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Reborn! For the rebellion!


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I'm back and motivated as hell to rock this challenge!

Sadly I had to stop midway in my last challenge due to an accident but I'm now all healed up again and ready to restart training.


-Do Bodyweight training

-exercise everyday

-train outside more

-do hill sprints

-learn to jump rope

-gain weight

Life goals

-smile more and make others smile

-post in the forum

I've got a really good feeling about this challenge.

This time there's nothing that will stop me (not even my own lazyness).

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Week one resume

So far I'm happy with my progress.

I've started rope jumping and since it's quite fun I think it'll become my standard warm-up.

My Bodyweight exercises for my arms are currently a planche push up progression and handstand push ups.

Furthermore I'm doing pull ups laiders and pull ups with small weights.

For my legs I'm doing pistols and hill sprints.

What I'm not content with is that I haven't done any hill sprints yet but I plan to do that tomorrow as well as weighting myself.

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Week 2 resume

I had a really bad week.

I feel completly unmotivated, probably because I'm not getting enough sunlight since I wake up late (12 o'clock) and it gets dark early (17 o'clock).

As a result I only worked out twice this week and ate only more or less good/enough.

School starts again tomorrow and I hope the routine helps me get back on track.

Furthermore I'm going to post my workouts here instead of my workout log for greater accountability

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