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CoPo's 6 Week Extravaganza!


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Hey everyone!

I know I'm a week late to joining this challenge, but I have actually been doing all of the goals I am going to be setting for myself for more than a week, so really it's just the posting that I havent' been doing. Regardless, I figured it would be better to join late than not join at all! So here I am! This will be my second challenge. The first one I did I kinda fell out of the habit to post, but I did complete it!

My Mission: I want overall body fat loss, I have set my sights on the 10% BF range. I own a pair of calipers but I just moved and they're still packed away, so I can't get their measurement. But based on my body and how it appears I'd say I'm around the 20% mark.

My goals:

1. Go to CrossFit 3-4 times a week.

2. Go to yoga 3-4 times a week.

3. Abide by the eating guidelines of Whole30 (with the exception of Thanksgiving, 11/27, and my birthday, 12/18).

As I said, I have been doing most of this already, I have been going to yoga and Crossfit for about a week now, and I'm on day 6 of Whole30.

I'm really looking forward to doing another challenge! Thank you all so much! And happy challenging!


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Is this your first ranger challenge? Welcome!!


Sometimes when people post a challenge late (which is fine), it doesn't get as much attention from others (people have already signed up to follow a bunch of threads). If you are looking for a little more support on the forum, you could try posting a bit about your challenge on the ranger chat forum. You could also look around and find others who have similar food goals. I know that DarkFoxx has done the Whole30 a couple of times before, for example.


What style of yoga do you like?

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