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twitter/social media

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hey everyone!

So one of the best ways that I'm able to keep up with other challengers and make sure we're all staying on track is via twitter/facebook/other social media.

We did this last year and it worked pretty well - so I figured lets try it again. I'm putting up my twitter - if you want to put up G+ or FaceBook (or... myspace?), thats fine too :) Obviously not required, just for fun!

Reply to this and I'll add you to the initial post. (I'll delete your messages to keep track of who i've added :) )


spezzy - @stacixmarie

nightlight - @needanightlight

zenmom - @zen_mom

dustinwh - @dustinwh

Loren Wade - @lorenwade

Robzilla1983 - @robzilla1983

Dustmite - @Rainakrazam

RDOwens - @rdowens

Silence - @dragonflight19

cacodemonia - @cacodaemonia

anxiety - @masseyp

SarahAM - @spiffysaker

DaveInBris - @notyaws

MakeItSo - @JayFerris

Spauracchio - @Spauracchio_

chammy - @chammycham

hrunter - @Hrunter

shaun1105: @shaunsomers

adulthoodforbeginners - @starter_grownup

FoolishTook - @LiftingTook

Rob_Irwin - @Rob_Irwin

Akaiken - @berzerkshadow

bildungsroman - @annaspies

beastback - @sigridellis

ringo_shells - @dickwakefield

slobberneck - @slobberneck

topherfangio - @topherfangio

lwow - @ellbeedee

shortkaik - @_shortkaik

concretecavewoman - @gamerabbit

clawed_bear - @BarbarianOgre

theta - @davidrware

cheesecloth - @msbulkeley

PlastiqueFruit - @PlastiqueFruit

rdg - http://bit.ly/Tw_RdG (post mostly in french, don't be scared)

awhitelie - @awhitelie

fogo - @joshbuhler

wanderluck - @wanderluck

SuperXM1ke - @SuperXM1ke

theanne - @annedorko

livingroovy - @livingroovy

tylerscott89 - @tylerscott89

jbarduhn - @jbarduhn

starbuck - @carafox_

fitnesspadawan - @fitnesspadawan

Dennis - @dennislloydjr

IndigoBanshee - @Roswenthe

Monk of Cool - @PollyWaddilove

Smalls - @matt_smallwood

t.bombadil - @AbbottTweets


Loren Wade iamlorenwade@gmail.com

DaveInBris - david.ainscough85@gmail.com

chammy - page26@gmail.com

hrunter - Kimberly.mcilveen@gmail.com

shaun1105 - gplus.to/BaconIsHealthFood

shortkaik - gplus.to/shortkaik

R-0-Dbl-L-O - david.raulinaitis

rdg - http://bit.ly/Gplus_RdG

wanderluck - https://plus.google.com/112654669644142725417/ or simplycowgirl@gmail.com

theanne - https://plus.google.com/100405422915061795765/

starbuck - cara.s.e.fox@gmail.com


Loren Wade - facebook.com/iamlorenwade

Cacodaemonia - facebook.com/chelsea.conlin

chammy - http://www.facebook.com/chammycham

smurray - http://www.facebook.com/scott.murray

hrunter - http://www.facebook.com/kimberly.mcilveen

bsdobson - https://www.facebook.com/brandondobson

rdg - http://on.fb.me/ucBmN0

Dena1030 - Dena Carloss

starbuck - https://www.facebook.com/cara.fox


is this required??

No, not at all.

do you usually do hashtag trends to find everyone?

A lot of people use #nerdfitness :)

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I just finished creating a NerdFitness-specific list on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/list/joshbuhler/nerdfitness

There's a few people on that list who's posts won't show up as they've protected their tweets, but you should be able to keep tabs on your fellow rebels with one easy follow of the list. I think I've got everyone from above, but if I missed you, let me know

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could do...


(6 week challenge, October 24, 2011)

Kinda long, but unique.

Or could just try #6wc or #NF6wc

All of the above aren't being used

what about #nerdfitness? :)

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