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Assassins REPORT! Week One Review: How did You do?


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My Week 1 Review



Main Objective:  Waist below 36 inches (91.5 cm) when family sees me at Christmas


  • Challenge Starting Waist:      38.4 inches (97.5 cm)
  • Current Waist:                         38.2 inches (97.0 cm)

       Commentary:  Meh.



Supporting Objective:  Don't Neglect Training!


  • 3 of 3 workouts done
  • PRs keep coming

       Commentary:  woo-hoo!  consistent effort + time = keep winning



Notable accomplishments this week:  PRs as usual.  Always fun to be stronger than ever, but nothing happened out of what's ordinary for me in any given week.




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You haven't seen my Final Form

I Stand With Gina Carano

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Goal progress Week 1

Diet: 3/42

Workout: 2/42

Freggies: 5/42

Meditate: 4/42

Spread holiday cheer: 2/42

Adventure: 5/42

Assassin's mini: um ...... I was uncover???  Seriously - I did a fair number of high knees and some mountain climbers.  But then I donned by alter ego to sing on stage!!


I definitely need to kick it up a notch this week and catch up!!

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Some sort of Jedi .....

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WEEK 1 Wrap Up - I aced everything this week


QUEST 1:  DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY. (Crow Practice)

  • 6 days completed, managed a few solid balances almost everyday

QUEST 2: TRAIN YOURSELF TO LET GO (Hanging and Stretching)

  • 7 days completed
  • Hanging is going well currently doing 15s at a time w/ 20s rest with some light assistance. I think I'll decrease the rest to 15s this week.
  • Stretching is having an impact. I'm starting to see greater ROM and am kinda getting close to palming the floor in a forward bend. Ended up putting a flow together that I'm using to prep for Quest 1.

QUEST 3: FEEL THE FORCE (Strength/Endurance)

  • 5 YAYOG workouts completed and completed the 10 week program
  • 3 walk/runs completed with Zombie Run 5k trainer

LIFE QUEST: ALWAYS IN MOTION THE FUTURE IS (Figure out where I want to go job wise)

  • Completed initial review of my finances
  • Did research on things to think about for job ideas. I have some questions that I'm mulling over.
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Week 1 was pretty intense in some unexpected ways. I started out strong, froze my butt off and had a big panic attack on Wednesday, cowered with my electric blankie and chocolate on Thursday, then blew my staff goals out of the water on Friday and finished strong. I think the city I live in hit some record low temperatures last week.

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Level 2 Elf Assassin

Str: 4 | Dex: 5 | Sta: 3 | Con: 2 | Wis: 4 | Cha: 3


"When people called me freak, I closed my eyes and laughed, because they were blind to happiness." --hide



First challenge! Second challenge! Third challenge!


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Week 1 Review:

Tough week. One of my days off was taken by radiology training, but one of my work days was taken up by the lecture portion. Was nice to not be in the vet hospital and do something different, Also got a ton of free food, which made it worth it! Difficulty though...Banfield (the vet clinic I work for) is owned by Mars...the chocolate company...the central office where we had radiology training had SUPER cheap chocolate! I got really excited about how inexpensive they were and ended up buying two CASES of m&ms! Spent $7 on 48 bags!!!! But now they're in my apartment calling my name all the time, haha!

Gymnastics: Aerial getting really close! So exciting!!

Food: Even with all the food challenges this week, I tracked everything! Used all the weekly points allowance AND all the exercise points I had earned, but still stayed within the allowance!! Down nearly 2lbs this week!

Exercise: Only had two days off this week (we work 12 hour shifts and normally get three days off a week), so only worked out twice. Also went to gymnastics on Wednesday, but we had a going away party for a vet that had been training with us on Friday, so I didnt get to go to gymnastics that day.

Splits: Definite difference in depth between this week and last week! Missed two sets because I completely forgot until I was already in bed.




Life: Finalized arrangements for cake. Got my work schedule for next month, so we figured out the best time for her to pick up the cake and my timeline for when I need to do the different parts so the cake can be as fresh as possible for the party.

Pattern cut out for Gambit's trench coat, cut out muslin fabric to do a trial run, and got the first pieces pinned together. Patterns are VERY confusing if you've never used one before. I have wasted SO much time staring at the pattern and the instructions and searching tutorials online because I have no idea what I'm doing haha. Also doesnt help that the pattern is labeled "advanced" and that is definitely not my skill level, haha!

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WEEK 1 update

Blood Pressure Control

Tools to help me achieve goal:

Take supplements

Potassium levels (at least 3500 ideal 4700 I will start out tracking, but once I feel I have a handle on what it takes to achieve this, I’ll probably just sporadically track)

Eat 1 lb of salmon a week (approx. 4 servings)

Eat greens with at least 2 of my meals

Choose from other potassium rich foods to eat

Drink hibiscus tea (1-2 glasses a day)

Drink  at least 8 8oz of water/herbal tea/broth a day (same here I’ll track some just to make sure it is a habit)


Did really good during the week on the greens, and hitting my potassium goal. Weekend not as much, but ok. I ate about a half pound salmon, so getting there. And had broth most every day. The reason I didn't grade is that with so many things I'm trying to do at once, I'm mainly focusing on the potassium levels and supplements and working on just improving the others as I go. Overall, pretty happy with my week


Don’t Worry:Be Joyful


As part of my goal to reduce blood pressure, I need to handle stress better.  I  want to change from being a worrier who sees the negative, into a joyful person who sees the blessings God has given her. In order to do this when I start to worry about something, or think negatively, I am going to purposely switch to thanking God for the blessings in my life.

There were times, when I switched from negative or worry to thankful. There were some times when I forgot. And this weekend I was annoyed with hubby and son, and stewed on it for a while, and then sort of let it go. I'm learning  and improving. Decent week.


Life Goal:

Drawing with the Right Brain at least 3 times a week


Hmm, only did one time. I was sort of frustrated with it last week, and I just kept putting it off. I was having a hard time understanding the lesson. Finally decided to stress less about it (be joyful) and just do what I could and enjoy it. Which resulted in today being much more enjoyable! I am adjusting this goal to be more specific.



Side goal :  sit on the floor more/ stand more/ use chairs less

Yes, I'm remembering to do this

Side goal # 2 crow to headstand to crow

Dropping this one. GMB started their movement vitamin program, which has you do a new move each day, and I decided to do that instead. This goal was mainly just to work on my gymnastic skills and because I want to have some gymnastic stuff in my workouts, because they make me happy.

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Wisdom 21   Dexterity 11   Charisma 14   Strength 18  Constitution-12

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(remember grading = NOT SO HOT / GOOD / BETTER / BEST)

GOAL 1: MAKE A LIST / CHECK IT TWICE: write up a weekly exercise calender, track it here, and check off the boxes. bonus bump! do a bunch of extra exercises in a day, like, 100 sit-ups or something torturous.
Posted my workout schedule and I totally totally smoked it. I only had to reschedule 2 things, and I went to everything. YAY.
lookit all those red check marks!
PLEASE NOTE also included on this is my schedule for WEEK 2.

(and I penciled in week 3, to see how to fit it around thanksgiving).
so week one gets a = BEST.

GOAL 2: PLAY WITH ALL MY TOYS: make a special point to schedule in toy time and hit that goal.
I scheduled in 5x this week for 5 minutes each. I did great. I practiced hooping 4x and can waist hoop for like, 2-3 minutes at a go! I still need to work on it. totally spazzy. PLUS I went to weapons class and I'm counting that as toy time number 5.

totally giving myself a = BEST

GOAL 3: USE MY OWN DATA TOOLS / TAKE THAT UGLY SAD PANDAS: Continue to track calories every day AND ALSO stay under my calories goal for the week.. bonus bump! for tracking caffeine too, using the jawbone coffee app.

check out my calories:

AND I used the jawbone coffee app.
according to that, I don't drink nearly as much caffeine as I thought I did?

anyway though, not only did I do great, but also bonus bump. that means!

I did ok on this, but not that consistently! um I could write up more things that I'm proud of.

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3 days of chin-up negatives per week - 100% complete!

6 days of straddle split practice per week - 100% complete!

6 days of handstand practice per week - 100% complete!

Life goal (writing) - on hold, may be changed or dropped.


Tried aerial for the first time, so exciting!  Also, dropped to "healthy" BMI for the first time in...... ages.  Oh!  And deadlifted 130lbs, heck yeah!

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🎪current challenge🎪

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I got 11 points this week (had to get at least 10) so I had an amazing first week! I went bouldering, toprope climbing, did yoga, a bodyweight workout and did finger strengthening exercises with clay! I'm on a roll!

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Sweet :D  I love the end of challenge report, so weekly ones are welcomed :D


Week 1 Recap

Scan Logs - Nada

Parasite Queen - 5/4 Grain Free Days (!)

Escape! - Splits 1/2, Putty 3/3, Roller 1/2

Gold Quest - Car complete!  Woot!

Varia Suit - last dishes done (Just need to bake)


Didn't read (Scan logs), got 5 grain free days instead of four (yes!) (Parasite Queen).  Could have done better on the splits/roller objectives but still pleased with how it's going (Escape!).


Car is finally paid off after setbacks last challenge (Gold Quest) and I've gotten part of my holiday gifts ready (Varia Suit).  Just need to bake the last batch of sharpie mugs and then I can move to the next type of gift craft :D  Pretty pleased with this week even if it doesn't look good on paper.

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1.  Paleo, my way

First two days OK, but everything fell apart when some major stress hit.  


So - I learned I'm an emotional eater and am making plans to cope based on my behavior.


2.  Walk at least 1 mi on off-days - goal for week is 5 miles.

YES!  8 miles!


3.  Splits practice, 3d/wk

YES!  3 days of practice.


3.  Gratitude: write 1 goal in the morning, and 3 things I'm grateful for at night

Did this the first couple days, then left to visit family and forgot journal and also forgot to keep up with this.


So - try again this week.

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<--<< Daughter of Artemis >>-->


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Week 1 summary;

Lunges/Squats: 20 of each, 5 days a week - achieved! Legs do not know what hit them... 

Combat: 20mins of body combat style home workout, 3 times a week. - I managed 2 out of 3

Coffee: cut back to 1 sugar in standard coffees and only 1 starbucks a week - achieved!


Life goal: Pass driving test (week today). I had a driving lesson at weekend and another is booked for next weekend. Also agreed with my awesome and long suffering driving instructor for some extra time before the test itself.


Not bad for a first week.

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Dwarven Level 5 Assassin

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Main Quest: Weight Loss - to get down to 10st, started August 2013 at 17st 1lb, current 14st 4lb

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  1. Track Some Stuff
    Tracked all the things and took my first photo of the challenge.  Spreadsheets are filling up and line graphs are being drawn.  Life is good.
  2. Eat a Bit Less Stuff
    Did well here too... a little too well.  Initial weight went WHOOSH!  Not surprising as it's the first cut I've done in awhile.  I'm leaving the calorie target alone for now, but I may need to re-adjust if my weight loss doesn't slow down.
  3. Do Some Stuff
    NA this week.  As stated before my challenge began, this week's collection of calisthenics was put on hold due to major house stuff.  Started this goal today and will continue through the rest of the challenge.
  4. Side Quest: Operation Defeat House Remodel Monster
    Definitely go this done.  Basically spent eight hours a day for the last seven days working on the house.  Not sure that I actually crossed much off the list, but I definitely made decent forward progress.
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Level X Mutant

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Week 1:

Yoga - D

Hands - F

BBW - C (or D)

Life - TBD




I've changed the hands quest to something else, and I will be changing all the quests to lower goals if week 2 goes poorly as well. I don't want to completely fail this challenge, so I'm ready to change stuff up if my quest goals are set too high and are unrealistic to my life. 


BUT. Yay for cute gifs and an awesome guild that keeps me going.

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Brain-Building Assassin, a.k.a Radical Domestic Jill-of-All-Trades

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Failure: Goals. I didn't do so hot with them. Here's how I went:

Push-ups: 651. This is okay, considering I expect my numbers to rise steadily throughout the challenge.
Workouts: 3/7 (VERY bad)

Mobility: 5/7

Sleep: 5/7
Study: N/A, waiting on course materials. (The online portion arrived yesterday, so I should be starting quite soon.)

5/7 throughout the entire challenge is the bare minimum for a pass, so I really must shape it up.

On the good side, I recalibrated my diet the week before the challenge started. I don't need a goal for my diet, since I adhere to it religiously without a need for extra motivation. Now that I'm eating as a 64 kg (141 lb) guy rather than the 73-kilo (161 lb) guy I started as, my progress has leaped ahead. I lost 1.8 kg (4 lb) in the last two weeks! I also got my very first bodyweight dip, a milestone I'd been building to for some time. 

So all-in-all, my diet is great, but I really have to be more consistent with my goals if I want to level up at the end of this challenge.

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And I've managed it!  I stuck to all my goals this week, so I'm very happy.  I didn't realise until now how challenging it will be for me to exercise so much (for my standards), but it feels good.  I have had that good post-work-out muscle feeling all week, so that should definitely help me get stronger as the challenge progresses. (Here is my log of all the action :tongue:)



To climb more green routes


1. Climb twice a week [DONE]

The Sunday before I started the challenge, I actually managed a PR by doing 5 green routes (previously only 2/3), so I started on a high and I'm happy to see those 5 greens haven't been one offs since I have repeated them this week (even on new routes, so I'm not just doing the same ones!).  I have been climbing twice a week for the last month, so I am finally seeing the gains from that :D


2. BBWW once a week [DONE]


3. Run once a week [DONE]

For the first time, I started doing 100m sprints inbetween jogging periods.  My legs feel all wobbly now, so I look forward to improving on those..


4. Pullup practice four times a week [DONE]

I've been working on Level 1 moves: sandbag rows, dumbell rows, dead hangs, flexed arm hangs plus boyfriend assisted flexed arm hangs.  Also found some good quick warmup exercises to do before I start practicing (http://exercisesfori...up-your-elbows/).  I asked a couple of questions before, and I've since decided that at least for the dead hang I need to work on having the base segment of my fingers on top of the bar (although for an exercise with actual pull-up motions then I'll have to try and put as much metacarpal on the bar as possible - thanks Hazard!).   As for my other question about shoulder/back involvement (thanks again Hazard), I have fiddled around with the sandbag row and now I think I am managing to engage my back in the movement - so yay for that!  




5. Learn to draw using pencil and computer (2hrs a week) [DONE]

Mostly tutorials and research on this front although I am pretty proud that I figured out how to make a vector copy of template images.  I used this one for this week, it was a good exercise.


6. Continue learning Python (2hrs a week) [DONE]

I have mostly been working my way through the problems/questions that I have previously done as part of the Edx coursework.  Simple things but I'm getting up to speed with the lectures and relearning simple functions.  Made a vowel counter, for instance.

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Level 11 Morgana Scout

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Weekly Progress Review: Week 1



Goal 1: No more than two baked goods/sweets/chocolates

Total this week: 2


Goal 2: Be in bed by 10.30pm every day

Total this week: 4 of 7


Goal 3: Do BBWW 3 times a week

Total this week: 2 of 3


Life Quest: Finish laptop case

Current progress: About 1/3




I could do better, but not an awful first week, I guess? On another note, I probably need to factor in a hydration goal somewhere as well - I keep forgetting to keep myself well-hydrated XD

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Week 1.5 update:


1. Clean: I forgot to take my products and oils with me when I stayed over at my boyfriends' place this weekend and two days ago I had to stay there again unexpectedly. 14/18 = 77,78%


I do my best but it is hard and sometimes I fail. However, I went from 2 mayor sessions a day to 2 in over a week, so I am pretty pleased with my progress.

3. New faces: I haven't painted yet, but the progress has started in my head. Picking a subject and colors.


Side quest: The app is coming together pretty fast now. It is interesting to see what the obstacles are, sometimes stuff that I thought would be really easy turn out to be the biggest challenges.


Life quest: After taking some time off of the job hunt I now have new energy to send lots of letters. I helps with the frustration as well. 

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Base Character: Medusa

Class / Profession: Assasin

Level: 4
STR 1 | DEX 3.5 | STA 6 | CON 4 | WIS 2.5 | CHA 8
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Fat/Weight lost

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Week 1 report

HerbologyEat more greens and use them more in my own cooking.

I consistently chose healthier alternatives in the student restaurant I frequent during weekdays and tried to start a habit of always getting some of the side salad. Fruit was also chosen instead of sandwiches, and for the weekend I baked some vegetables in the oven that I ate with fried chicken. Not a bad start at all!


TransfigurationTry out more group gymnastics at my gym, at least three new classes before the end of the challenge.

I tried out a cirquit training class, but nothing more this week as my back started hurting wednesday and I then felt like the flu was around the corner during the weekend.


Charms: Stretch and practise splits after every workout. Cut workout short if stretching wouldn't be done otherwise.

Stretching was done after the cirquit training, and it felt good!


PotionsSkin care morning & night, nail care at least once a week.

Skin care done every day, nails have been fixed two or three times.


ArithmancyDo all schoolwork before the weekend. Prioritize!

So. Much. Schoolwork! I thought the noise control exercises this week would be the end of me, and I ended up spending a total of 20,5 hours on just this week's six exercises. Getting it done before the weekend meant I did little more during the weekdays, but it got done. (Thankfully).


Ancient RunesLearn at least ten tengwar letters by heart before Christmas.

I wrote down some general rules for using tengwar and found a good website to use as reference, and another one that has taken the scandinavian letters into account.


Defence against the Dark Arts: Sweets & baked goods buying ban. Gingerbread are ok.

Not one single sweet or baked good has been bought this week! Some have been eaten during a friend's going-away party and due to the inexplicable irony that I suddenly got a lot of free candy from different people, although most of that has been resisted as well!

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Level 4 Half-Elf Assassin

(that dabbles with the scouts)

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"There is no such thing as perfection. The world itself is imperfect; that's what makes it so beautiful."

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Week 1 recap:


Main quest: Get better at listening to my body and taking care of it.  Drunken adventure aside, I think I did an okay job of listening to my body this week.  However I could use to do a better job of taking care of my elbows.  I should be icing them more often and would like to try some massages as well.


Quest 1: Work out 3x/week. I worked out 3 times this week!  A!  ^_^  It was too easy though so I'm raising the goal this week to 4 times.


Quest 2: No more than 2 sugary drinks/week I drank somewhere between 4 and 5 sugary drinks this week (I spilled one partway through).  That's a C:(  I can do better.  So this week I will!


Quest 3: Practice splits 5x/week.  Stretched 4 times this week - B.  I just got lazy over the weekend and didn't do it.  :(  This week I will!


Life quest: Pick out two Christmas gifts/week. Succeeded in picking out two gifts!  A.


Other events:

  • Got way too drunk for the first time ever - and hopefully the last
  • Resisted free cookies during a class event
  • Decided I'm done with exercises I don't enjoy when there are so many out there I do - time for more climbing, walking, dancing and yoga, and less running. xD
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Level 3, Halfling Assassin

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