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I used to post here, in NerdFitness. I used to run, I used to lift heavy weights, I used to loads of things, but from some time now I dropped out my healthy lifestyle. Life happens, college happens, work happens, and social life happens. Game over. Over and over again.


Yesterday I received a new mail: Yesterday was the National Respawn Day. I had to take advantage of that opportunity. So I am here now, and this is my coin to run the new game of my life: 





My goal: 29 days of primal (if not paleo) eating. Plus lift weights again. 


I have a whole month to keep my food/exercise journal (aka battle log) updated.

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Hey Varelse! I'm glad you're back, and I'll be sure to drop by your battle log over the course of the month. Will you join us in the Warriors guild again for the next challenge?

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I am reviving this thread because this is my respawn point and it feels like  I needed to come back to the NF community.

My shape is no better than 5 years ago, but my personal life is definitely better and this is the perfect moment to start caring about myself again.  I will use the next couple of days to think about starting the new challenge and how doing it.

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