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Please help me design a holiday workout plan

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I am going to be away from home/the gym for 2 weeks and want to come up with a body weight routine that I can do in the meantime. I will be busy with family stuff a lot and likely won't have large chunks of time to exercise or get really tired. I want to design a plan that I can do for these 2 weeks that won't require me to change/get really sweaty, can be broken up and done in little time chunks throughout the day and that doesn't require equipment or a lot of space. I've been exercising pretty hard the last 2 weeks (about 40 min a day, 20 cardio and 20 weights) and I don't want to gain weight/lose muscle over the holidays (even though I know this is likely impossible with barely any exercise and eating extra food lol but hey a girl can dream).


So what do you think would be the most effective?


I was thinking:

200 squats

100 alternate lunges

200 standing cross body crunches

20 pushups

36 tricep dips

40 crunches

10 reverse crunches

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