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Mdowning pushes through

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I debated doing a challenge this time. As a matter of fact I had decided against it I had loads of "reasons"(read: excuses). I've got a TON going on, I'm working a lot, things happening at home, plus just keeping everything in check on the health front i.e. batch cooking, workouts, keeping my stress levels low, etc. And I had decided that having one more thing to do would just hinder more than help. Then I realized something. THIS IS NERD F#%$IN FITNESS. The most supportive community I've ever seen. Where better to go when life in general is pushing against me to be better? So, here it goes.

Goal 1: PLP. Yea, this is happening again. This time I've got a friend here in the real world helping who is doing it along with me. Today is day 4, goal is to not miss a day throughout the challenge(within reason). Pass/fail

As far as the grading here, if I miss a day then I'm coming to you, my wonderful NF friends to decide if my reason is legit or was just an excuse

Goal 2: almost paleo.

This is vague I know. Let me explain. I'm going to change my diet to eating paleo with some predetermined exceptions. Rice and a nut and oat granola bar I've been keeping around lately.

Reason for those exceptions. I've found after a heavy lifting session, sweet potatoes just don't curb the carb cravings I get which leads me to eating some kind of garbage. Not good.

Also, I work. A lot. 36-48 hour shifts. And if I'm up a lot during that shift and don't adequately rest my blood sugar plummets. And no one wants a dizzy, forgetful ambulance driver. The granola bars help stabilize my sugars and keep me from getting too out of it.

21 meals a week, paleo meals will be averaged x/21 grade will be the percentage.

Goal 3: I don't know yet!

I know that I needed to get a challenge written down as soon as I decided to do one before I talked myself out of it. Any suggestions?

Sorry for how rushed it is, not as well thought out or nicely put together as a lot, no fun pics or colors, but it's here. And I'm doing it. I hope some of you will be here with me.

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It sounds like you're being very realistic with your food goals, knowing that one size doesn't always fit all.  You know your needs better than anyone else, and I think you've made some well-thought-out changes to typical Paleo.  Good luck on the PLP.  I'm also doing a challenge where I have to workout every day (mine's for 30 days).  It's going to be tough but we can get through it!

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So far so good!

1) PLP

11/11 day 4

11/12 day 5


2) paleo eats


Breakfast: black coffee

Lunch: chicken ratatouille (according to the recipe)

Chicken, squah, eggplant, zucchini, and stewed tomatoes

Dinner: Mongolian chicken and rice

11/ 12

Breakfast: black coffee

Lunch: paleo chocolate chili

Dinner: chicken fajitas, pico, guacamole

3) going with the stretching goal. Starting that today. Gonna try to hammer out a routine today.

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1) PLP day 6 - done

2) paleo eats

Breakfast: breakfast casserole w/ scrambled eggs, sausage, onion, bell pepper, and sweet potato

Lunch: more ratatouille

Dinner: more paleo chili

3) stretching as we speak. :-)

Starting this challenge strong. Just hoping to keep the momentum going

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It's time for the weekend update!


Finished a 36 hour shift, went grocery shopping, got home very tired.

1) PLP oops

2) paleo foods

Breakfast: coffee!

Lunch: more ratatouille. Seriously, I made a ton...

Dinner: successfully avoided pizza in favor of meatballs (no breadcrumbs) and veggies

3) no stretching


1) PLP oops..again....

2) paleo eats, damn...

Breakfast: black coffee

Lunch: paleo ish pizza casserole

Dinner: Mongolian chicken w/ rice. Addicted to this stuff

Dinner 2 (?): things went south.

Sandwich, fruit, crackers w/ peanut butter, cookie, then free pizza.

3) no stretching

So, I can explain. Kinda. Dinner 2 was the result of working the University of Arkansas football game. The way my service handles these games is unlike anywhere else in the states, we treat it like it's own mini - city within the city. We have 4 crews in the stadium, 3 medics on bikes, a full dispatch center, and 4 transport ambulances on standby.

Because of this, they pack us food. And it's not the best food, but 1) it's free and I'm poor and 2) when you have nothing to do even bad food is tasty.

Not really a good excuse but there it is.

Also, did I mention I got paid to watch football? I feel like that's mentionable love this job. Anyways, I digress


1) PLP back on track! Day 7

2) paleo foods

Breakfast: egg monster thing

Lunch: More. Ratatouille.

Dinner: beef and cabbage stew

3) no stretching. Work kicked my ass.

So, the PLP thing. I missed Friday after my 36 hour shift simply because by the time I finished grocery shopping and got home, I'd simply forgotten. I was exhausted and sleep deprived, thats my story and im sticking to it. Then Saturday I thought about it before the game, but was in a mindset of "well I already failed that". Then, I talked to my friend who is doing this at the same time, told him what I was thinking, and he encouraged me to just jump back in. So I did, and now hopefully I won't get derailed again.

Here's to shaking that weekend off and starting fresh. Happy Monday all!

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