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Jess tries not to be the worst!

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1)      Drop sizes

-       Need to get back down out of plus size land. I’ve been flirting too much with going up in sizes :(

2)      Keep a freakin’ habit going for once in your life.               

-       Swimming about 4 times a week this semester needs to keep going. Keep some form of cardio going at least 4 times a week. Lift twice a week.

3)      Save for wedding

-       Save $50 a week for the wedding in order to pay for everything we are planning for.

4)      Level up food and water game

a.       Choose better breakfasts

b.      Continue prepping lunches

5)      Try to pass this semester and spring semester and keep up my GPA.


6)       Figure out how to forum.

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Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! I've only been on the forums a few days, and they seem to be laid out really well ( I guess that's what happens when you get a bunch of nerds together) Lots of great info on working out, eating and just overall living a more healthy lifestyle. 


Hope you keep up the swimming and the grades!

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The number one thing you need to know to forum...



Step 1. Go to google.com

Step 2. Type in [insert anything you want here] gif

Step 3. Find .gif image

Step 4. Right click, "copy image location"

Step 5. type in img="paste here" surrounded with these [bracket thingys]

Step 6 Make everyone look at adorable animals and funny pictures whenever you want them to, whether they want to or not


Like this kitten pretending to be a bear against a turtle



Or this panda bear that doesn't know how to sit up straight



And finally, this elephant who is so excited about a swimming pool he just falls right in



And where would anyone be without Doctor Who saving the universe throughout time and space





So maybe it's not the number one thing you need to know but it is super important! :D

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hahaha Breakwheel has it :D


You might notice that someone has added tags onto your thread.  This is not to pigeonhole you into a specific guild, but rather to attract the attention of the guild ambassadors because of your lifestyle or a grouping of goals, so that they might be able to motivate, encourage and advise you of anything during your challenge with us.  You don't even need to wait for them, you're welcome to pop into the Scouts to say hi and introduce yourself and to see what they're about. Also you are more than welcome to drop me a line at any time if you need anything.


Good luck

AB xx

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The most important thing is to jump in!  Have no fear and be a hero!!!


But also, don't get too caught up in the forums - stop in to give and get some energy and motivation - but keep running and doing stuff in the "real world".


Winter Run

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