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Hodor Hodor Hodor (The journey begins) *3rd update*


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Main Goal: To be compete in Tough Mudder in 2016.

I picked 2 years out because my first phase of getting healthier is to heal my back to the point I can actually do strenuous exercising,

In phase 1 I will focus is on increasing my flexibility, rest, having a consistent healthy diet and building a work out habit. I will build my Iron Man suit so I can be a hero for my wife and children despite my limitations.

Quest 1: I will do Yoga at home 3 days a week, either before work, after work or before bed. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I won't count a day as missed if I make it up the following day but no later than that.

Measurement: Great= 0-1 days missed, Good= 2-3 days missed, Fail-=4 or more days missed.

Quest 2: Do 100 Push up Challenge 6 week beginner regimen 3 days a week. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I won't count day as missed if I make it up the following day but no later than that.

Measurement: Great=0-1 days missed, Good, 2-3 days missed, Fail=4 or more days missed.

Quest 3: I will create a healthy meal plan for myself and my family by the end of the 6 weeks.

Measurement: Pass: I made a meal plan. Fail: I failed to produce said plan.

Life Quest: Track my families finances every Saturday in order to better budget our household. I won't count a Saturday as missed if I make it up the following day, but no more than that.

Measurement: Pass= 0-1 Saturdays miss. Fail= 2 or more Saturdays missed.

Reward: SKY CHAIR!!!!


1: I want to model good health habits for my children.

2: I want to be ready/prepared/fit for anything aka be a hero for my wife and sons.

3: I'm tired of being in pain every waking moment.

4: I'm tired of being told "You look tired" all the time.

5: I'm tired of BEING tired all the time.

6: I want to feel strong, healthy and confident.

7: I want to be around to influence my great great grandchildren.

8: I want to be ready for the impending zombie apocalypse.

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Quest 1: No days missed! I had to do Saturday's on Sunday because I spent a lot of time Friday-Saturday trying figure out if our family can move in January. We can't. Won't be able to move until May. Poo. I'm progressing way better than I expected. I just finished week 3. I started the push-up challenge before I found this forum. I am feeling stronger.

Quest 2: No days missed also. Had to do Friday's work out on Saturday due to the same reason as Quest 1. I'm feeling a bit more flexible, stronger in my core and my back is feeling a bit better.

Quest 3: I'm most excited about this. I found 2 co ops to get meat and produce for way cheaper than at a chain grocery store. I'm currently doing an inventory of everything at home and creating a permanent grocery check list and streamline how my family grocery shops.

Life Quest: I updated and tracked my families finances on Sunday instead of Saturday due to trying to figure if we can move. My wife is now getting involved and learning how I handle out families finances. That's something I've been wanting her to do for years. I need her to be a team mate in this matter and now she is!

Overall I'm doing great on my goals. Well on my way to getting healthier and earning my Reward!

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Awesome work on your goals so far! I am totally motivated by my rewards too—even though I guess technically I could just buy them now... but it wouldn't be the same! And so great that your wife is getting involved in the finances... hope you guys are able to move soon!



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Ok. Overall this past week I did pretty well despite the holidays.

Quest 1: I missed a day! Boo. This week I was constantly catching up on the next day and on thanksgiving I let the ball drop. Also week 4, day 1 on the 100 push-up challenge beginner regimen is kicking my butt. I can barely get through it, so I need to figure out what's going wrong because I was progressing so well. I did that routine a second time this past week and I plan to restart week 4 this week.

Quest 2: No days missed but I was catching up all week. I don't like that so I'm gonna hammer down this week and be better. I'm feeling more limber and my back is feeling the best it has in a long time. I have another more challenging routine I'm going to switch to starting this week.

Quest 3: Oh man I'm stoked about this one. My original quest was to make a healthier meal plan for my family, but what I did this weekend was make a system that will make it easy to track our food and non foods, cost compare, and speed up grocery shopping. I just need to find 15 more healthy dinners and I call this quest complete!

Life Quest: Tracking was done. My wife wants to help and get hands on with it but I'm finding a time where each of us can get away from the kids.

So far so good.

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Great job! It can be hard to stay consistent with the holidays. Just keep at it. You've got a good plan. And we all hit plateaus with our workouts. You're doing the right thing to hit the workout again and repeat the week. Also, see if you can get someone to check your form and be sure you are doing everything right. Little form errors tend to show up as you go along. Fixing them early can help keep you injury free!

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Love the screen name! Great job on the progress.

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Wow, I am actually pretty excited about your 3rd quest.  That is something I can seriously geek out over.  I've always wanted to implement some outstanding spreadsheet system to help with groceries and expenses but never found the time or the right system.  We currently hit 3-4 stores twice a month.  It's a nuisance but I'm willing to hit more than one place to save some money.  What kind of system did you come up with?

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Ok, running a little behind this week.

Last week wasn't my best week.

Quest 1: I'm still stuck on week 4. I got past day 1, but I petered out on the last set on day 2. If you're interested in seeing what I'm doing exactly, here's a link: http://hundredpushups.com/week4.html(I'm on the beginner track)

I don't know if it's my form, the time of day I do the routine, which is usually at night, or if I'm doing the reps too fast. I think once I answer these questions I will start progressing again.

Quest 2: I took 2 hits on quest 2. It's much harder to fit this quest into my schedule compared to quest 1. So I'm making this a priority this week. So I can finish this challenge strong. I am feeling the benefits from it.

Quest 3: I haven't done much for this quest last week. Mainly because I got so much done the prior week. All I have to do is find 6 more healthy dinners and I'm done with this quest. So I'm going to bust it out this week and finish it!

Life quest: I'm on track. My only problem is finding a time that works for my wife and I to sit down and do the budget without our kids distracting us. We have a 4 year old and a 4 month old and both of them are RARELY ever distracted or content at the same time.

LadyShello, I'm sorry I haven't had the time to explain my meal planning system. I have not forgotten, the business of the holidays have kept me too busy to explain. I will asap and I hope you find it helpful!

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