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Barbell replacing lat pulldowns.

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Does anyone know a workout can replace lat pulldowns with a barbell? I don't have a bench to work off, and we got told that we can't work out in gyms anymore, so I need some knowledge of what I can do to keep working out those muscles with a barbell. I can't do pullups yet, and I can't do negative pullups either due to what I can work with. So please help :) haha!

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There is a difference between lat pull downs and barbell rows. One is a horizontal pull (great for rhomboids, not so much for lats) whereas lat pulldowns/pullups are a vertical pull (great for lats not as much activation of rhomboids). There is really no direct barbell work to replace pullups/lat pulldowns hence the reason almost all programs throw them in as accessory.


That said there is still some benefit to doing rows and some crossover to vertical pulling, but it is not nearly as good as pullups.



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My favorite way to work up to them was onthe pull-up attachments at the gym that were bolted to a wall. I would brace my foot against the wall and use it to assist me. I gradually decreased the assistance I gave myself with it along with varying rep ranges until I could do 3 or so full pull ups unassisted.


You could do somehting similar with the doorway pull up bars by putting a chair on the other side that you can rest your foot on. You can also do negatives where you jump up into the top position and slowly lower yourself down to build strength that way.

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How do you do a partial bodyweight pull up if your feet don't leave the ground?

Like an inverted row but vertical torso and limp hip and/or knee joints. Just take some of your leg weight out of the equation. Partial bodyweight. Use a stool or something if the pull up bar is sky high. Or a Barbell on a rack in squat position.

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Can something like the door pull up device hold someone 300 plus? I've heard they have a max around two hundred


I have the iron gym pull up bar, which I believe is rated at 250 or 270. I've done pull ups in the 270s with no issue before I ditched it after building my power rack with built in pull up bar. I know the iron gym extreme is 300, so if you're close to that, you should be fine with the safety factors they use.

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Ahh perfect! Thank you Gainsdalf :) I'm not sure which I'll pick up next; a curl bar or the pull up bar. But we shall see!! Also; how much does a power rack normally cost? I might look into getting one when I get home. I've grown to really enjoy lifting weights. 


Power rack plus barbell plus weights is a solid investment. My rack cost around $150 to build, you can buy steel ones for around $200. A cruddy barbell will cost $50-$100, wiht nicer ones into the $300s, and iron weights about $0.60 a lb on craigslist with some patience.

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