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Artemis Begins Anew Pt. 2

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This is pretty much a copy of my last attempt, which I started and then totally sidelined what with midterms.  I've discovered that the time when I'm so busy I'm not getting enough sleep is not in fact the best time to start new endeavors.  Oops.  So, we begin again.  I've wrapped up a few classes, and am managing to clear some schedule space so hopefully this will go better.  On the motivation side, once I start to see positive changes I tend to keep going, it's those first weeks that are hardest for me.  The plan is to keep reminding myself of my goals, so my momentum continues until habits form.  


Things I'm doing to help with my motivation issues:

- For starters, I'm subscribing to a minimum of 10 active and inspiring threads so I can see what others are doing, be encouraged, and learn more about fitness.  This will keep my inbox pretty busy and since email is a huge part of my life, i'll be looking at fitness for a large part of the day.

 -My food journal has once again taken up residence on my desk atop my printer (it used to live there and was used regularly, then it moved to a shelf where it hasn't been touched since).

 -I've also stared switching out my home-screens for NF/Fitness things.  My iphone now displays the logo found here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/41703-every-guild-logo-in-one-epic-logo/page-2?hl=+guild%20+logo

 -If you have any other ideas to keep this at the forefront of my mind until these changes are habits please let me know.  Thanks! :)



This mission is pretty much the same as past ones:


Mission for this Challenge - Weight Loss

Goal 1 - Eat Paleo.

I'm shooting for 90% on this goal, so that I have some flexibility.  Thanksgiving break is coming and I'll be stuck in a dorm, so as long as I plan ahead and don't give into cravings I should be ok.   

Goal 2 – Bodyweight workouts 

This must be a minimum of 3x per week and cardio by itself doesn't count.  I want this goal to apply specifically to strength training.  I’ll be focusing on the BBWW and adjusting difficulty levels as I progress.

Goal 3 – Walk/Bike 4 hrs minimum a week

Self explanatory, but it only counts if it's a real walk = 20+ minutes (back and forth to class/errands does not count).  This can be done in the gym (since it's officially below freezing here) 


Life Goal â€“ Learn Italian
So, I only speak one language: English. (and rudimentary French, but 2 years in high school = terrible language skills).  I'm headed to Florence to study abroad next semester and will be taking language classes there, but I want to have a little bit of a foundation before I arrive.  So, this goal is to complete s on Duolingo (starting from 2). 

That won't make me any kind of native speaker, but I'll know more than I do now.



Here goes!


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I like your idea of subscribing to threads and changing your device backgrounds for a little added subliminal messaging! I've started listening to the Primal Blueprint podcast during my commutes to hopefully do the same thing. Good luck with your Italian lessons. I started Italian on Duolingo a while ago, but just stopped after a while. Perhaps I should pick it up again. Also, that study abroad sounds awesome. If I could do college over again, that's one opportunity I'd go for. What are you going to be studying in Florence?

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Yeah, I need all the daily reminders I can get! I've got some fitness podcasts lined up after I catch up on a few of my favorite podcasters.

As far as study abroad goes... I'm so excited! Our center in florence doesn't have a ton of business class options, so I'm planning to go history heavy with my course load while abroad

I'm primarily a business major studying Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises ( EEE), but I'm also going to be adding a second business major (debating between marketing, management, and real estate). for fun I'm majoring in European history as well, with a probable minor in Medieval and Rennaissance studies.

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And again, I'm being pretty bad at updating here. Some progress has been made. I have finished some Italian lessons and have been doing my walking. The BBWW on the other hand... Fail. I just haven't been making time., which I'm going to need to change since 15-20 minutes really isn't that long. I've also had to adjust my Paleo goal to something more along the lines of concious eating. Until winter break starts I'm just going to focus on being aware of what/how much I'm eating and try to be as health concious as possible. I'll reevaluate this once break begins.

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So, Progress was kind of slow, but even slow progress is better than none.


Total Grade - C


Goal 1 - Eat Paleo./Be concious of what I consume - I get a D on this one, since I changed goals part way through and was only mostly good about watching/recording my intake.  Lack of consistency. 

Goal 2 – Bodyweight workouts  - F.  This did not happen on a regular basis.  Better effort next time


Goal 3 – Walk/Bike 4 hrs minimum a week - A.  


Life Goal â€“ Learn Italian - I'm giving myself a B on this one, since I did advance many levels on Duolingo and even started playing around with some other free programs to really solidify my understanding.  I get a B as opposed to an A, since I didn't get all the progress I wanted

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