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Drills, Sets and Target Driven Training

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I'm at the stage in judo now where club practices aren't enough to get by and I need to do a bit of independent training on judo specific skills.

In regular practice I find that I get most development from target driven randori.  Get a throw from cross grip, foot work only, defend for 1 minute etc

I have access to bands for uchi komi but I don't have a mat set up for break falls.  But not to restrict this to uchi komi and to involve some useful movement drills too.

Does any one have advice on how I would structure an independant session on skills? 

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Experiment with what you learn in club. Take it home and play with the variations of technique. You know what to do just put into play. Like Machete said most of my solo stuff is dummy work and solo drills. Sometimes I just go real slow and feel any small variations in my body that I might want to tweak

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I got a decent mat online for sixty bucks, I still use it ukimi practice on my own. Most Bjj scools don't work ukimi as much judo/akijujitsu, it's parish able so I like having the mat at the house. I'm an old fart and ukimi is really important to keeping my support muscles working.

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