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Jaymul gets back on the horse


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So I've been out of the challenge loop for a while but as I'm in the process of making a few changes to how I'm approaching diet and exercise, it seemed like a good opportunity to get back into things - even if I am a bit late to the party this time. 


I've found before that the challenge format isn't very compatible with my training so I'm not going to focus on improving my lifts or anything like that, instead I'm just going to focus on two things.


For anyone who doesn't know me (I've been lurking away in my battle log mostly for the last few months), I'm a 31 year old Olympic lifter who started training about 18 months ago. 


Goal 1: Lose weight/fat




I've been back and forth about what to do with my bodyweight this last year. Originally I had been going to drop a weight class from 94kg (I was a light 94) to 85kg but after doing really well with the cut, I kind of lost motivation in the summer due to injury. Since then I've put some weight back on. I had thought about continuing to lift as a 94 but I'm feeling quite fat at the moment so back to 85kg it is.


The plan is to lose some weight (hopefully mostly fat!) in the run up to the holidays and then try to maintain over Christmas and New Year. I have a lot of time off so I should be able to exercise a lot during that time. I'm running an approximately 500 calorie per day deficit with a cheat day on Saturdays - that's about 2600 calories per day. For anyone interested, my macros look something like 195g carbs, 115g fat, 195g protein. Sometimes protein is higher and fat lower.


No set number of kilos to lose for this challenge or anything like that, just be lighter and leaner in 5 and a half weeks' time :)


Goal 2: Take more video of my training




Recording video of my training is a super helpful thing for me to do. It means I get to compare how I think I'm lifting with how I'm actually lifting, it gives me an opportunity to get feedback on my uncoached sessions and it just makes me more accountable. I'm pretty patchy when it comes to getting video of my lifts so I need to improve that.


I train 3-4 times a week. One of those sessions the gym is so busy and I'm usually sharing a platform so it's a bit of an inconvenience to others if I'm messing around with my phone camera. But really I'd like to get video from the other sessions wherever possible.


So the goal for this is to record and upload video from at least two training sessions per week.


That's it! Nothing fancy, just a simple, straightforward challenge to help me push the reset button.


Current starts for comparison at the start of the challenge:


Bodyweight: 91.8kg :(

Bodyfat: bioimpedance scale says 22% - I don't think this is right but let's see the trend

Snatch: 90kg

Clean & Jerk: 105kg

Clean: 115kg

Back Squat: 182.5kg (162.5kg beltless)

Front Squat: 140kg (132.5kg beltless)


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Well, this week has gone pretty well.


I was down to 90.7kg on Saturday morning which is probably just me carrying less bloat after cutting a lot of the crap out of my diet, sugar in particular has been drastically reduced.


I took video from 3 of my 4 training sessions, which you can see in my training log.


Had quite a fun day yesterday for SpecialSundae and I's coach's birthday. Had a delicious burger for lunch at a South African restaurant then went to see Scotland only narrowly lose to New Zealand in rugby. My first time ever at a live rugby game and it was awesome, such an intense atmosphere. Here's the All Blacks doing the haka - not the best view from my seat up in the gods!



We drank quite a lot of gin during the game and then went for drinks after so I got really pretty drunk. Had to go home unfortunately when I got really bad acid reflux, which has happened a few times now when I've been drinking :(


I somehow managed to avoid a hangover - I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up with a headache around 5am so I took some paracetamol, had a big glass of water and went to bed to sleep it off and woke up feeling fine. However, I have been feeling a bit down all day - stupid depressive effects of alcohol. 

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My sleep hasn't been as good this week Well, let me qualify that. My quality of sleep is great but I'm not getting enough of it. Work has been quite stressful this week and I've had an additional freelance commitment that went a bit pear-shaped for a while. Both of these things have improved between last night and today but still, they've been affecting me quite a lot.


I don't really feel like I've had very much time to relax lately so I bought myself GTA V on PS4 to help me unwind a bit. Looking forward to actually carving out some time to play it...

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Not really, although we spent the day planning and getting organised today and did a retrospective on the last few weeks and I now feel much better about everything.


I need to be more disciplined with myself about getting to bed and stuff too. I have some video to upload and then I'm off...

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