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7 minutes in hell/ CARROT fitness app

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I've been using a fitness app called CARROT. It compatible with the iPhone healthkit, tracks weight, and has a workout routine called '7 minutes in hell.' The workout routine reminds me of the BBWW plus the workout moves are named a little nerdy. The first set of twelve workouts are free. The 'other' moves are bought in a bundle, so I don't know what most of those moves are. 



  • oylmpic jumping jacks
  • invisible iron throne
  • kowtows to Cthulhu (pushups)
  • can't get ups (crunches)
  • mouse attacks (chair stepping)
  • territory markers (squats)
  • imperial butt dips (chair squats)
  • extreme lying down (planking)
  • ostrich escpaes (knee kicks/lifts)
  • spear thrusts (lunges)
  • dragon mating dances (pushup twists)
  • tasteful modeling (side planking)


  • mount doom climbs
  • pirate leg lifts
  • celebrity face punches
  • penny-farthings
  • lasso of truth
  • jetpack squats
  • L is for lamers
  • donkey kicks
  • zombie sprints
  • quantum step overs
  • human inchworms
  • aquamen
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