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advice for hula hoop purchase?


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I'm far from being an expert, but I am a novice hooper and might be able to help a bit.  If I stand my hoop on its end, the top is about 1-2" above my navel.  You can use hoops that are a lot smaller, but it is more challenging.  One of the ones I use is a cheapo kiddie hoop that is maybe 5-6" below my navel when standing upright, and it weighs next to nothing.  I can do just about everything with it that I can do with a bigger one.  One thing to consider is where you're planning on using it.  If you have very high ceilings or plan to be outdoors, the larger hoops would be a better choice.  If you're planning on working out in smaller spaces, a smaller hoop would be more ideal.  One of the main reasons I use the kid hoop is that I don't have the space to use my larger one for some of the off body moves when I'm working out in my basement.  


Weight of the hoop kind of depends on your goal.  If you mostly want to use the hoop for cardio/weightloss, heavier is better.  If you mostly want to do hoop dancing and tricks, lighter is better.  My big hoop is 2 lb, which is a bit on the heavy side for a lot of the tricks unless you're really strong.  


I hope that's at least a little helpful.  There are a lot of people in this guild who do hula hooping, so hopefully you'll be able to get more advice.  

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Not in the guild, but was searching for hooping and ta-da here I am! 


I've taken a couple hoop classes, so I'm not an expert, but have a couple hoops to my name, and have an awesome instructor who has explained lots. If you are starting out and want to hoop for the tricks/dancing - start with a 1lb hoop. You'll want it to be a bit larger, should come up to your waist. The larger and heavier the easier it is to keep going around. Once you have basics down, and learn some tricks - you can move onto the lighter ones (you'll hear things like polypro for this) They are thinner and move much faster. I don't know how many times I've done tricks and hit myself in the face cause it was going too fast! 


There are a few websites to look it up - I keep thinking 42" is the standard - but I really don't have a good memory for measurements. 


I DO NOT suggest a weighted hoop - at least not as your primary. I have a 5lb hoop. I can only got for about a minute at a time. You will get major hip bruises and can cause some damage by using them for too long. It is not suggested to use them longer than 15 minutes. I have had bruises from my regular hoops (eventually your hips sort of toughen up and this goes away), let alone a weighted one! However, weighted hoops can be used in exercising in luie of regular dumbells. And I did find them useful to establish my hooping rhythm (go from weighted to my reg large hoop). 


I do note that it is crazy what hooping will do for your waist! Theres that new fad about cinching waists. Total BS - hoop instead! It tucks everything in, and has the pro of making you feel like a sexy hippie. though that could just be me. 


There are tons of videos on youtube with tutorials. There's an aussie girl who does a ton - she is amazing (short, blond hair - loads of videos). 


So, ignoring the awkward pose (it was hot, and a photo to my hubby) but that is my "trick" hoop - the lighter one that smacks into my face often: 



And this is me practicing: http://vid1091.photobucket.com/albums/i382/Deirdre_Randall/Snapchat-20140116055240.mp4


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