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Week 6 is here! YAY! I have to say that this challenge has worked well for me. I now refuse to get any other type of drink if I have not reached my water quota for the day (aside from my coffee in the morning, that shit stays lol). Several times at restaurants I have been tempted to order unsweet tea, but told myself "No" because I needed to at least drink one more bottle of water. At least it was unsweet tea temptation and not sugary drinks!


The urge to buy a big drink after my evening class has subsided, although it hit me with full force this past Monday. I am thinking it was because this was my last week for the course and was automatically trying to reward myself with a big drink. But I stayed my ground and drank my water. And I at least was proud of myself that.


This morning was the first time I stuck money in the vending machine since the challenge started. I was getting peanuts but it still felt dirty. But it has been nearly 6 weeks since I have done that :) and that feels amazing! And when I tell people I haven't had a soda in 7 weeks, even I am surprised when i hear it come out of my own mouth.


A few times over the past 2 weeks I have wondered if staying with NF will keep me motivated. So far it is the only source of accountability I've had. But posting in my own thread to myself isn't going to keep me going. In the past I've been to several sites to help me track and meet others but none have connected with me at a level NF does. I do admit that the RPG aspects of it are much more fun than just counting calories and recording my weight. :) However my husband has not been sticking to his challenge and hasn't logged on in a while (although he has been keeping me in check at home) and I haven't developed the strong support system that I was hoping to receive. I am thinking I will do a second 6-week challenge and try to figure out the accountability buddy sign up or something. If I don't make improvements in my support system and accountability, I may end up straying from here as well. If anything, I have learned a lot here and will keep NF in my library of resources (and hopefully not just for underpants). 


Moving onto guilds, I may go with Adventurers. I hate having barriers but my knees are keeping me from choosing what I would like to do until I drop more weight. The more weight I take off of them, the better they will be. Plus, the Red Mage in me can't just pick one at this time lol, so it would be perfect for me at the moment. My other option is the Druids. Yoga and stretching would really be beneficial for me right now. But I know if I don't have accountability, I will not do it. The beginner's NF workout routine is also way to high impact for my knees and Druids seem to be more low impact. The jumping jacks, squats, and lunges are too much for my knees; they crackle so loud and then they ache.

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I am very proud of myself for achieving what I did. I graded myself an A- overall. J


3 bottles of water are a good static now. Aside from a Dr. Pepper on Christmas day, a Fresca last week, and a couple small servings of Ginger ale, the sodas are still not a part of my daily routine. Yes I had some fizz but the holidays have really thrown everything out of whack. Since then, absolutely nothing but water, coffee, and unsweet tea (but mostly water).


The good side:  the vending machines at work are hardly a challenge anymore J I am not so enticed by the goodies inside of it and I have been bringing yogurt, fruit, nuts, and beef jerky for snacks.


I have slacked on walking during my breaks at work because of the holiday schedule and crappy weather. Not really good excuses considering, but I started back on that yesterday. I love doing it, it really helps to clear my mind and stretch those legs and hips.


My next challenge I will tackle eliminating stress as an eating trigger as well as starting some at-home challenges since this one was mostly focusing at work. Hopefully I will see u there, too J Thanks for “listening.â€


For my next challenge, click here.

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