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When the TARDIS comes, I want to be ready.

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Survived my holiday gathering and only ate twice my daily points (estimated since I didnt have recipes). And I was actually under points till I had cheesecake but it was monstrous (peanut butter cheesecake with a gf brownie crust).

Home now, prepped stir fry and soup for the next couple of days. I love chopping so I do a bunch at once and baggie it up for whatever intended meal. I think I can recover from that cheesecake before my next weigh in.

Tomorrow, yoga.

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Yoga today...check. I am trying to focus just on making sure that I have correct form, and slowly increasing my range of motion in my affected shoulder. It seems to be working. At the same time, I do not feel that this is as good of a strength workout as the BBWW, so I will be returning to that as well.

Eating light for the next few days. Damn cheesecake. It was amazing though.

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Thinking of badass female heroes. Just gonna start an inspiration list.

Lara Croft

Alice in Resident Evil

Michelle Rodriguez in.. Well, life.

In my opinion... I'd leave the fictional characters off. They're just a figment of someone's imagination... you have plenty of real women in history to pull inspiration from. :-)


Joan of Arc

Harriet Tubman

Marie Curie

Anne Frank

Helen Keller

Mother Theresa



Yoga today...check. I am trying to focus just on making sure that I have correct form, and slowly increasing my range of motion in my affected shoulder. It seems to be working. At the same time, I do not feel that this is as good of a strength workout as the BBWW, so I will be returning to that as well.

Eating light for the next few days. Damn cheesecake. It was amazing though.

Wait till you get to the upper level stuff...

"Insanity - you make my world a better place man, you really do! That shit is awesome! :D" - Guzzi-

My first challenge

My battle Log: Insanity: Warrior Monk

Honorary Ranger dubbed by DarK_RaideR, 1000 Pound club (875 of 1000)

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I have a hair up my ass about reenlisting. Sent a query for more info.

Let's explore the topic.

Weight loss required - about 15#.

Time limit - 13 months till I'm too old.

Job field - though I worked as a 4A I wasn't officially assigned. The official reason for my discharge was that they were unable to get me to tech school. So I'm assuming job field would be open. I would choose supply. 4 week school. Wouldn't repeat basic but there is a ten day "refresher", aka mini-basic for prior service

Odds of bonus - zero

Odds of deployment - not huge in that field. Average deployment of 3 months

Drill pay - 250ish a month at my current rank. Plus college money? Didn't get that the first time around.

Motivation - I got out due to custody drama. I always felt kind of robbed. I loved my time in. Now I am child free. No limits!

Spouse - skeptical. Says he wouldn't be happy but he would be supportive. Typical him.

Odds of prior service being open to me? Slim. They change the quota every year. This year was 50. The prior year was 250.

But it is a good goal for fitness.

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These last couple days have been tough. My friend's girlfriend was hospitalized and passed away. So I spent a fair amount of sleepless time at the hospital. I did maintain my eating, though.

Today is a rest day. Doing BBWW after a week of just yoga, and doubling my squats, my thighs and butt are screaming. I think I will at least do some stretching stuff though.

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I was a complete bump on a log yesterday, minus doing squats while I was in the tanning booth. Today I think I'm going to go to hot yoga, as this is the last day that my 2 week pass is active.

I also want to do a baseline test of the number of pushups and situps I can do within the allotted time. It's only like 15 degrees out and I don't have a treadmill, so the run test baseline will have to wait until I am in the gym this week.

I feel like such a lazy beast. I think that the emotional exhaustion and sleep deprivation from the personal drama going on this past week is catching up with me. However, I am just going to look at it as I am fortunate to be able to work out for stress relief. I am NOT someone who thinks of exercise as stress relief, but I am working on reprogramming that.

At my weigh in I was up eight tenths of a pound, and I know exactly where it came from, and I know exactly what to do about it. So here goes.

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Every time I see your thread title I get the Torchwood intro in my head.   "...is when everything changes. And you gotta be ready."


[/off topic]



:D :D :D

Level: 15 Race: Human Class: Adventurer (Sailor Senshi/Aes Sedai)

STR: 14    DEX: 12    STA: 16   CON: 28   WIS: 26    CHA: 15 

(unspent points: 6? challenges worth)

Weight Loss Progress (SW 12/5/15 272)

Mini-Goal: Get back down to my low 152.2 - SW 6/1/17 170.4 - CW 6/10/17: 166.6

regained the last few months - back on track losing in June


My Battle Log|My NF Character Sheet




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That's not off topic at all! Captain Jack - delicious.

With tonight's yin yoga, my two week yoga pass is done.

My goal for this week is to get signed up and familiarized with the gym at Hubby's work, and get 2 workouts in there, and do my baseline for run, pushups, and crunches.

I'm at 173 as of today.

I also started my challenge thread in the Rebel subforum.

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Rebel Challenge results...




Master goal: conscious, deliberate, and enthusiastic participation in life. Also, being a BAMF.

Goal 1: movement - Body weight workout 3 days a week
Bonus - less ordinary workouts (swim, rock climb) twice during challenge cycle, to switch it up



4 weeks I had 3 workouts. 2 weeks I had 2 workouts (once due to laziness, once to DOMS.) Overall A- … However, I escalated from bodyweight workouts to dumbbell and finally barbell. So I'm upgrading that shit to an A. + 10 points.


Bonus stuff was easy, since our cruise was already planned. (I kind of stacked the deck in my own favor so I would have some easy successes.) Went ziplining, scuba diving 2x, ruin climbing, etc. And I'm going swimming today. So 5 occurrences + 15 bonus points.

Goal 2: intake - Stick within weight watchers points and improve quality of food in those points
Bonus - h2O consumption or tea, no soda

Result: I gave up weight watchers during this challenge. I want to focus less on what I lose and more on what I gain in terms of functional strength. I also would rather spend that money on activities! I am starting to look more at calories, with a future goal of learning about macros. I drank a couple of sodas, but started ordering hot tea when we go out. Minimal chocolate.  Overall I feel like I would deserve a B. +5 points

Goal 3: badassery - Learn to strip, clean, and reassemble my weapon without assistance
Bonus - range time once during challenge cycle

Although I did attempt this, I don't really have it down yet. So on a pass/fail basis, I would have to give myself a fail. But I don't think that a real attempt deserves a fail. So I'm gonna give myself a C. I now have a pretty good idea of how it all comes apart and goes together, but I need to continue to work on it. +1


Bonus: I did go to the range and do dryfire exercises and practice with a serts laser pistol. I've joined the Gunpowder Gals local chapter, and am thinking about working towards pistol competition in the future. So +3.

Goal 4: possibilities - Work towards standards (17 min 1.5 mile run, 14 pushups, 29 situps) for possible reenlistment. 
Bonus: research all necessary steps - do I have to repeat ASVAB, etc? Meet with recruiters. Line up ducks.

Result: Wow, no points for me.. not even bonus points because I showed up but the recruiter had a family emergency and I never rescheduled. Hubby and I talked about this, and the earliest I would reenlist would be 6 months or even a year, so I kind of gave up the standards and just focused on getting stronger through weight lifting. Then now I've started thinking about going in as an officer instead, which would give me a tad more delay but better pay. As long as we don't move to Germany, which we won't know till at least fall, etc. More about that thought process in the next challenge.. the situation is very much in flux. In the meantime, thoughts of reenlistment kept me motivated, but I didn't actually close any of the gaps. +0


Total - 34 points.  Yay, $34 bucks to spend on something silly!  Or, perhaps, put it towards some weights?!


Measurements and scale stuff:


I didn't weigh and measure right at the start of this. Start data is from 12/15. But I lost 2 inches off my waist, 2 off my hips, and am down 6.5 lbs as of this morning. The shape of my thighs, rear, and upper arms is changing.




I'm realizing how much my goals really change over just a month and a half. I found out how many cheap and free workout deals there are in town. I managed to be consistent while traveling. And I'm already thinking about my next set of goals. I really like this format! And appreciate all of you.

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