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I don't understand what's going on here


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I recently went into the family business of truck driving and it didn't affect my waistline very well.

I'm not exactly clueless when it comes to fitness. I'm a former Marine Corps signals intelligence operator and three years ago I was weighing in at 220 blood pressure was 116/65 and running a 20 minute 3 mile and doing crossfit and similar style workouts 5 times a week (although it wasn't by choice). Roughly 2 months ago after about 8 weeks on the road I had to get a DOT physical I weighed in at 252 with clothes and boots on and bp 137/92. Shortly afterwards my dream girl broke up with me. It was definitely a wake up call.

I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and starting taking in 1200-1800 calories a day with saturdays being my cheat day 2500-3000 calories on average. According to app I'm averaging about 30% carbs 40% fat 30% protein. I was eating along mostly paleo lines, unintentionally, cutting out processed foods, sugars, and bread etc just kinda seemed like common sense to me.

Anyway I know I've lost fat. I've gone down 7 notches on my belt, clothes are looser, and muscles are a little more defined. I weighed myself a few days ago and came in at 255 same weight the next day on a different scale. I know I've lost fat but aside from walking my dog a few miles several times a week and typical winter chores (cutting wood and that sort thing) the few days I'm home a month I'm getting very little exercise because this truck stays moving 12-16 hours a day most of the time.

I'm just confused as to where the weight is coming from. I know it can't be water weight because I was a habitual smoker before I started driving and wanted to make sure my system was clean for the physical so I was drinking 6 liters a day for 4 days prior to weighing in the first time. I've gone back to drinking about 3 liters a day since then.

I've stepped it up in the last few days by trying IF and a stricter paleo oriented diet and I plan on starting some strength training with kettlebells as soon as I can get my hands on some. Really curious to hear some thoughts on the weight gain though.

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First, breaking your post up into smaller chunks makes it more likely that people will actually read it. Wall of text for the loss.


Second, please stop weighing yourself with your clothes and boots on. You are adding so much variance into the measurements that they don't really mean anything.


The reality is that our bodies fluctuate in weight by several pounds over the course of the day. That means that it's very important to be consistent in how and when you take the measurements, so you are comparing like with like. You also want to take an average over time, rather than looking at single data points.


For example, I weigh myself (buck naked - there's a mental image for you) first thing in the morning after relieving myself. Every day. And when I actually want to use my weight for something (calculating calories, etc) I'll take a 3 or 7 day average of those values, depending on what I need the number for.


My fitness app plots my weight on a graph, and it's all over the place, despite the fact that my average weight has been firmly locked in at 147 lbs for over a month. Even with my consistent approach, if I were to weigh myself only occasionally, I could easily think I was gaining or losing weight, when in fact it is simply 'noise'.

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yup ... the secret to weighing yourself .. in my opinion .... is to to do it everyday at the same time, naked. Preferably the second after you get out of bed in the morning and have had a wee.


This way the readings will be as consistant as you can get them.


Also, track what you eat, you will soon discover that


(1) a salty meal can give you 1-5 lbs more weight in water gain

(2) Carbohydrates can give you 1-5 lbs more weight in water gain

(3) a heavy meal of steak and alcohol can give you 1-5 lbs more weight in water gain

(4) a Heavy session in the gym can cause your muscles to protect themselves and bump your weight by 1 -5 lbs more weight in water gain

(5) missing a cardio session can give you a 1-5 lbs weight gain as your body is racked full of glycogen which you normally have depleted


Understanding the scale is a work of art + a sack load of luck

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Your body is doing a recomp...you are obviously replacing fat with muscle.

Have you read spezzy's story?

Do you know that muscle weighs more than fat in the same space?

Measurements and clothes fitting are much more accurate for your size. Do you want to weigh a certain amount or look good and be healthy? Inches lost indicate the recomposition...and that is where you are going to get the health gains. Do figure out a plan for on the road...bathroom breaks...walk around the parking lot. Take a walk around the parking lot before you settle in at night. Just find ways to move. But you've already started tackling the big bugger...your fork!

Pm me if you want.

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Sorry about the rant format and run on sentences Ivan, tried to clean it up a little.

I really appreciate the feedback guys. I guess I didn't realise how water weight works. My fitness goals aren't really weight related I'm more concerned with how I look and feel the weight gain just kind've surprised me.

As far as weighing in I don't own a scale. I was using one of those .25 cent scales they have outside the bathrooms in truckstops. Not the ideal place to strip down.

I read a little on the body recomposition. It seems I was eating the right way for it to happen, albeit unwittingly. Cheat days usually coincide with home time so I'm cutting up trees or shoveling snow and the like. Usually the extra calories come in the form of steak, venison or wings. My physical activity has dropped significantly as a whole though and any kind of work that could be considered strength training is sporadic. Is it possible I'm just lucky and put on muscle easier than most?

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Oh man.  Yeah, that is not the kind scale you want to be using if you're going for any sort of consistency.  May I make a recommendation?  Instead of paying attention to your weight (since you can't exactly weigh yourself under ideal circumstances), forget about weighing yourself entirely and start taking measurements.  Waist, chest, thighs, calves, upper arms, lower arms, neck, everything.  The only equipment you'll need for this is a tape measure, and I think you'll be able to see more clearly the muscle you're putting on and the weight you're losing, and more specifically, WHERE you're putting on muscle and losing weight. 

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Hi Coyote,

Are you following a certain diet? If so, post it here so we can see the foods that are included.

Because the "30% carbs 40% fat 30% protein" part only tells half of the story.


Also a tip: forget about the weight scale for a while, use your mirror as a reference. Weight scales can demotivate you if you use them every day or several times per week. Personally I only step on the scale once a month.





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Seconding the measurements idea, or adding the 'before' picture with your shirt off that you can compare yourself to once a month or so. The other idea would be to buy a decent scale and bring it with you in the truck to use in the shower or some other private area. Since you can't control the equipment you have absolutely no way of knowing how accurate they are.


I'm like some of the others above, where I weigh in daily and then look at the graph in myfitnesspal to see trend lines in my weight rather than caring too much about what my weight is specifically.


The other suggestions here are good too. If you don't have a specific weight loss goal but just want to be healthier, there's nothing wrong with making your goals 'process' goals. Regardless of what you weigh, you can meet your goal every time you stay within a protein/carb/fat ratio, or under a calorie goal, or every day you don't drink soda, or every day you drink at least x liters of water (where x is appropriate to your body and needs). There are plenty of options.


You could track your progress in a simple spreadsheet/calendar application on a phone, or a little pocket notebook if you need to see results. For every day you meet your process goals, you mark it down, and over time you keep track of those days to measure your progress.

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