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Neph arrives fashionably late to the party


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Aloha from sunny Manchester, United Kingdom!


I'm late, I know I'm late (my excuse...? Timezones? Or ... something?). I've been off the forums for a while. List of excuses I could give to you, none of them particularly interested on meaningful. OHOHOHOHOH apart from going to the first ever NF camp all the way over in Atlanta which was all shades of awesome, and inspired me to refocus on what's important.


My main quest is simple: To live as long as I can, as well as I can, and to kick as much ass as I can.


To do this, I have three easy(ish) things I need to either start achieving (working out more), or need to continue (mindfully eating).




  • Fast one day a week. Generally this starts at 7pm the night before, and finishes about dinner time the following day. Although I'm not strict on time, I can eat when I really feel hungry during fast day.
  • Try one new veg a week.
  • Photograph everything that goes into my mouth and publish it. Take photos 45 minutes before and after food, describing how I feel.
  • Eat MINDFULLY. I've been trying this for a few weeks, and it's really helping. I've learned that I'm eating just because traditionally, it's time to eat, and not because I'm hungry. I eat what I want, when I want, so long as the flowchart says so.





  • Move 30 minutes a day. Don't care what, weights, running, dancing, cycling, wrestling, judo, walking .... literally anything.
  • Average at least 7,000 steps a day. (This is an odd one. Most days I'm out working I'll easily cover 11,000. However, there are more and more days I'm working from home and barely walk anywhere).



  • I often feel like a kid wondering around in an adult body. As such, I've been neglecting a few adult things I need to do. Like budgeting properly, sorting my finances with work, looking into shares and pensions and OH GOD JUST TYPING THAT MADE ME FEEL SO BORED AND SAD. But it's all junk that needs to be done. So here's to doing one grown up thing per week.
  • To keep the kid in me happy, I also dedicate to spending at least 3 hours a week playing computer games. I have a tonne of games that I desperately want to play, but never find the time. So here's to playing more.



A = 90% mindful eating, photography on 90% of meals, 5 fast days and 5 new veggies, 35 work outs, 5 grown up things done and 15 hours game play (WIS: 4, STR: 2, STA: 2 END: 2)

B = 80% mindful eating, photography on 80% of meals, 4 fast days and 4 new veggies, 30 work outs, 4 grown up things done and 12 hours game play (WIS: 3, STR: 1, STA: 1 END: 1)

C = 50% mindful eating, photography on 50% of meals, 3 fast days and 2 new veggies, 20 work outs, 2 grown up things done and 10 hours game play (WIS: 2, STR: 1, END: 1)

Anything else... Well, judge that when I get to it!

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Level 6 Pirate-Ninja Ranger

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.†~Maya Angelou

(STR - 12) (DEX - 8) (STA - 12) (CON - 14) (WIS - 12) (CHA - 8)

CHALLENGE 6: Neph Arrives fashionably late.



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You're not late..  :)  Good luck...

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