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The Red Monk's 6 Weeks Trial

Red Monk

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So... Yeah. Following this blog for the last 3 months or so opened my eyes to a lot of things. With my first challenge I hope to bring my life back on track, because God knows its time already to do so.

Fitness Goals:

1. For 6 Weeks, follow the Beginner Body Weight Workout 3 times a week.

I really suck at creating workouts. Following Steve's article I hope to go back to a constant training that'll give results.

2. For 6 Weeks, follow the Interval Training Workout 3 times a week.

In between the body weight workouts I hope to do Interval Trainings as it's described on the blog's article. Hopefully it'll help the final results.

...And I can't really thing on a third goal. Hopefully I can add one later, if I manage to find one?

Diet Goals

1. Follow a "custom" Paleo Diet

Though in theory I Could follow a full Paleo diet, I think baby steps would be the best for such a change. I'll be eating grains only at night, on dinner, and I'm still not sure about my pre/post workout meals, so... Time will tell about how much "Paleo" I'll be going.

2. Water, water, water

I like water. For a while, it was all I drank. I returned to drink soda and energy drinks some months ago, and though I didn't drink them every day I stopped my "no way" policy around them. I hope to return to it now, water and natural (and by that I mean REALLY natural) juices being my main intake. I could forbid alcohol but... Well, see below.

3. No potatoes

Technically this enters in the "paleo" goal, but since potatoes are my favorite food in, like, ever, I thought they deserved a special goal. No potatoes for six weeks, in any shape or kind. God that's hard.

Life Goal

1. Finish the NaNoWriMo

For three years I left this pass. Not this time.

2. Finish my books readings

There are too many books around here that I haven't read yet. These six weeks will change that.

3. Finish freshman year

First year into college has been pretty cool, let's finish these exams and wait for next year without any more problems.

BONUS: Failure Goal

I don't really expect to finish this one, though I'll let myself have a nice bonus if I do.

1. No alcohol for three weeks

Maybe I'll manage to do this. Since college ends before the challenge, I doubt it though. :P

I assume we have to report every day on these threads? I can't really say I'll do it, though I guarantee I'll report any day I miss on the next ones. Good luck to me, and good luck to every one, heh.

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