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BelleRose’s First Challenge


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BelleRose’s First Challenge



I used to swim a lot but over the years it’s become less frequent. I want to get back into it because it always made me feel happy as well as healthy.



Main Quest

By the last end of this challenge I will consistently swim at least 3 kilometres over a week



Goal 1. Diet – lay the ground work of eating healthier.

Over the last few years my diet has been terrible so I want to bring it back to being more balanced. During this challenge I will aim to eat 2 pieces of fruit a day and to eat healthy home cooked meals 5 out of 7 days.



Goal 2. Daily exercise – increase the amount of daily physical activity.

Being a master’s student, I spend a lot of my time sitting down studying. I want to increase by daily activity in small increments to help build up the strength and stamina I’ll need to achieve my main quest. For this challenge I will do 30 minutes of dedicated physical exercise such as walking, swimming or beginners core work.



Goal 3. Will Power – pick a small task that easily gets over looked and stick to it.

I feel that in order to really benefit from this challenge I needed to add in something related but not directly linked to my exercise and diet gaols. For this challenge I’ll wipe down my kitchen every night before I go to bed. It’s something quick and easy but often difficult to do it consistently.

BelleRose. Level 1. Water Elemental. Aspiring Ranger.

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Great goals! Something you might try is to set a timer for every 45-90 minuets while you're studying, then when it goes off, take a few minute walk or do some stretching or something to just get you moving. Helps me a lot when I'm studying for long amounts of time, or even at work (I sit at a desk most days)

Try not, do or do not- Yoda

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I love swimming too. It's the closest I think I will get to zero gravity ;)

You might notice that someone has added tags onto your thread.  This is not to pigeonhole you into a specific guild, but rather to attract the attention of the guild ambassadors because of your lifestyle or a grouping of goals, so that they might be able to motivate, encourage and advise you of anything during your challenge with us.  You don't even need to wait for them, you're welcome to pop into the Scouts to say hi and introduce yourself and to see what they're about. Also you are more than welcome to drop me a line at any time if you need anything.


Good luck

AB xx

Half Faerie (Sidhe) Scout | Black Belt Kitchen Ninja
"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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