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What's all this about Macros?


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So what's all this stuff about "counting macros"? It's macro-nutrients, or something, right? Proteins, carbs, fats.... yes?

My question is actually..... do people only count macros when they are "bulking"? Can I (should I) count them as part of maintaining a healthy diet, even if I am not trying to "bulk"? 


My goal is to build muscle and cut fat. I am just under 5'2", roughly 156 lbs and I estimate my bf% to be about 32%...ish? (Gauged by the pictures on the "what's your bf%?" websites)... I do Stronglifts and just recently started doing the Jacobs ladder at least twice a week. 


Can I build a healthy diet around counting macros? And what kind of macros should I be going for, considering where I am at?




Thanks y'all. 


(by the way, if this was posted on the wrong forum, sorry!)

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Counting macros is not bulking specific. It's probably more important for cuts and maintenance. It's just a very controlled way to manage the quantities in your diet.

I believe that the common method to determine macros is to first decide a total calorie number per day, and allocate as many of those calories as necessary to satisfy your protein goals (usually about 0.8-1.0 grams per lean body weight in pounds). Then split up the remaining calories between fats and carbs. Usually more carbs on workout days and more fats on rest days. You have to fine tune these numbers yourself but there are some calculators out there to get you started.

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Oh and it leaves room for you to decide what kinda of food to eat to satisfy the macros. So you can eat health food or unhealthy food. You can fill a diet with salmon, broccoli, and sweet potatoes, or you can do the same macros with slim Jims, hot dogs, and donuts.

In the end, a reasonable selection of food matching reasonably decided macros along with proper exercise will be much healthier than whatever lifestyle brought you to NerdFitness.

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Counting macronutrients is important for any diet/fitness goal you have.  There are tons of macro calculators all over the internet, just Google it.  But for the most part those are just guidelines.  If you truly want to get the most out of them continue to take note of your progress because you may need to adjust the recommend amount according to your results.

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Just some anecdotal info here.  I track macros as part of my regimen and have been losing weight now for 6 months.  As mentioned above I focus most of my energy on protein.  My range is larger than that listed above since I lift weights.  This helps ensure I am hitting my lifting goals while still losing weight.  I am definitely not bulking.  Good luck!

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