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Seasonal Allergy question

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I went to the allergy doctor back in May. They did the full allergy test on me and decided I was allergic to pretty much everything. Which may have been a reason why when it gets cold outside (During winter months here in the US) my voice disappears. 


Well long story short I was wondering if transitioning to a full (or 85%) primal lifestyle would help my allergies in any way? I currently take two different medications for allergies. One of them is Allegra the other is prescription.


Any information would be helpful.


Thank you in advance, 



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I can't answer your question fully, but I can tell you that it can help since dairy can effect allergies. Dairy can stimulate mucous production which makes seasonal allergy symptoms worse. Also, I'm intolerant to a bunch of random foods, and I can tell you from experience eating them exacerbates seasonal allergies in addition to whatever other discomfort they cause. Basically, long story short if I eat primal it helps because I'm off dairy, but personally I also need to cut other foods as well to ease my allergy symptoms. So....eating primal alone may or may not do it for you.

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Okay. Thank you for answering. Basically I lose my voice from middle of December until May. It's just a whisper most of the time. A few people associate it with allergies. I was thinking if I went primal it would stop. But who knows.

Thanks again for answering.

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