!  And if we get all the way to Z, let's loop back around again!

Half-Giant Monk

current challenge

"Promote yourself, but do not demote another." Yisroel Salanter

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