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Alright for real for real this time!

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A little late but here goes nothing...


Lately I've been getting annoyed with myself because I feel like I AM getting stronger but once I start doing pull ups or hand stand push ups, it KILLS ME!  Also, my approach anxiety and my ability to meet new people is in the shits...  I have always said,  "I like it under my rock, it's comfortable there."


With this new found frustration and annoyance,  my original motivation to get fit has come back!  I've been getting real comfortable with my workout routine and have been killing it but i didn't feel as though i've been pushing myself as hard as I needed to be.




This is my challenge...


Continue my Dumbbells level 5 3x week

Finish up the 30 day yoga program and then for the remainder of the 6 weeks do the 30 day yoga program backwards

I'm bumping up my paleo diet to 3x a week and as much as possible at work 


For my life quest I'm going to try and converse more with the customers at work at least on the slow days.


For my fitness side quest I'm going to do this set at least 3x a week.  Basically adding this circuit to the end of my dumbbells workout and once every 3 episodes of anime.  I've been a netflix junkie lately and have been feeling guilty lol


Lever Push Ups 1x5 each arm to work on being able to do one arm push ups

Pistol Squats 1x5 each leg 

Wide Pull Ups 1x5 because I hate them 

Hanging Bent Leg Raises 1x5 because I hate them 

Straight Bridge 1x10 I want to be able to do the full bridge and get more mobility in my shoulders

Handstand Push Ups 1x5 I want to be able to do free standing hand stand push ups



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Oh man! Sorry haven't been updating but...

(I'll start with the bad)

I finished all of Hunter x Hunter on Netflix and it ended at the worst spot...

OK on to the good...

Hmmm where to start...

Pistol squats are getting way easier now!

Wide pull ups are getting easier also but I'm only doing 5. Total win!

For my Mon workout...

I'm not sure if I'm hitting a plateau or something but when I do my dumbbell bench press at 52.5, I still struggle with them and I still get super sore. I guess that's a good thing? I don't have to do more than 8 since 52.5 is the max weight I have.

For my wed workout...

I upped my single leg Romanian deadlift weight to 52.5 lbs.

I also upped my weight to 25lbs when I do curls with my lunges. My bicep has been getting rounder which is something I never had!

I decided to change all the jumping squats in all my workouts to burpees because call me crazy but I'm starting to love doing them!

I got to day 18 of my yoga challenge and let me tell you today's was awesome! It had some really good stretches that hit my back and I'm learning to not tense my neck and shoulders so much.

Just went into to plank as I'm writing this let's see how far I can go lol

I found an indoor rock gym close to my house and I'm thinking about hitting that up next week with a buddy of mine.

And for anime I started dragon ball z...

Plank not very long but that's all folks...

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I'm a little late too! But yes burpees! I hate running more and I don't get much cardio in so I figure the next worst thing is burpees! I just like the rhythm I get into and then its autopilot.


My workout today killed me!

3x8 dumbbell deadlift at 52.5 lbs

3x10 each leg single leg Romanian deadlift at 52.5 and this made my abs hurt... A LOT!

4xmax reps of wide pull ups... Defeated... Haven't been able to hit my regular reps...

3x10 suspended hamstring curls

3x10 each leg dumbbell lunges with curls at 25lbs

Then finished with a circuit

10 suspended rows

10 burpees

10 reverse crunches


That was the killer...

And today's video in the 30 day yoga challenge was perfect after today's workout

Oh and of course I did my usual warmup and then went right into my convict training circuit

I went indoor bouldering Monday and my forearms have been super sore since! It made my workout a little tougher but I managed!

Sorry my post just bounces everywhere and backwards and forwards but I hope you enjoyed my memento style recap!

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Today was a good day! But this time I'll write it in chronological order lol

So I started my morning with the usual warm up I do but instead of the usual wide push ups i do near the end, i started doing a different variation of it. Instead of my fingers pointing forward, they're facing out and then i go down from side to side.

I have no idea what they're called but i guess its kind of like lever push ups?

Then went right into my little jailhouse workout aka the convict conditioning circuit.

Coolest part was that I added 3 more reps to my dumbbell front squats!

I also modified my Turkish get ups from just using one arm holding the weight above my face to using both arms and just keeping the dumbbell in front of my chest.

Of course more burpees instead of my thrusters, which turned out better because my shoulders would get all weird after doing my Turkish getups.

And rocked my knees to elbows while carrying a 10lbs medicine ball!

Handled my yoga and I'm probably going to handle more jailhouse workout circuits

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I've never heard of convict conditioning circuit...

Its a book by Paul Wade about a bunch of body weight exercises done in the prisons he stayed in in his early years. But the dude demo-ing the exercises is one BMF! Its Jim from camp! So I'm doing...

Lever push ups 1x5 on each arm

Pistol squats 1x5 each leg

Wide pull ups 1x5

Leg raises 1x5

Straight bridge 1x10

Hand stand push ups 1x5


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OK I'm back!


I decided to make December my month of "trying stuff out" month.

Basically my training month before I start my training for the spartan race in June.

Tomorrow I am trying out my first gym and trying cross fit... Dun dun dunnn!!! Dramatic music....

I figure I'll try this out since I can't simulate some of the obstacles at my house with just dumbbells and maybe a little push here and there couldn't hurt.

So my plan for January is to do this 30 yoga program on dailyburn and maybe do cross fit Tuesday and Thursday for January

And then

In Feb go back to doing dumbbells level five and going to do boxing Tues and Thursday for six weeks or something... I dunno

Then gradually increase weight training and cross fit I dunno

But that's my basic goal in preparation for the spartan super race in June and I decided I'll be buying the spartan sprint race in July and finding a beast sometime after that!

Let me know what you guys think!

Holler at a player

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It looks like you've got everything covered in your plans for future workouts! There is a member here named Teros, and he just finished a spartan now in November. He'd be a good reference for you if you'd like to know more about what to expect.

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So I joined the gym near my house and handled another cross fit session!

Deadlifted 165lbs!

77 burpees in 7 minutes

And some kettlebell waiter walk, suitcase carry or something lol

Then got called a beast when I handled my usual warm up afterwards then my jailhouse workout

Then handled the dumbbells level 5!

BAM! Spartan race you will be conquered!

And muscle ups are crazy hard!

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I'd say you are totally ready for the Spartan!!! The guide for the Tough Mudder from Fitocracy is also a good reference to make sure you're not missing something!

Have you signed up for the race yet?

Haha sorry I was watching the walking dead when I replied...

Yes I'm registered to the spartan race in June and at the end of this month I'm going to register for the spartan sprint in July!

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