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Calling all Bards to The Practice Room!

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I guess I should actually truly introduce myself like I've asked others to do.


Hi I'm Dantilla.  I'm a singer, and while I mostly sing alto I've been hired to sing soprano as well, so I jokingly call myself a "Sopralto."


I did my undergrad in classical voice/opera stuff and my grad degree is in early music (baroque, renaissance, medieval music, stuff before 1750).  I generally advertise myself as an early music specialist, and within that I particularly love medieval music.  I founded a medieval group a couple years ago and we are now gearing up for our first Christmas concert, with the theme of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Just don't expect any dancing ladies or golden rings, because all our stuff was from WAY before that song existed!



This is my favorite thing I've ever sung in a choir, except for the Chichester Psalms. It was fun to perform with the orchestra.

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Hi, my name is Matt.  I have played bass guitar on and off for years.  I'm not currently playing due to low and mid back problems, but one of my motivations to get my back working properly again is to play my bass.  I love to sing as well, but I'm not very good at it.  I love all kinds of music, but heavy metal, hard rock, and R&B (particularly old Motown and Stax) are my favorites.  Give me a James Jamerson or Duck Dunn bass line and I will be happy for hours. 

Matt P

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