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forkboy's Epic Quest

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I am using this mostly as a placeholder for now.  I need to reflect on this topic quite a bit before I can devise my plan of attack.


Some stuff I know will be on the list:

Hike the Arizona Scenic Trail http://www.aztrail.org/at_map.html

Raft the Colorado

Hike the Grand Canyon

House Boat on Lake Powell (with family)




DC (with family this time)

NYC (with family this time)

France, including Paris (with wife this time)

England and Scotland (with family this time)

St Petersburg


Cinque Terre


NOLA and MS coast (with entire family this time)

Hawaii (with family this time)

Costa Rica

Bali (with wife this time)




Army Ranger Fitness Test

Filthy Fifty in less than 30 mintues

Deadlift 400 lbs

Squat 300 lbs

Bench 250 lbs

5k in less than 25 minutes

20 pull-ups

20 chin-ups

10% BF or less

Current: reorient

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