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V4Vendetta wants her degree and to do MMA

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Hi to all!

I am signing up for my first NF Challenge! i'm pretty excited about this as i think it may help me over the next months, and maybe my whole life. I am a big LoTR fan and i love the concept of going on a Life Quest with you guys!

I am a student in the last year of my bachelor's degree (Landscape Architecture) and well, it's tough, on the mind, on the body, and i find myself slipping, even as i can see the end of the tunnel...

I have a busy schedule (like many of us, i know) but as a student i have to work on the side to earn "survival" money and i bring loads of work home with me in the evenings and week ends. Time off and vacation are something i have very little of in general.

I am lucky enough to be a reasonably healthy person but i find i am not able to focus properly on my daily tasks. I procrastinate quite a bit when i should be working on an assignment. My mind keeps wandering to "unimportant" things... I struggle to keep up with everything...


So you may say : this is a FITNESS challenge, not a motivational course... this is not the right place... adding extra work is not going to help...


I thought so too, but i find that keeping in physical shape helps the mind focus, keeps the brain more efficient, and makes me keep a tighter schedule.

If i don't have some form of physical activity, i just go insane... but i need DISCIPLINE

So, i signed up recently for martial arts at Fight Move Academy near where i live. I really wanted to do MMA - the toughest thing there is. (i have done Nin jutsu and Kung fu, and rugby too) I tested a course and had to admit i don't have enough experience and chose to do Muay Thai to start with. I've been training for a few weeks now and i just - love -it! It's keeping me fit, and full of energy - i feel i can actually DO more stuff, even if i have less time!


So now that you have some background, here are the objectives:



Forge overall discipline


QUEST 1 : keep up the daily/weekly rituals i have already set up : morning workout and meditation. Muai Thai training twice a week minimum.


QUEST 2 : spend minimum 2 serious hours each day on my course work. With NO procrastination. 


QUEST 3:  minimum 6 hours sleep every night



 Short term : Get my degree - Get good enough to train in MMA

 Long term : forge self discipline



my motivation for this challenge is to discipline myself into keeping a healthy balance between my physical, mental and financial health. I need to get stuff done but i don't want to ruin myself doing it. Better discipline will help me optimize time and energy. 
I hope this challenge will help me get better!



So cheers to all who are signing up for the challenge i hope we all get better at living a healthy and fulfilling life!





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V4Vendetta : newbie Level 1

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Occupation : Monk

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Hello and welcome to NerdFitness!   Being a student is tough and you are balancing a lot of work there.  Your existing routine is impressive, with morning workout and meditation as routine already.


I'm one of the Monk guild ambassadors and dropped by both to welcome you in general and to see if you're interested in hanging out with the Monks.  You certainly have a lot of background and future interest there!  Also, it's in your sig :-)  If you'd like to say Hi and see what we're like, our main hangout thread is here right now.


If you need anything or have any questions, please say so.  We're here to help.

Behave yourself, badly if necessary.

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Greetings prospective Monk-in-training!


Blaidd may have you guys hopping with your introductory mini-challenges to help you organize your goals and get you used to life in the Rebellion.  But we monks are a social bunch and we need your help.  Yes, you young go-getter!


Part of the Monk's Week 3 mini-challenge is to list one thing you are thankful for.  That sounds fairly normal for this time of year, but we are nerds and we have to nerd it up.  Each Monk (or Monk-in-training) is recording what number he or she falls at in the record of posting and uses the corresponding letter of the alphabet to give thanks.  


To give you an idea, here's what I wrote.


SevenFootGeek:  6


F - I am thankful for my Friends, who are the family I wasn't born with.


Help us fill out the entire alphabet!  And if we get all the way to Z, let's loop back around again!

Half-Giant Monk

current challenge

"Promote yourself, but do not demote another." Yisroel Salanter

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