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Quarkle nukes some rats


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Hello folks!

I'm a 24 year old nuclear scientist, new to NF. Have been lurking around NF for a month or so, looking forward to the next challenge. I've been out of the fitness groove for the last few yeards due to an unlucky streak of major injuries. I'm still dealing with an injured knee right now, but need to get back into the habit of exercising.




MAIN QUEST: All-round fitness. I used to be very athletic and strong before my injuries, and want to get back to that. I want to be atleast as strong enough to be able to do pullups eventually. Also, I have a few weddings in my family coming up and I just bought a new grand lehenga (a lehenga is an Indian festive dress consisting of a long skirt, a long scarf and a tight blouse short enough to show the entire midriff and navel). Needless to say, I'm going to need some killer abs to pull that off!




Quest 1: Workout at the gym/ Convict Conditioning- Three times a week. Aiming to work my way up to pullups through the stages in Convict Conditioning


Quest 2: Climb up stairs (till failure) once everyday- I live in the heart of a city with no outdoore space to exercise. I can't use cycles or treadmills because of my knee injury, but climbing stairs are not a problem. I can currently climb up six floors before getting exhausted, hoping to slowly increase that


Quest 3: Atleast 1 raw fruit/veggie per day


I will also try to squeeze in some kickboxing and yoga here and there, but didn't want to add too many things to my first challenge and complicate things.


LIFE QUEST: Start journalling atleast 3 times a week

A habit I've been trying to sustain for years but never managed to. What better way to make it a habit than adding it to a challenge!



-- Waking up too late to go to the gym: Need to sleep earlier, lesser snooze cycles

-- Unfriendly gym folks: who don't think a girl has any business in the weights section. Going earlier to the gym when there are lesser people will require waking up early

-- Knee injury

-- Analysis Paralysis: Thinking wayyy too much about exercises and ending up doing nothing. I need to keep things simple in a way that covers everything without having to think too much about it.



-- Since I was fit and athletic all my life until a few years ago, being unhealthy feels unfamiliar and strange, like I'm living in someone else's skin. Feeling strong and healthy after a good workout is when I feel most like myself, and I feel happier throughout the day. The days I work out are also the days when I am most productive and creative at my research as well :peaceful:

-- I'm the kind of person obssessed with survivalism and being prepared to deal with any kind of situation. I pride myself on being highly adaptable and keeping it cool even in the most disastrous situations, and having a strong and agile body is an extension of this mindset, being physically prepared to deal with anything.





Level 1 Respawned Rebel

Current Challenge 1: Quarkle has to clean up (19th March - 15th April 2018)

"Trouble? I call it sport"


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Hello Quarkle and Welcome to the Rebellion!

My name is Amdhiel and I’m an ambassador for the Assassin Guild. I see that your challenge includes a few things that we Assassins enjoy and we’d love to help you crush your goals! 

If you want to gather some more information about the guild, stop buy the Info & Announcements thread to find out what’s happening. If you want to find someone with similar interests, including body weight and pull-up training as well as injury rehab, peruse the Assassin Phonebook.

If you want to get to know our crazy guild better or just ask a question stop by The Assassins Den or the Assassins Initiates thread for Level 1’s and introduce yourself. We’re a friendly and supportive guild so don’t be shy about sending us messages or asking for help!

If you ever have any questions or need any help, please let me or any Assassin Ambassador know.  You can get in touch with me by posting in my challenge thread or by sending me a private message. I've recently dealt with some knee problems as well and have a strong tendency toward overthinking things so I know what a struggle it can be to make changes.

The Ambassadors and I will be checking in on you from time to time to see how you’re doing. Remember that most successful path is one that includes plenty of support. You're an amazingly strong person and I know you can crush those goals!


Battle Log | MFP: Amdhiel
Challenges: Current#7#6, #5, #4,
#3, #2, #1

"Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up." Alfred - Batman Begins



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Injuries are tuff, i struggle with not over doing it while in recovery. but your qoals sound really obtainable!!





Also suffer from knee problems, have to wear knee braces so they dont hurt. 


Also unfriendly gym folks are the worst!! aint nobody have time fo that! :tongue:




Good luck mate! 



Knee issues suck! Make sure and taking things slow so they don't get mad at you! Just because your knees have held you back before, doesn't mean they have to now (at least that's what I keep telling myself!)


Thanks a ton for your encouragement guys! Its really easy to feel down with injuries, especially when they've been around a long time.

Good luck with recovering from your injuries, lets crush this! :orange:

Level 1 Respawned Rebel

Current Challenge 1: Quarkle has to clean up (19th March - 15th April 2018)

"Trouble? I call it sport"


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Started off the challenge quite well, did everything right for the first 3 days. And then caught the bug that's going around and ended up with the flu :(

I've been temporarily derailed, have done nothing for the last few days except sleep a lot.

Am feeling much better and hope to get back on track this week starting today (Monday).

Level 1 Respawned Rebel

Current Challenge 1: Quarkle has to clean up (19th March - 15th April 2018)

"Trouble? I call it sport"


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Welcome!  Injuries suck!  Getting sick is just as bad!  Take it easy getting back into the groove.  Remember you may be feeling better but your body is still healing.  Go slow and pay attention to form.  Love your goals simple and easy to pass or fail.  Glad your feeling better!

Level 4 Demon/Assassin

We Can't All Be The Hero.


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Hey, how did the challenge go for you??  Come back and give us an update!!



Some kind of Jedi .....

"We are better than we know, if we can be made to see it, [then] for the rest of our lives, we'll be unwilling to settle for less."  - Kurt Hahn


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Challenge Completed!

So i really got late posting here, wasn't able to update everyday.

In short, I haven't kept strict track of how many times I worked out and skipped, since it was too overwhelming. Plus, keeping track is more likely to make me depressed and give up all together. And I didn't get around to attempting my life quest at all (privacy issues). :(


Things I've learned:

-- It isn't important how many days I've skipped in the past, or how much I might do in the future. It only matters how many healthy choices I make right now, today, this hour. Seems simple enough, but this is the first time I've really internalised this way of thinking, and that for me is a huge huge deal. Not thinking this way is why I've been unhealthy all these years. I would skip one day or eat one unhealthy mean and then give up, thinking nothing mattered after I slipped. This time around I did slip a lot, but ignored it and kept on.

-- Planning to work out in the evening doesn't work well. There is always something to do and workouts get skipped. Morning is best.

-- Working out in the morning seems painful when I'm warm in my blanket and its pitch dark outside, but it is worth it (mentally repeat X 100). I feel like a badass for the rest of the day and that is good for my work. :nevreness:

Plus I get most of my best research ideas and solutions in the gym or in the shower (and never at work)


Pass or fail?

On one hand, a lot of days were skipped, mostly because I travelled a lot. I didn't do my life quest at all. On the other hand, I got into the groove and changed my approach towards health for good. And since that is what I hoped to achieve in the first challenge, I consider myself levelled up :redface-new:



Since we're supposed to assign 14points (I think?) at the end of Level 1, I've decided to assign myself only 12 points (since I didnt do the life quest)

STR- 3







Here's to the next challenge!

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Level 1 Respawned Rebel

Current Challenge 1: Quarkle has to clean up (19th March - 15th April 2018)

"Trouble? I call it sport"


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