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Adrianne's voyage to the home of the Gods


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This will be my journey to get the life I want and deserve. To do so I have chosen the parth of a Ranger - being able to lift heavy when the situation needs it and being able to run when I have to. Or want to. You know...running over a field full of flowers in the summer...or whatever...*cough*. Since my story began long ago I have also made peace with the fact that it will take me more then 6 weeks to get to where I want to be - at a table in Valhall, feasting with my acestors! So for this challenge I will be aiming for 8 months.


Aaanyways! Here is my questline!


Main Quest

  •   Lose 40 kg over the following 8 moths and finally fit into a size 44 (EU-sizes)

Side Quests

  1. Do Crossfit 2-3 times per week
  2. Walk to work 4 times per week
  3. Sleep 8 hours per night


Life Quest

  • Save 1000 kronor extra every month



Why am I here? What are my reasons to aim for the house of the Gods?


I am here because I feel ashamed when I look at my reflection. I don't feel at home in my own body and I feel as if I have been trapped by a huge, hungry troll that just gobbels up everything in her path. I feel chained to the earth in a way that makes me feel trapped and I want to be free. I want to be able to run through the woods and over the fields because I can. I want to be able to swim in the streams, hunt deer and sneak past the bear. I want to be able to look at myself and feel that I am the best version of me that I can be and I want to be healthy enough to have children and to see them grow up and become fine men and women on their own.

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Looks like you have a great path ahead of you.  If you need any help or motivation, don't be afraid to reach out!  It may be a good idea to prioritize goals you have (I failed on my earlier challenges due to seeing one goal failing and putting myself into a self-degrading tumble that saw the rest of my goals fail).  By prioritizing which goals are higher/lower than the other, you can make small wins on a minute scale and huge wins on the macro scale as the satisfaction of completing one goal will build on the others in time (even if you must postpone the sacrificed goal to accomplish it)


Best of luck on your main quest! I am sure you will be able to slash your inner troll quite expertly when you face off!

Half-elven Ranger

Current Challenge: Jumpin' back in the fray

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Thank you!


My prioritizes are rather simple really. I've wanted to be able to do crossfit for over 3 years now and I finally got my stuff together and went to a box and joined. I never expected to be so well accepted even though I'm a walking lump of lard that can't do half the stuff that the rest of the people are doing. But I am going. And it is a huge thing for me. And SO MUCH FUN! :D I just love it! Managed to to a turkish get up yesterday and I felt like I wanted to cry. Baby steps I guess but for me it was an awesome feeling to actually pull it of. When I started in august I couldn't do a proper squat due to an ankle-injury. But not I can even do front squat with weights! So stuff is most defenitly happening!


Besides that I really need to get my sleeping back on track. I was stuck in a circle of not sleeping more then 5-6 hours per night and it was worn me out. I will focus on this secondly. Plus working out always makes me more sleepy and actually sleep better so I figured goal 1 and 3 would kind of work hand in hand. 


I live a 30 min walk from my work. In the summer I have used my bike there and back but now when the ice starts to set in and the snow is hanging in the air I have said that I will simply walk there and back. It is a nice way to wake up in the morning and a really nice way to clear my head after work. So this will be more or less impossible to fail with. 


And about food.....I was on the verge of getting an eating dissorder when I was younger so I have always had a sort of iffy relationship with food. I'm taking it easy in that department at the moment and trying to build some other new habits first before I start meddeling around with my food. Of course I try to think about what I eat and so on but I'm not going to go on a diet or a radical change in meal-plan just yet. Maybe in a month or so. 

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Awesome-sauce! It's definitely apparent that you really have thought out your goals; with that being the case you have made it clear where you want to head in life.  As long as you keep that perspective the only way for you to fail is if you let yourself fail; push hard, train well, and win!


I have actually just picked up crossfit this month and I love the box I am with as well.  The community there is just like this one; everyone starts somewhere and everyone's goal is to improve themselves and support others to improve.  Its great that you have gained mobility and strength at the same time! I believe that is what drives me to crossfit (other than the fact I was essentially already performing most of the movements without the back-to-back timed portion).


I am actually a bit envious as your walk to work is 30 minutes whereas my drive to work is 30~40 minutes.  I live about 25 miles away; walking/running is very unfeasible, biking would be ideal (if I was able to bike at least 25 mph; not to mention the US isn't very bike friendly in regards to lack of bike lanes), so I must drive.  I will be moving in a few years and will definitely move close enough to at least be able to bike to work. 


You have a great path ahead of you; looking forward to reading more of your successes!

Half-elven Ranger

Current Challenge: Jumpin' back in the fray

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Haha thanks! I try to keep that in mind when the Sugar-Monster strikes and tells me to eat the whole candy-section at my local foodstore.  :playful: That is the worst part for me...the sugarcravings. They are a *bleeep* in the behind! Can't seem to get rid of them and feeling slightly alone in my struggle against them. But hey....power on and power through right?


Yeah I love crossfit. Never thought I would get as hooked as I did. But it is doing wonders for my body. Now I just need to get the nutrition on track and I belive the kilos will start to come of. Or so I hope....feeling slightly defeted in that area to be honest. *take a deep breath* Just need to stay focused...but it is hard. 


Yeah, I have a really ideal distance to work. It is really noce to walk in the morning even though it is tough to motivate myself when it is snowing sideways.  :playful: But I know it will do me good and I just need to get my butt into gear and get out. But about you and driving to work - you can't park the car a little further away from your job then? Just a little walk does wonders in the morning.  :redface:

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Ohkey! Week ene down! Let's see how it went!


  1. Do Crossfit 2-3 times per week - Nailed it! Did 2 turns and feeling good about that!
  2. Walk to work 4 times per week - YES! Did this also! Even if I was about to fall on my butt a few times due to ice under powder-snow. :P
  3. Sleep 8 hours per night - Besides this weekend and bad sleeping then it was a good week. Think I owe my awareness today to the fact that I got good sleep most of last week.


So all in all a good week. Food-vise it went straight south but hey, you can't get everything! Baby steps! ;D

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Week 2 of the challenge down.


  1. Do Crossfit 2-3 times per week - Weeelll...no. Last week more or less everything was closed due to christmas so wasn't able to go and work out.
  2. Walk to work - I did it the two days I was at work, the rest of the week I had off and it was amazing!
  3. Sleep 8 hours per night - Oh I did sleep. Alot. Feel really replenished and that is fantastic.

So in general the fitnessgoals weren't met and I did have way to much to eat over christmas with my and my boyfriends family. Somehow I still feel ok about that. It is christmas once per year and it is not what I eat and do between christmas and new years eve that is important but what I eat and do between new years eve and christmas. ;) So up and at it again efter new years, right now I'm just enjoying my life and trying not to get sick. :)

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Week 3 of the challenge done. And let's just say I will put my quest on a slight hiatus. I came down with a nasty cold that just won't let go so everything has more or less been thrown out of balance. I went to work out yesterday but my trainer said no and sent me home when he heard my cough (go him for caring about us, but sucks for my crossfit-abstinent muscels). I have made a call to the doctor today and I'm hoping to go there and see wth is going on. SLeep is suffering too due to waking up and coughing in the middle of the night. *sighs*l


Oh well. I will just stay at home this weekend, cuddle with my new kitty that arrives tonight and play Child of light and drink buckets of tea. That should make me feel better. :) I will get back next week or when I feel better again to resume my quest. 

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You know what? You know what?! I'm SO UTTERLY PROUD of myself at the moment! I started working out again last week, got two sessions of crossfit in (go me!) AND I managed to pull myself out of bed one hour earlier today to go to the gym and start to work on my jogg! I gave my dad and myself starting-numbers for a 5 km race this summer but I haven't jogged a step in my life! So I need to start working on that. I know I will most likely not be able to run the whole thing and I don't aim for it either. I just want to get myserlf going and being able to jogg somewhat at least. So today I started with walking briskly for 5 min, then jogging for 1 min, walking 5 min and jogging 1 min. Repeated this until I had done a total of 30 minutes and then I hit the showers, utterly pleased with myself.


The goal is to up the amount of time I spend jogging. So in january I will do the intervals in 5-1-5-1 and so on, in february it will be 5-2-5-2 depending on if I can manage it. This way I will slowly upp the amount I jog without killing myself doing it. Argh I feel AWESOME!

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