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Philoiraptor's "Bye bye hell, hello real life" Challenge

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Since my last challenge was "Last six weeks in hell", i.e. my last six weeks of college, I've decided to make this one about improving my life now that I'm out in the real world and working for a living. There will be a handful of goals, so here we go!

1F) I have been following the RRG for about 3 weeks, and am having trouble with pains around my ankle, mid-foot, and sides. I'm pretty sure this is almost all due to weight. Therefore, My first fitness/diet goal is to keep my diet completely primal.

2F) In the past, I have allowed sleep deficit to accumulate on me pretty badly. That combined with non-optimal eating habits sometimes results in a very heavy, cranky me. Therefore, going hand-in-hand with the first goal, My second fitness/diet goal is to sleep at least 7 hours a night, with extra when I can get it.

3F) I mentioned that I'm trying to follow the RRG. This last goal is easy. My third fitness/diet goal is to follow the RRG as closely as possible and run a 5k on the last weekend of the challenge.

On to those life goals. There are many things I would like to accomplish, but maybe doing less would allow for more focus.

1L) My little brother in my fraternity started teaching me a bit of guitar when I was in school. It was a lot of fun, so My first life goal is to learn 1 guitar song a week.

2L) Being a salary employee is a large responsibility, given that I get paid only once a month and must make my money last. It's important that I don't mismanage my money. So My second life goal is to set and keep to my monthly budgets.

3L) I really enjoy reading books when I set aside time for it. However, it's much easier to log onto NF boards or my Google Reader account and read away on there. So My third life goal is to read 30 minutes or more a day from a real book or my Kindle.

Let's do this!

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Week 1, Day 1 (1):

1F: Primal all day, check.

2F: Got around 8 hours of sleep last night, give or take random waking up, going to bed soon should net me around 7.5.

3F: Rest day for the RRG.

1L: Didn't even touch my guitar today =( Gonna make time tomorrow since no Rangers game.

2L: Bought a new app for my 4S >.< Other than that no additional spending though.

3L: Read about an hour today.

I feel good, gonna weigh myself in the morning before my Tuesday running workout.

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Week 1, Day 3 (3):

1F: Peach pre-workout, protein post-workout. Breakfast of ground beef, peppers, onion, butter, and egg. Lunch of 2 chicken thighs and some brussel sprouts with bacon. Dinner of tuna can and boiled egg covered in cayenne pepper and dill relish, added cheese and heated a bit.

2F: Got a little less sleep than I wanted to last night due to GF's impromptu sleepover, gonna make it up tonight though, I'm already sleepy.

3F: Gym workout this morning with a personal trainer, big lifts include squat and push press.

1L: Gonna hurp around on my guitar before bed, try and remember songs I learned previously.

2L: Paid for some gas today, nothing else.

3L: Read some more Starting Strength and The Vegetarian Myth during lunch. Finished Mark Sisson's new book yesterday (not that I didn't already know the stuff in it, read it so that I knew it was good to give to my mom).

Sorry I don't have much time to go in depth or comment on everybody else's challenges every day, work 7:30-5 doesn't leave me much time for stuff other than feeding myself and doing my daily workout-related activity.

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Week 1, Days 6 and 7 (6 & 7):

1F: Primal most of 6 including some red wind and some Crown; primal all day 7

2F: Pretty restful weekend, going to sleep soon.

3F: Skipped my RRG workout both days; Saturday was supposed to be a long run but got sidetracked, today was supposed to be a gym workout but the gentleman I work out with was ill. Instead I threw around a frisbee though.

1L: No guitar time. May have to rethink this goal

2L: Spent $1 at Target after using my giftcard from graduation.

3L: No reading yesterday or today.

Week 1 grade: B-

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Week 2, Day 4 (11):

1F: Primal all day.

2F: So much sleep =)

3F: RRG 2 mile run. I'm still getting slower, but this time it got easier after the first 1.25 miles. It was like I passed through a wall of resistance.

1L: My guitar gets sadder by the day

2L: Bought an iPhone game and put gas.

3L: Usual lunchtime reading.

I don't really play a kind of music; I'm kind of a nubcake. Can't even make basic chords sound good. So I may knock that goal out, work just takes too much out of me to do much more than my daily workout and cook/eat.

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Week 2, days 5-7 (12-14):

1F: Went out with my family to Whataburger on Friday; had an A1 Thick and Hearty. So good. Then Saturday night we made a late night ihop run, where I had a few bites of pamcake. Then Sunday brunch I had a french loaf with my beef stew. So overall, BAD BAD BAD.

2F: At least 7 hours each night, but I'm finding that it's not really enough. I need 8:30-10 to really feel refreshed.

3F: Friday was rest day, substituted Saturday's run for a few hours of Volleyball, skipped Sunday's gym due to late night.

1L: So dead.

2L: Bought a few things, still within easily budget.

3L: Didn't really read during the weekend.

Week 2 grade: D

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Week 3, Day 1 (15):

1F: Breakfast of flank steak, eggs, salsa, and cheese. Lunch of flank steak, broccoli, and butter. Dinner of a couple slices of (nearly) paleo summer sausage and cheddar blocks; I wasn't really hungry.

2F: Got 7.5 hours, I really need more though. 8 pm bedtime? I think yes.

3F: Rest day, not that I deserve it.

2L: Bought an app, gonna make a US Wellness order soon.

3L: Usual lunchtime reading.

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Week 3, Day 2 (16):

1F: Breakfast of flank steak, eggs, salsa, and cheese. Lunch of flank steak, brussels sprouts, bacon, and butter. Dinner of chicken and cabbage cooked in menudo spices.

2F: Got 7.5 hours again.

3F: RRG 1 mile run + strides + core workout.

2L: Bought an album of video game music on amazon for $3. Also a case of coconut water. Made my car payment and cleared a credit card balance.

3L: Usual lunchtime reading.

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Week 3, Day 3 (17):

1F: Breakfast of flank steak, eggs, and salsa. Lunch of a beef and Chinese broccoli stir fry. Dinner of homemade, primal chili rellenos. They were actually pretty good.

2F: Got 7.5 hours again.

3F: RRG gym workout. Man, missing Sunday hurts.

2L: Gas went up almost $0.20 from when I went to work to when I got home... Put gas anyway.

3L: Usual lunchtime reading. A few days from finishing Starting Strength cover-to-cover.

Heck yeah we're nearly halfway there! I'm feeling pretty good so far. AND I found a 5k that I'm gonna run on December 3rd. It's a "fun run/walk" to support local kids doing community service and getting tutoring. Hope everybody's challenges are going well!

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Week 3, Day 4 (18):

1F: Breakfast of flank steak, eggs, salsa, and some queso fresco. Lunch of a leftover chili relleno and steamed squash. Dinner of some chicken and cabbage with menudo-esk spices in them.

2F: Got 7.75 hours again.

3F: RRG 2 mile run. Went the whole first mile straight, then took a break for 2 minutes. Song that got me running again: Bed Intruder.

2L: Bought Skyrim! $5 over my $60 electronics and software budget. Maybe I should increase it a bit...

3L: Usual lunchtime reading.

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Week 3, Days 5-7 (19-21):

1F: Primal all weekend except Friday night's dinner, had a burger, my favorite food ever. Girlfriend is out of town until next Sunday.

2F: Got extra sleep this weekend, including my Skyrim playing.

3F: Gym workout today (Sunday), went pretty well.

2L: Bought dinner on Friday night.

3L: Usual lunchtime reading Friday, very little reading over the weekend.

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Week 4, Day 1 (22):

1F: Breakfast of bacon and eggs, lunch of chipotle chicken and brussels sprouts and bacon, dinner of a pork rib. Wasn't too hungry.

2F: Not enough sleep, had a hard time falling asleep, resulting in my being too tired to run this morning.

3F: Rest day

2L: Spent $775 on, wait for it, grass fed meats. Can't wait to try it all! That's my grocery budget for the next 5 months though. I can work to spend less on other food since my meat is covered now.

3L: Usual lunchtime reading.

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