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Sabretooth-Kitty - Embracing the Journey


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Yay for getting back to the weights! Endurance is hard, but the results are worth it.

That's actually recommended, because people insisting always makes it harder to resist. The restaurant manager at the student restaurant I frequent always tries to talk me into buying dessert or one of their baked goods, especially when they have something new. :tongue:

The liftings Always harder after a few days off, well done for getting back though, its easy too not bother.

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Glad to see the overall progress!!  Great looking salmon you made - was it baked?  It looks done but not dry. 


And boo to friends who won't take "no thank you" as an answer.  I'm going to have to work around weekends with hubby - who also thinks he's being helpful by being a bad influence and getting me to "live a little".  Le sigh.

Hope your weekend was awesome!




Sorry everyone for the lack of NF attention these past two weeks but: I'm getting married!!!!!! So I've been a little distracted since my boyfriend proposed two weeks ago :-) hope you can all forgive me  :playful:


So an update then:


Day 10-28: (blimey)

Be Badass (strength) - 4/15 +4

I haven't been exercising in general as much as I should have been but I've been getting back on track now


Keep Moving (steps) - 5097/7000 -1903

Need to get moving more, this average is a mix of some very active days and some where I've just been sat all day long, sigh


Food Fight (Eat in deficit) - 25/42 +16

I've only had 2 days when I haven't eaten in deficit, which was the last two days celebrating our anniversary :-)


Cook up a storm (new recipes) - 5/12 +2

New recipes include a very nice looking chicken and broccoli pearl barley risotto which I made for my Fiancé (I love saying that), I had a salad as I can't eat gluten but needed to use up the pearl barley :-P

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I'm getting married!!!!!!



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