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Endorphin Dude Returns To The 28 Day Challenge

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The cape is back from the cleaners, and I am ready to fly! This edition of the 28 day challenge is huge for me, as it leads up to my first full marathon on July 25th. I have three half marathons leading up to the full. These are my goals:

6/26 - Double Dipsea Race

This is going to be a killer race. Although this is a handicap race, I get no head start because I am a 37 year old male. Um, last I checked, I'm not an elite runner, so it would not surprise me if I score another DFL (dead freakin' last) on my record. Nonetheless, I WILL finish. Finish time goal: 3:55:00.

7/3 - Pacific Trail Run Half Marathon

This is a trail run, so I am expecting to do a lot of walking. I finished my first trail run in 3:52, so I'm hoping to improve this number by at least 10 minutes. Finish time goal: 3:45:00.

7/11 - Jungle Run Half Marathon

This is will be my final long run before my inaugural marathon. This half marathon will be on concrete, my surface of choice. I'm shooting for a 2:30:00 finish.

7/25 - San Francisco Marathon

AH! The San Francisco Marathon, my first 26.2 miler! I am shooting for a 5:15:00-5:30:00 finish. If I can achieve this, I will be invincible!

6/21 Weight: 175

Goal Weight: 170

Let's Fly!

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Half Marathon #19 completed. However, I'm not going to sugar coat it. The Double Dipsea nearly killed me. This is a handicap race, and because I am a 36 year old male, I did not get a head start. I was already way back in the back of the pack, so it slowed me down even further when I took the wrong turn and ended up going 2.8 miles in the opposite direction. I finished this grueling race in 5:05:00. 5 hours! I did not meet my 28 Day Challenge goal, but given that this race was not your typical half marathon, I am glad I was able to finish. I have to rethink this trail race thing though. I think I'm better off running in the city! Below is a map of the course. Check out some of the names: "Insult Hill," "Cardiac Hill," and "Suicide Hill." Yes, I was insulted, I almost had a heart attack, and I contemplated suicide. This was the most grueling half marathon of the 19 I have run to date. Seriously, I may have been a dumb ass for getting lost, but I'm a bad ass for getting back on track and finishing the damn race! So even though I was a whole hour off my projected time, I'm chalking this one up as a WIN!

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Congrats Tony.

I think if there was a pot of gold at the end of that race, you'd still have to put a gun to my head to make me run it.

+1 for you.


Rebel Leader. I post videos of my dog on Instagram, and sometimes even share fitness wisdom. SOMETIMES.

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Half Marathon #20 done! I came into this trail race completely skeptical, but after running it, I have decided not to give up on trails just yet. Yes, I felt like an American at Roland Garros, but with a little more practice and some trail shoes, I'll be able to get it. The Pacifica Trail Race is a big win for me. I finished in 3:45:39, which is 6 minutes better than my Horseshoe Lake Trail race. I am 39 seconds off my projected 28 Day Challenge goal, but the important thing here is that this race renewed my faith in the trails and gives me a huge confidence boost after last weekend's Double Dipsea beating. With the San Francisco Marathon three weeks away, my confidence is riding high. Just as a side note, I did get lost at about mile 9, but I learned from my mistake the previous week but I got back on track pretty quickly. I only lost about 5 minutes this time rather than 2.8 miles! With that said, had I not made that left turn, I would have shattered my goal!

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