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So, bad news first: I hurt my back. Again.


Yesterday while squatting, I lost concentration during one of my reps, due to a really shitty day overall- and I knew it then- I'd fucked up. I was fine, walked it off, stretched a tiny bit- and figured I could go on. I did, and it was magnificent. But, goodness- I'm paying for it this morning. I don't know if maybe I slept on it wrong, good possibility because I didn't sleep very well, or if I really did mess it up with that squat.


Anyway, my lower back is screaming at me, and bending over is out of the question. I'm in denial, a tiny bit, and am trying to tell myself maybe I just worked those muscles out. Maybe during my kickass deadlift?!


Other news:

I've decided to switch my gym days to 6 days a week. 3 days cardio intensive, 3 days lift.


BEST news:

275lbs on my Deadlift. I think that's it though. My absolute max without a belt. So, I'll be looking into one of those shortly.



I've slipped a few times, but I'm focused again.


Still good.


Ha. I'm barely hanging on.


Until next time.

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ok, first - 275lb DL? get it.  and get a belt.  

seriously, badass.  but don't forget to rest.  don't quit, but acknowledge what hurts and take it easy. you are not invincible - and i know how it feels to admit that.



despite being a total beast, don't ignore that your body still needs rest.  it'll bomb you mentally and physically if you don't allow yourself to recoup.  remember what my doctor said - if it hurts, don't do it


and don't make me call for backup, stretch!



don't let tweaking something get you down though.  celebrate the hell out of your victories, you deserve it!


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battle log


there are far better things ahead than what we leave behind - CS Lewis

find out what you're afraid of, and go live there - Chuck Palahniuk 




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